Child Psychologist Job Description Example

By | August 27, 2023
Child Psychologist job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities
Child Psychologists help children to overcome certain disorders.

Child Psychologist Job Description Example

What Does a Child Psychologist Do?

Child psychologists generally specialize in treating behavioral, emotional, as well as developmental disorders in children.

The child psychologist job description involves conducting psychological evaluation and diagnosis of young ones to identify behavioral or emotional issues.

They employ psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, psychometric tests and various other assessment methods in carrying out child evaluation and diagnosis.

In fulfilling their role, they provide a treatment plan for their child client to aid them overcome a psychological challenge.

Usually, their treatment involves therapy, behavior-modification program and counseling sessions.

As part of their duties, they may refer a child to other professionals such as psychiatrists for further treatment.

They collaborate with the parents/family of a child patient to oversee and ensure the appropriate implementation of a treatment plan.

Child psychologists are responsible for developing and applying preventative programs that inhibit indulgence in substance abuse as well as lowers risk of teen pregnancy.

They deal with child psychological development and social problems such as bullying, autism, developmental delay, and phobia to mention but a few.

As part of their work description, child psychologists organize educational programs for children and teens, exposing to them the dangers of high-risk sexual behavior, and assisting them in overcoming various traumatic experiences.

They are well versed in identifying abuse in a child and can take appropriate steps in addressing the situation as well as in facilitating rehabilitation for the child involved.

Child psychologists also provide recommendations as to the nature of a child custody case; they may interview parents of a child to determine who is better positioned for sole custody as the case may be.

As part of their tasks, they may liaise with other child healthcare professionals such as pediatricians, social workers, and teachers to design and monitor the treatment of a patient.

They usually carry out research on new ways to improve child and teenage psychological treatment approach to foster better results.

These professionals require a doctoral degree in child psychology as well as a license for practice in order to work as a recognized child psychologist.

They are also expected to go for a year’s internship in a clinical or mental health facility.

Among the key skills possessed by child psychologists are good communication skills, interpersonal skills, empathic qualities, and problem-solving skills.

Child Psychologist Job Description Example

Child psychologists perform various functions; the job description example shown below highlights the major duties, tasks, and responsibilities that make up their role:

  • Assess children for psychological or behavioral disorders
  • Administer psychotherapy and psychometric tests in conducting diagnosis
  • Provide suitable treatment plans that address various psychological challenges
  • Engage child patients in counseling/therapy sessions
  • Design and implement behavior modification programs as part of a psychological treatment plan
  • Collaborate with parents of a child to oversee the recovery process of a child
  • Develop preventative programs that mitigate risk of substance abuse and underage pregnancy
  • Address problems such as bullying, depression, learning difficulties, and various other social/mental health condition in children by providing appropriate psychological intervention
  • Identify abuse in children and take appropriate steps to curb the situation, as well as provide rehabilitation for the affected child
  • Organize educational programs/outreach to enlighten teenagers on the outcome of high-risk behaviors and ways to adjust to them
  • Proffer recommendations as to the nature of a child custody case, as well as determine the suitability of each parent to take sole custody of a child
  • Supervise the training and activities of child psychologist interns and trainees
  • Carry out research and surveys to develop more effective treatment strategy
  • Liaise with other child health care experts professionals such as child protection workers, social workers, and pediatricians to facilitate and ensure the psychological progress of a child
  • Participate in workshops and case conferences where developments in child psychology are discussed
  • Monitor the treatment progress of a child and modify treatment plan when necessary to ensure development.

Child Psychologist Resume Preparation

If you are looking to create a child psychologist resume, the above sample job description, containing the duties and responsibilities of the position, can serve as a useful guide in completing the work experience section of the resume.

Highlighting the aforementioned functions, which you have rightly carried out in your past employment, tells the employer you have the needed experience to do the job, and so will increase your chances of being hired.

Requirements – Skills, Abilities, and Knowledge – for Child Psychologist Job

The following skills and qualities are among the essential requirements from employers for a child psychologist job:

  • Education and Training: To become a child psychologist, you are required to go for a 4-year undergraduate study in any course of study that allows for easy translation to advanced psychology study; usually a Bachelor’s in psychology is recommended. Afterwards, you are expected to enroll for a Master’s and Doctorate degree study in child psychology. You are also required to complete a year’s internship and pass the Examination for Professional Practice in Psychology, which will qualify you to obtain license for practice. Other certifications for a subspecialty may be required.
  • Communication Skill: Child psychologists are able to effectively interact with children and young people
  • Empathic quality: Child psychologists are knowledgeable in addressing the emotional needs of children
  • Problem-solving Skills: They possess the ability to reach conclusions from a diagnosis and proffer appropriate treatment.

Child Psychologist Skills for Resume

In completing the skills section of your child psychologist resume, the above mentioned qualities and skills provide the right information to make the section appealing to employers as those are the qualities they usually require from applicants for the role.


If you are preparing for a career in child psychology, it will be beneficial to find out what duties and responsibilities, as well as the skills that will be expected of you after you have been qualified to practice.

You will therefore find the above child psychologist job description useful.

Employers looking to recruit new child psychologists into their organizations also need to learn about what they do and the important skills that they need to be effective on the job.

This will enable the employers to design a work description that will attract the best child psychologists for hiring.