Banquet Server Resume Writing Tips and Example

Banquet server resume

Looking for a banquet server job? A good resume can improve your chances of getting it.

Banquet Server Resume Writing Tips and Example

If you desire to work as a banquet server, then you need a medium to advertise yourself and convince hirers that you are capable of getting the job done effectively.

As an applicant for a banquet server position, the best and most appropriate medium to advertise your skills is through a good resume.

If your intention is to create a great banquet server resume, then, you need to follow the guidelines and tips highlighted in this post.

Firstly, your resume should be written in a persuasive manner.

Just like conventional advertising methods, it is important that you highlight your expertise and competencies as a banquet server, but most importantly, you should be able to persuade the hirer that you have something to offer the company in the position of a banquet server.

Bearing in mind that your aim of writing your resume for the banquet server job is to persuade the hirer, it is important to understand why the employer is in need of a banquet server – the job duties associated with the position, and the skills required by the hirer for banquet server position.

In other words, your banquet server resume must be written to appeal to the hiring company.

Also, it must be written in a compact manner because hiring managers receive multitude of applications and so they spend less time scanning through each resume.

Finally, to make sure that your banquet server resume receives the attention you desire, you should choose a format that is suitable for the position of a banquet server, and endeavor to present each section in a simple, clear, and outstanding manner.

A functional resume layout bearing the four key sections of a good resume is most ideal for banquet server application because of its simplicity, compactness, and its ability to make each section stand out.

Below are the four key parts a good banquet server resume should have:

Banquet Server Resume Objective Section

Conventionally, this section comes immediately after the contact details. It allows the hirer to gauge your abilities at a glance.

Most HR managers usually determine the candidates to invite for interview based on the content of their objective section.

So, for your banquet server resume, make sure that the objective section is limited to a sentence or two and is well-crafted with the right keywords to persuade the hirer that you are good at providing banquet service.

Below are examples of banquet server resume objective statements to help you learn how to write them for your resume:

Examples of Banquet Server Objective Statement for Resume

  • Seeking the job of a banquet server with General Resorts where ability to adhere strictly to service rules, set banquet table properly, and excellence in customer service will be fully utilized to guarantee patrons’ satisfaction.
  • To work as a banquet server at Great Stars Hotel, utilizing hands-on experience in setting banquet table, outstanding customer service skills, and ability to serve guests in a hygienic and prompt manner.
    If you follow the above examples in creating your resume objective, then, you stand a good chance of winning a job interview.

Core Competence Section

For your resume, your competence section is very important. Make sure to present the sub-heading in bold letters and state your skills as a banquet server in bullets to capture the attention of the reader.

Again, make sure that your most important skills relevant to the work of a banquet server are written before the less relevant ones.

Job Experience Section

It is not unusual for hiring companies to specify if they need experienced banquet servers or not.

However, if you have worked as a server in a banquet in the past, then, you should endeavor to make it outstanding.

A well-written work history section of your banquet server resume could be all you need to beat the other applicants to the job; especially if the position held and functions performed are related to the banquet server position that the hirer wants to fill.

Professional Qualification Section

For a banquet server position, little priority is placed on academic qualifications. Usually, applicants for this position are high school diploma holders and students on holiday, as well as college students.

All you need to do is to create a concise and well-highlighted educational qualification section for your resume.

Having discussed how to write the various parts of a resume, the banquet server resume example shown below will assist you in creating resumes for the banquet server post that will not only appeal to the hirer but also win you an interview.

Banquet Server Resume Example/Sample/Template

Phil Jones
100 Samoa Street, Coventry, Rhode Island
Home: (+2) 7757-7749, Cell: (+2) 7757-77465

Objective: Seeking the job of a banquet server with General Resorts where ability to adhere strictly to service rules, set banquet table properly, and excellence in customer service will be fully utilized to guarantee patrons’ satisfaction.

Core Competence

  • Outstanding knowledge of banquet table set up
  • Excellence in customer service and friendly disposition
  • Proven ability to maintain calm and composure in high pressure environment
  • Outstanding ability to adhere to service rules
  • Proven ability to maintain neat service area
  • Exceptional communication and ability anticipate patrons’ needs
  • Bilingual: fluent in English and Spanish.

Professional Experience

Green World Resort, Tucson, Arizona
Banquet Server
2010 – 2015

  • Greeted and welcomed guests on arrival at the banquet hall
  • Took orders and served wines and beverages
  • Explained food contents, specials and menu items to guests
  • Arranged banquet halls and tables in accordance with the event manager’s instructions
  • Maintained neat appearance of the banquet hall
  • Assisted in cleaning the banquet halls at the end of events.

Education and Professional Qualification

  • Coventry High School, Coventry, Rhode Island, High School Diploma, 2010.


Having a good resume for the job of banquet server is a necessity for your application to have an edge over those presented by other applicants for the job.

Better still, you can create such resume by yourself by learning how a great resume is made using the tips and resume example provided in this post.

How did this guide help you in making a good resume for the banquet server job? Please make your comment in the box below.

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