Casino Host Job Description Example

Casino Host job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities

Casino Hosts provides excellent service to players to get them to be loyal customers.

Casino Host Job Description Example

What Does a Casino Host Do?

The Casino host provides varieties of services to casino players with the aim of converting them to regular and loyal customers of the casino.

His/her job description entails answering queries posed by casino player and resolving their complaints.

His/her role is to please the players and ensure compliance to casino rules, regulations, procedures and policies.

The players will of course have a number of in-house requests while playing and the casino host is expected to fulfill these requests, provided such requests are reasonable.

Most casinos usually empower the host to issue what is called complimentary services to any player; these include complimentary show tickets, beverages, meals, and also accommodation, provided the casino also has a hotel.

A casino host is expected to develop working relationship and good rapport with gamblers, irrespective of their particular level of gambling.

He/she is responsible for keeping first-timers under watch and serving them satisfactorily to ensure they come again; multimillion-dollar gamblers are also expected to be taken care of by the casino host.

The casino host work description also includes making reports of his/her activities and experiences on the casino floor to the marketing manager.

He/she is also treated as a member of the casino’s management, since his/her experience on the casino floor can help the firm in formulating procedures that will further promote its business interest.

He/she is almost always the first person the player will meet when they enter the casino and he/she must be able to nurture the businesses relationship of the casino with the players. This way, he/she will help enhance clients’ loyalty, which will help to maximize profit.

In the event that the casino is organizing any special event for the future, the host is expected to send invitations to the players on behalf of the casino.

He/she is expected to respond to all inquiries made by players regarding service provision issues.

He/she is expected to be knowledgably about the casino’s activities to enable him/her solve customer issues.

Other duties and responsibilities of the casino host include managing database of clients, and providing periodic reports to the marketing manager of the casino, as hinted earlier.

Issues beyond his/her ability are equally expected to be reported to the marketing manager.

The host is expected to be a highly courteous person, as well as having a sales-orientation. Needless to say, the casino host should possess excellent interpersonal skills and he/she should be a perfect communicator.

Teamwork skill is also a must to succeed as a casino host. Considering the prevailing circumstances at the workplace, he/she is expected to be a computer literate person.

Casino Host Job Description Example

The casino host plays important role in the running of a casino, as he/she performs various duties, tasks, and responsibilities for the success of the casino.

Here is a job description example that presents the major role of a host in a casino environment:

  • Market the services of the casino to existing and prospective players
  • Intimate the players on new games and programs, and events of the casino
  • Cater for the needs of the players while they are within the casino
  • Send emails or place calls to players to promote the image and services of the casino
  • Oversee the promotion and progress of the loyalty programs organized by the casino
  • Determine the level of comps to be given to any particular player
  • Oversee service delivery to the players
  • Ensure players are satisfied with the services provided by the casino
  • Listen to complaints and concerns of clients and get them resolved without delay
  • Book reservations for the casino’s valued customers
  • Coordinate all special events organized by the casino towards attracting new clients
  • Draft and distribute periodic or daily report to the casino’s management.

Casino Host Resume Preparation

When preparing a resume for the job of casino host, you need to concentrate on presenting the kind of information employers are looking to see.

One of such information is your work experience, which you can present in your resume by adopting the sample job description shown above, with some modifications wherever necessary.

The functions of the casino host stated in the above work description are appropriate in making the job experience section of a resume for the position.

Requirements – Skills, Knowledge, Abilities – for Casino Host Role

To increase your chances of getting a job as a casino host, you will need to have the following abilities, skills, and knowledge, which form a major requirement by employers for the job that applicants must meet:

  • Education: It depends on the particular casino. While some insist on Bachelor’s degree, some others do accept Associate degree. However, there are some that accept high school diploma
  • Previous experience in casino environment is added advantage
  • Possess outstanding skills in communication, both oral and written
  • Possess a likeable and professional demeanor
  • Ability to work fast and meet deadlines
  • Ability to manage players and their needs
  • Possess computer literacy and ability to handle some important Microsoft Office packages
  • Ability to multitask and get several assignments completed within a short time
  • Possess jovial and positive outlook, which invariably rub off positively on clients.

Casino Host Skills for Resume

Having a strong and compelling resume is important when searching for a casino host job as you will certainly have other applicants to contend with for the position.

The strength of your resume can determine if it’s going to be read or not, and if the hiring manager will give you an interview appointment or not.

Another section to pay attention to in making a strong resume is the skills section, which shows the employer the skills you have acquired to be able to perform excellently on the job.

To make the skills section for the casino host resume, you can easily apply the required qualities for the role stated above.

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