Belk Hiring Process: Job Application, Interviews, and Employment

Belk hiring process.
To gain a job with Belk requires passing through the company’s hiring process.

Belk Hiring Process: Job Application, Interviews, and Employment

The hiring process at Belk involves various processes, including the job application and interview processes that you will be expected to pass through to gain employment with the Company.

Please, read on to learn about the Belk recruitment process and improve your chances of being hired by the Company:

Belk Company Overview

Belk, Inc. is a renowned department store that has been in existence for over a hundred years.

It is an American establishment offering apparel, cosmetics, accessories, home furnishing, shoes, and wedding registry to millions of customers.

Founded by William Henry Belk, the department store currently owns almost 300 locations in 16 states.

The store was originally known as New York Racket, and then was later called Belk Brothers after Dr. John Belk, the brother of William Henry Belk (founder), was made a partner.

At the initial stage of the company’s existence, the management invested in several partnerships with local merchandisers within nearby markets, in order to ensure that the establishment grows and gets to its full potential.

The Belk Hiring Process

As an applicant who wants to get a job at Belk, you are expected to undergo the company’s hiring process, which consists of various stages:

  1. The Job Application Process

To apply for a job, you should start online through the company’s career portal. Simply visit the site, search for your preferred job, and apply for it.

To complete this application, you may need to upload your resume, as well as provide other necessary personal details about yourself.

Alternatively, at Belk, an applicant can begin his or her journey into the hiring process by visiting one of the stores that has computer kiosks, and fill out and submit the online application right there.

If you are applying through this manner, ensure that you dress “business casual”, and don’t forget to take at least three copies of your resume when going to make the application.

This is necessary, because you may need to do more than just submitting an application. You may be briefly interviewed.

2. Assessment Test

Once your application has been received and reviewed by the hiring team, you should prepare yourself for an assessment test.

Not all jobs require an assessment test at Belk, but it might be necessary for your position. This assessment is usually conducted to give the hiring manager a clearer idea of your expertise and skills relating to the role you are applying for.

It is advised that you get acquainted with virtually every quality that is need to perform the duties required by the role, since this will be assessed.

You are likely to encounter personality and judgmental sections in the assessment test, plus several questions about your role.

After participating in this test, your performance will be evaluated, which will decide if you are going to proceed in the hiring process.

This assessment is typically done online. If it won’t be, the hiring team will get a message across concerning how it will be conducted.

3. Phone Screening

Belk interview process is likely to come up after the assessment test. Before the interview, you will have a short discussion over the phone with one of the hiring personnel.

This is called a phone screening, which is typically used by the hiring team to know if it is necessary for a candidate to be interviewed in person.

In the phone screening, expect to be asked several questions regarding your previous work experience and some other crucial parts of your resume.

You should take this phone screening seriously, since it determines your in-person interview later on.

4. In-person Interview

The in-person interview is the most vital part of Belk hiring process. It usually comes up after you must have passed the initial phone screening successfully.

At Belk, an interview is not always the same, depending on the position that you are been interviewed for. But it is advised to have an idea of what your interview would be like.

Moreover, you will be faced with several tough questions in respective of the role you are applying for, your previous work experience, and your personality.

Here are typical Belk interview questions you are likely to be asked:

  • Can you give me a solid reason why you want to work for our company?
  • Do you have long-term goals with Belk? What are they?
  • Tell me your preferred technique to handling stress.
  • As a competent employee, how can you handle a customer who’s upset with the service you offered?
  • What is your own opinion on customer service?

Belk recommends that you solidly prepare for the interview so as not to end up stranded, or finding the interview very difficult.

Before you are being invited for the interview, ensure that you research about the company, because several questions concerning Belk will be asked.

Have vast knowledge about the position you are applying for and the responsibilities that it requires.

In addition, make sure you arrive at the interview venue before it commences, which typically depicts one of the qualities of an excellent employee – punctuality.

5. Belk Onboarding

If you have been successfully chosen among your counterparts, and then offered a job at Belk, you will need to experience the company’s onboarding process before you can start functioning like other employees.

The onboarding process involves orientation and a little training (depending on the position), which will help a new employee adapt to Belk’s culture, as well as the responsibilities of your role.

Prior to the onboarding stage of the hiring process, your will be informed via your email on how to participate, and you should also expect to get paid after the process.

How Long Does Belk Hiring Last?

After your in-person interview at Belk, you should get a response from the recruitment team, irrespective of your performance at the interview.

Typically, after you have been interviewed, you are meant to get a notification in a week or two informing you about your interview performance and your chances of getting the job.

However, there have been cases of several applicants who got interviewed and never got a response from the hiring team afterwards.

Due to this, it is advised that an applicant should have a way of keeping in touch with the interviewer after an interview.

Belk Jobs and Careers

At Belk, there are numerous job opportunities for applicants. But here are the ones that are very significant to the company:

  • Sales associate: This employee interacts with customer and explains the benefits and features of the company’s product.

He or she will also be responsible for operating cash registers, as well as offering excellent customer service.

  • Stock clerk: This employee is employed to receive goods, load and unload trucks, build displays, and stock shelves.

A stock clerk is expected to be very healthy and be able to effortlessly lift up to 75 pounds.

  • Beauty advisor: This employee is responsible for helping customers to purchase hair and skin products that suit them.
  • Loss prevention associate: This employee has the responsibility to monitor store systems that have been built to guard against internal and external theft, as well as other issues that relate to store shrinkage.
  • Sales team manager: This employee is responsible for supervising specific departments and assisting sales associate in ensuring they reach their sales goal.
  • Store manager: This employee is responsible for supervising the store and making sure sales performance goals are attained.

He or she also has the responsibility of hiring and promoting the management team, and attending to the complaints of customers.

  • Assistant store manager: This employee is responsible for assisting the store manager in performing most of their duties.

What to Expect Working at Belk

Working at Belk entitles you to several benefits that every staff enjoys. All employees are being paid well and the management is always ready and willing to attend to employees’ complaints when necessary.

There are amazing co-workers who find it reasonable to render help to each other in resolving work-related issues.

However, Belk usually have very short or no breaks, which many employees literally hate.

Depending on the position, you might encounter rude customers who can be very difficult to handle.


Belk remains one of the top American companies thriving in business. The establishment is open and ready to recruit as many employees as they can, provided all applicants are able to undergo the hiring process of the company successfully without flaws.

As an applicant, the information in this article is crucial to you, to ensure that you pass through Belk’s hiring process and end up as one of the company’s employees.