Apple Hiring Process: Job Application, Interviews and Employment

Apple hiring process.
The hiring process at Apple involves various stages, which applicants must complete.

Apple Hiring Process: Job Application, Interviews and Employment

The Apple hiring process involves various stages, including the job application and interview processes that you must pass through to be employed by the Company.

Please, continue reading to learn about the Apple recruitment process and increase your chances of gaining employment with the Company:

Apple Company Overview

Apple is one of the four largest technology companies in the world founded some decades ago by three individuals – Steve jobs, Ronald Wayne and Steve Wozniak.

It is an American establishment engaged in the design, development, and sales of computer electronics, computer software and some online services.

Apple is a world renowned brand due to its impact, size and revenues. It is the number one largest technology companies in the world by revenue.

Currently, the company is one of the major mobile phone manufactures, and it is worth about 1 trillion dollars.

The company has more than a hundred and twenty thousand employees, and more than a billion products manufactured by Apple are being used globally.

The Apple Hiring Process

Apple gets to hire an applicant as a permanent or temporary staff, after the applicant must have passed through the hiring process of the company.

The Apple’s hiring process consists of the following stages:

  1. The Application Process

Sending an application to Apple is the initial thing to do when applying for a job at the company.

It is usually an online form that will require some vital information from you, in order for you to continue the hiring process.

The online form will request for your education and academic results, plus your work experience (if you have any).

This should be done at Apple’s official site.

Moreover, you might need to provide answers to some motivational questions that you will be asked when filling the application form.

Examples of these motivational questions are:

  • What motivated you to seek for a job at apple?
  • Why did apply for this role?

It is advisable to have an appropriate and correct answer to these questions, since they are very important.

2. Apple Telephone Interview

After your online application has been reviewed by the recruiting personnel, Apple will invite you to their office for the first round interview.

This is an opportunity for you to exhibit you skills, knowledge and passions that make you an appropriate candidate for the job.

This interview will be conducted via the phone and it will be based on competence. The company recommends that an applicant to consider past projects he or she has worked on, in your academic and professional experiences.

Carefully think about your role at your previous place of work, your achievements, and the methodologies you utilized in approaching problems.

These will help you in answering most questions.

3. Apple Assessment Test

After your success at the over-the-phone interview, you will be invited to participate in the company’s assessment center.

This will create a chance for you to network with Apple’s professional staffs, and then learn vital things about the establishment.

This would be an appropriate time for you to get educated on what it is like to be a worker at Apple.

At the assessment center, you might take some exercise such as:

  • Apple group exercise

This exercise is being utilized by the company to examine an applicant’s ability to collaborate with a team efficiently.

During the entire exercise, some Apple staffs will closely observe your competence to solve problems as a member of the team.

It is important to share and argue for your ideas confidently, but be prepared to make contributions to someone’s input.

Ensure to speak fluently and clearly without interrupting anyone.

  • Apple written exercise

You will be given a task to prepare an answer to a case study problem that is previously unseen. They will provide it in the candidate brief handed to you.

Immensely skim through the entire information that is provided in the candidate brief given to you; this will help you plan your answer quickly.

  • Apple role play exercise

For this exercise, twenty minutes will be given to you to work in a pair to see how you can make analysis on a set of information. You and your partner will have to get your response ready.

This task has a second segment, which is very interesting. The personnel interviewing you will act as a client, and you will represent a staff of Apple.

You have to exhibit your negotiation and analytical reasoning skills, and your ability to work in a team.

4. Apple Final Interview

This is the last stage of Apple’s recruitment process; reaching this stage is very impressive and also shows your competence to be Apple’s staff.

It would be an in-person interview with just one personnel – director or senior manager that works in the business segment you chose to join.

It is a competency based interview, and it is being executed to know how skillful, passionate, and enthusiastic you are to qualify to be an employee at Apple.

It is advisable to prepare immensely for this interview, since it is the last process to pass through before getting the job.

Here are tips to aid your preparations for the interview:

  • The interview does not usually last up to one hour. Sometimes, it might just last for thirty minutes.
  • You need to prepare strong reasons to become an Apple staff and your passion to play the role you chose in the company.
  • Prepare to ask your interviewer a few interesting questions, since you will be asked to do so. You can ask the interviewer questions on the path of their chosen career.

5. Apple Orientation Process

After you have been employed, you will pass through the company’s orientation process before working, just like every employee.

It is a learning process that educates you on the company and your assigned role. The entire process does not take up to a whole day, just some couple of hours

How Long Does Apple Hiring Last?

After completing Apple’s hiring process, you will be contacted and granted your long awaited job.

There is no specific time to receive a call from Apple. However, it does not take up to a month but just a few weeks to hear from them.

Note: Only selected applicants who successfully passed the interview will be employed.

Major Apple Jobs and Careers Available

The jobs and careers that can be practiced at Apple are numerous, but here are some of the most significant positions to occupy:

  • Hardware design engineer
  • Software engineering manager
  • Procurement managers
  • Developer
  • Software engineer
  • Data scientist
  • Product manager
  • Product marketer

As a technology company, some of these professions/jobs are very instrumental to the growth and proper function of the establishment.

What to Expect Working at Apple

Working at Apple will be quite different from the previous places you may have worked before.

It would be such a great experience to work at Apple, you might be engaged in some activities that won’t seem like work since they are things you love doing.

The company has great managers and you will learn from fellow colleagues who are very intelligent at what they do.

Apple usually has a fluctuated schedule, and this might be inconveniencing for employees who have families or those who are students.

Sometimes, applicants (especially software engineers) feel very reluctant to apply for a job at apple because of the regular difficult tasks that may be assigned to them to perform.

But as someone who wants to demonstrate competence, you shouldn’t be disturbed by this.


Apple is a place where you can develop your skills and build a successful career. The company is very considerate when offering employments to candidates.

They normally hire people regardless of religion, gender identity, national origin, or race.

Anyone can be employed by Apple by making use of the information provided here to pass through the hiring process of the company successfully.