Catering Manager Job Description Example

Catering manager job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities

Catering Managers ensure all things are put in place to deliver food to the satisfaction of customers.

Catering Manager Job Description Example

What Does a Catering Manager Do?

Catering managers generally oversee all processes and activities that lead up to the delivery of food services to meet the needs and requirements of customers.

Their job description usually entails managing staff operations to ensure quality of service and financial goals are achieved.

In performing their duties, catering managers work with both cooks and chefs to plan out menus for catering events or restaurants.

Their role also involves supervising the procurement and management of food items needed for catering work.

They are also responsible for planning, preparing, and managing financial budgets to achieve set targets.

Catering managers are also in charge of coordinating interviews for job applicants, hiring, and training them.

They oversee staff operations to ensure they comply with the company’s laid down standards of service.

Their work description also entails assigning tasks to staff based on their job specialization, as well as managing staff shift.

As part of their duties, catering managers are expected to ensure all relevant policies/regulations, including health, safety, and hygiene policies of the firm are maintained when performing their functions.

They are also responsible for inventory management where they must ensure that the department always has enough stock whenever any item is required.

It is also their duty to make sure correct and proper account of the department’s activities, such as financial accounts and transactions, as well as other relevant information, is kept.

Catering managers are also the people who create the strategies that members of the catering team will implement so as to be able to achieve set targets for the department.

They serve as motivators to catering and waiting staff for them to up their performance on the job.

The role of a catering manager often involves interacting with customers to determine their specific needs and to assist them in meeting it.

They may carry out surveys to understand public’s perception of their brand/services, which is helpful in properly positioning their firm in the market place.

One of the ways they perform surveys is by maintaining contact with customers to get their feedback regarding quality of service they have received from the company.

The catering manager job description also includes supervising the prompt payment of employees’ wages/salary, which helps to keep them motivated in carrying out assigned duties.

They also provide leadership to team members on a catering operation at an event. This is to ensure all things work according to plan, including making sure that ordered foods are supplied.

These managers are also responsible for settling issues raised by clients, as well as quarrels among staff.

Catering managers perform research to discover new trends in the industry, including menu taste and consumer preferences.

They also take part in seminars, short courses, and catering conventions to improve their skills and increase their knowledge of the career.

To qualify to work as a catering manager requires at least a high school diploma and prior experience in the field of hospitality or catering.

You need leadership, communication, and math skills to excel on the careering manager job.

Catering Manager Job Description Example/Template

The following catering manager job description example shows the major duties, tasks, and responsibilities people who work in that role usually perform:

  • Liaise with chefs to plan menus for restaurants or for catering events
  • Oversee the procurement and management of food items required for a catering project
  • Supervise staff operations to ensure compliance with set standards of quality and service
  • Plan, prepare, and manage financial budgets to meet set targets
  • Oversee the interviewing, hiring, and training of catering employees
  • Designate and manage staff job territory and work shift according to respective employee’s history and potential
  • Ensure adherence to company health, safety, and hygiene policies when carrying out job operations
  • Monitor and manage inventory to ensure stock is available when required
  • Maintain accurate records of financial accounts, transactions, and other relevant administrative information
  • Develop and implement strategies effective for achieving set targets and expectations
  • Motivate catering and waiting staff to improve general job performance and returns generated
  • Interact with customers to identify their requirements and assist in meeting their needs
  • Conduct surveys to determine the public perception and image of their company/services
  • Maintain contact with customers to obtain client feedback on the quality of service received
  • Oversee the timely disbursement of employee wages/salary
  • Supervise and manage catering operations for an event to ensure the adequate provision of food and other edible items
  • Carry out research to identify changes in consumer taste requirements and menus
  • Help resolve arising client complaints or staff issues to ensure a calm work environment and satisfied customer base.

Catering Manager Resume Preparation

The work experience section is an important part to include in a resume for the catering manager position.

Recruiters generally prefer people who have had reasonable experience of the job, therefore, if you have work before or currently working as a catering manager, you need to highlight your job functions in your resume.

You can use the sample catering manager job description presented above, which gives the various duties and responsibilities of the position, in completing your resume’s work description.

Requirements – Skills, Abilities, and Knowledge – for Catering Manager Job

If you are looking to work as a catering manager and need to know the qualities and other things you need to have to qualify to access the job, then here are employers’ usually requirements for the job:

  • Education and Training: To become a catering manager, you require at least a high school diploma and qualification in the field of hospitality management, food science or culinary management. Prior experience as a caterer in restaurants, fast-food spots or pubs will increase your chances of securing the job
  • Communication Skills: Catering managers utilize strong communication skills in interacting with catering staff and clients to ensure smooth running of operations
  • Leadership Skills: They are able to coordinate and organize the activities of catering personnel to ensure customer satisfaction and increased returns.
  • Math Skills: Catering managers employ their number-crunching skills in conducting negotiations with clients and analyzing financial records.

Catering Manager Skills for Resume

The above requirements reveal what most employers usually expect catering managers to have to stand a chance with them.

You can therefore first get them and then use in making the skills section of your resume and be sure of increasing your chances of your resume being read and acted upon positively by recruiters.


If you are preparing to work as a catering manager, the duties and responsibilities of the role shared above will help you to understand what you will be expected to perform if hired.

The sample catering manager job description can be applied as a template by employers in making a work description for use in finding and hiring the best person for the job and allocating responsibilities to the.

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