After Sales Manager Job Description Example

By | August 27, 2023
After sales manager job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities
The after sales manager is also responsible for training teams involved in after sales to ensure total customer satisfaction.

After Sales Manager Job Description Example

What Does an After Sales Manager Do?

After sales managers are responsible for supervising all post-marketing, budgeting, customer follow-up, and general business plans to make sure customer are satisfied and that sales improves.

The after sales manager job description entails training, motivation, and provision of leadership to after sales team whose main objective usually is to provide high quality customer service and maximize profit through increased patronage.

After sales managers establish and retain contact with clients so that they can easily obtain customer feedback concerning the quality of their company’s products.

Their role also involves assisting clients in resolving issues concerning products they purchased or services rendered to them.

In performing their duties, after sales managers must establish good work relationship with clients to ensure increased patronage and revenue.

They monitor details of contracts to inform clients of pending expiration date and assist them in processing contract renewals.

They also put together promotional and marketing campaigns to improve their product’s presence in the market place and increase it’s user base.

As part of their work description, after sales managers coordinate the operations of unit to ensure set targets are achieved.

They are also responsible for coming up with the necessary strategies for the department in ensuring clients are satisfied and departmental goals are realized.

Occasionally, they team up with other sales departmental heads to discuss and make the necessary plans for achieving effective sales.

The role of after sales managers also involves directing and coordinating the customer service operation of a team to ensure clients are attended to appropriately according to established customer service standards.

They are also involved in negotiation with clients on price and contract to ensure details of contracts are established and the profit margin is realizable.

In fulfilling their role, after sales managers are expected to supervise all post-sales services offered to clients to ensure the firm’s promise of good customer service is actually enjoyed by customers.

They usually perform research and participate in relevant educational programs to be conversant with current knowledge and trend of in their industry.

They are also expected to keep management informed of activities in their department by sending periodic reports to them.

To access the after sales manager job position requires a Bachelor’s degree in any of marketing, business administration, economics, or in a related discipline.

The qualities you will need to have to succeed on this job include leadership, communication, and problem-solving skills.

After Sales Manager Job Description Example/Template

If you are seeking to work as an after sales manager, here is an example of the kind of job description you may be asked to work with by most firms, it covers the important duties, tasks, and responsibilities of the job:

  • Train, motivate, and lead after sales teams to achieve set objectives and targets
  • Maintain contact with clients to obtain customer feedback regarding product/service quality
  • Assist clients in resolving issues and complaints concerning purchased products or services
  • Build and establish good work relationship with clients to facilitate increased patronage and revenue
  • Monitor contract details to notify clients of pending expiration and help process renewal
  • Organize promotional and marketing campaigns to create awareness and product publicity
  • Supervise the operations of after sales teams to ensure set targets are met
  • Develop and implement strategies effective for ensuring a satisfied clientele and increased returns
  • Liaise with other sales departmental heads to discuss business plans necessary for enhancing sales performance
  • Direct and coordinate the customer service operation of a team to ensure clients are tended appropriately in line with set customer service standards
  • Develop and optimize support and service processes, tools, and systems
  • Conduct price and contract negotiations with clients to establish contract details and attain profit margin
  • Oversee all post-sales services provided to clients to ensure customer satisfaction
  • Maintain an up-to-date knowledge of job operations by conducting research and participating in educational programs
  • Provide periodic reports to management on all after sales activities
  • Ensure compliance with all general and company policies when carrying out job duties.

After Sales Manager Resume Preparation

To prepare an effective resume for the after sales manager job, you will need to have the work experience section included in it.

Highlighting your experience working as an after sales manager in your resume can convince recruiters of your capability to do the job.

The after sales manager sample job description shown above can assist you to easily highlight the functions of the job that you previously carried out in your resume when creating the job experience section.

Requirements – Skills, Abilities, and Knowledge – for After Sales Manager Job

When hiring for the after sales manager role, most employers usually set the following as requirements that applicants should meet to qualify for an interview:

  • Education and Training: To become an after sales manager, you require a Bachelor’s degree in marketing, business administration, economics, or in any other related business discipline. Prior experience in a management field, preferably customer relationship management is also necessary to secure the job
  • Communication Skills: After sales managers are adept at interacting with customers to identify and help meet their desires
  • Leadership Skills: They are able to coordinate and organize the activities of after sales teams to ensure client satisfaction and improved sales
  • Problem-solving Skills: After sales managers are able to develop and implement solutions necessary to ensure increased patronage and customer satisfaction.

After Sales Manager Skills for Resume

The fact that the above after sales manager qualities and skills are important to recruiters makes it wise to have them and use in creating the skills section of your resume.

Most employers will give such resumes attention as they could see the owner has the relevant qualities to do the job effectively.


The after sales manager job description shows the duties and responsibilities you will be carrying out if hired by most firms.

Knowing this helps you to decide if the after sales manager job is what you want to do, and to prepare well for it.

The sample job description also provided in this post can be used by employers in making a work description for recruiting the best person for the job, and in assigning tasks to them.

Did you learn a lot about what after sales managers do? Please make a comment about this post or share additional functions of the role in the box below.