Best 10 Ways to Make Wonderlic Test Preparation Effective

Wonderlic Test Preparation
You can improve your Wonderlic test score with lots of preparation.

Best 10 Ways to Make Wonderlic Test Preparation Effective

This post provides valuable information you can use to make your Wonderlic test preparation effective to help you score high during the real exam.

What to Know About Wonderlic Test

The Wonderlic is a popular 50-question pre-employment test so challenging that only 12 minutes are given to complete the exam.

According to a statement by Wonderlic, Inc., about two percent of test takers complete the test in the given time, and the average score being lower than 50 percent.

The Wonderlic scores are used by hiring managers to determine whether a candidate passes through to the next stage of the interview.

In order to solidify the fact that companies often place a burden on Wonderlic scores, it’s always a good idea to prepare thoroughly before taking the test.

There are a number of ways that candidates can improve their chances of success on the test.

The Wonderlic test can be so intimidating but you can make your preparation for the exam effective through various ways that have been elaborated in this post.

Best 10 Ways to Make Wonderlic Test Preparation Effective

Here are proven ways you can make your Wonderlic test preparation effective:

  1. Take Sample Tests

There are sample Wonderlic tests made available on the internet for candidates’ practice.

Taking this sample test will help provide you with a better idea of what questions to look forward to on the exam.

In order to get a feel of what the test will be like taking it under a time crunch, it’s a good idea to adapt to a timed test after practicing a couple of tests.

  1. Learn the Solving Methods

Another thing that makes Wonderlic test preparation effective is the ability to understand not only what the correct answer is but also why it is the correct answer and how the question was solved.

Understanding the methods of solving the questions will help you to easily apply these learned techniques when a similar question arises during the real test.

  1. Practice Each Category of Question Untimed

You don’t need to stress yourself out with the time pressure just yet, but first, become familiar with what types of questions you’re going to be asked.

The untimed practice is very useful when you are starting out in your preparation.

You will have to answer questions that are a little bit harder than you want them to be when you are doing the real test.

The test is always challenging for people, so reason back from a known answer to understand the method to solve the question.

You will never be allowed to work backward from an answer you know is correct on the test day.

  1. Understand the Timing

Paying close attention to how much time you are spending on each question is very important when practicing for Wonderlic.

If you are given 50 questions to answer in 12 minutes, to answer each question you will have to utilize 14.4 seconds or less on each question.

For instance, the rapidly recognized questions are designed to be answered fast, although you can take some time on word problems to work them out for a while.

Although the Wonderlic test may look a bit scary in the initial stage of the practice, learning to utilize the correct amount of time on each question will help the situation.

  1. Practice Timed Tests

Search for as many online Wonderlic practice tests as you can and set everything up as if you’re just about to take the test for real.

Stick tightly to the rules such as no calculator and the time limit.

As you keep practicing this you will get used to the timer, and also become familiar with answering the questions under pressure.

  1. Understand Fractions

It’s vital to understand the basics of fractions, but you need to ensure you make out time to study them to the best of your ability.

You don’t need to overlook fractions because they are an important part of the test.

Since you won’t be allowed to use a calculator during the test, it is necessary to know how to solve these fractions using just your head.

You will boost your Wonderlic test score if you can give fractions enough of your time and practice them until you can do them fast with good results.

  1. Practice Analogies

Analogies sometimes appear in the form of ratio problems that are not difficult, but it is necessary to get familiar with them and their structure.

These questions involve making connections and understanding the kind of answers you need to provide.

The earlier you can tackle these problems, the better for the rest of your score.

Try and consider what the initial part of the analogy is talking about and then match the following portion of the sentence to that.

You need to practice this and become acquainted with analogies if you want to succeed.

If not, you can get sunk into struggling with the time limit and sweating for the meaning and the right answer, instead of cutting to the chase at once.

  1. Understand Proverbs

Studying proverbs is part of preparing effectively for the Wonderlic exam.

But first and foremost, what is a proverb?

Look below for the description.

What is a Proverb?

A proverb is a brief statement that passes some fragment of advice on to the listener.
Understanding proverbs and familiarizing yourself with their meanings will help make Wonderlic test easy.

Spend time with proverbs and study them so as to understand what they are saying.

The Wonderlic’s proverb questions can be very tricky, some of which provide a list of five proverbs and ask you to point out the two with similar questions.

Here is an example:

Two of the following proverbs have similar meanings. Which ones are they?

A. Rome wasn’t built in a day.
B. Fortune favors the bold.
C. Birds of a feather flock together.
D. When in Rome, do as the Romans.
E. Hitch your wagon to a star.

Getting acquainted with English proverbs will help you deal with these questions.

But, if you come across one or more proverbs that you are unfamiliar with, try to translate each proverb to a more common saying.

For instance, “Hitch your wagon to a star” sounds like “reach for the stars.”

B and E are the answers to the question.

  1. Remember to Review

Reviewing your practice tests also makes your Wonderlic test preparation effective.

Don’t just view your score and continue each time you are taking a practice test, but make sure you look through your answers.

Begin with answers that are not correct by asking yourself why you got each of these wrong.

Maybe you didn’t concentrate due to time constraints, or that you were not familiar with the format.

You will know where you got it wrong.

This will assist you to identify where you need improvement.

After going through your incorrect answers, you will now need to have a look at your correct answers.

You will notice whether you’re really improving or not.

  1. Grab as Many Practice Tests as Possible

You will make Wonderlic test preparation effective and improve your score if you can familiarize yourself with the exam and give opportunities to practicing.

Getting familiar with the exam content will be easier when you lay your hand on as many practice tests as possible.

The reason so many people are disappointed with their results is that they didn’t prepare for the time constraints.


Your chances of making high scores in Wonderlic tests entail having a good preparation for the exam.

This post provides useful ideas to help you prepare effectively for the test.

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