Advertising Sales Representative Job Description, Key Duties and Responsibilities

Advertising Sales Representative job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities
Advertising Sales Representatives get advertising deals for their companies. Image source:

This post presents exhaustive information on the job description of a advertising sales representative, to help you understand the duties, tasks, and responsibilities of the role.

What Does an Advertising Sales Representative Do?

An advertising sales representative is responsible for getting advertising deals for their companies by selling packages to clients in media organizations.

His/her job description entails selling available spaces and airtime to companies who have products and services to advertise in the organization’s print or electronic medium.

For clients to accept advertising proposals from the media company, the sales representative must be able to convince them by giving them tangible reasons why advertising with them will be of benefit to their businesses.

The ability to get people to place advertisements is based majorly on the amount of knowledge the sales rep has about the platform they represent, and the benefits it provides to advertisers.

A major role of the advertising sales rep is to build client base for his/her organization.

He/she does this by searching for new clients, scheduling meetings with them and inquiring about their advertising needs.

He/she will then proceed to offering them a proposal that meets their specific needs.

Ad sales reps are usually in constant communication with clients who make inquiries about advertising plans.

They provide answers to questions put to them and resolve any problem that may arise in the running of their advertising services.

In order to satisfy their clients, sales reps must ensure that their adverts are given the best possible exposures to their target audience, so that they can get the needed responses.

It is also the duty of the advert sales rep to offer space and airtime to clients at specific times and locations that are accessed by their target audience to facilitate favorable responses from them, therefore, advertising slots and spaces are sold based on consumer demographics.

To succeed as a sales rep selling advert spaces in the media, you need to carry out background research on prospective clients’ businesses before meeting up with them.

This will enable you to understand their businesses, and to recommend the best advertising services that suit their business needs.

You also need to maintain a good relationship with top organizations in order to secure and keep their advertising accounts, and also be able to get good recommendations from them to other clients.

The sales representative’s role also includes providing consulting services to organizations to help them determine appropriate advertising strategies that would appeal to their consumers.

Advertising Sales Representative Job Description Example/Sample/Template

Here is an example of the job description commonly executed by sales reps involved in selling advert spaces for media organizations.

  • Scout for potential clients and offer them good advertising services
  • Give clients detailed cost estimate of proposed advertising services
  • Explain the benefits of advertising on his/her company’s platform to clients
  • Keep records of all documents, including payment receipts in client advertising account with the organization
  • Prepare and make advertising presentations to new and existing clients, outlining their efficiency
  • Give clients various advertising options to choose from based on their business needs and financial budget
  • Assist clients in identifying appropriate advertising services for their businesses
  • Send proofs of materials for advertising to clients for approval
  • Assist clients in recommending appropriate ad sizes for print advertising and airtime duration for broadcast advertising
  • Schedule appointments with clients to discuss new advertising proposals to secure the deal eventually
  • Offer bonuses to existing clients so as to retain their patronage and attract new ones
  • Study sales statistics and prepare reports for clients’ advertising accounts.

Advertising Sales Representative Job Description for Resume

The duties, tasks, and responsibilities of an advert sales rep stated in the sample job description above can be utilized in writing certain sections of the resume, including the professional history section.

All that is needed is to modify the given functions of the position to tally with your real experience on the job in preparing your resume.

Advertising Sales Representative Requirements: Skills, Knowledge, and Abilities for Career Success

Here is a list of important attributes and qualities advert sales representatives are usually expected to possess to be effective on the job:

• Some experience in the advertising sales industry to be able to find and win clients over
• Persuasive skills needed to get clients’ accounts as fast as possible
• Possess strong knowledge of marketing
• Ability to communicate in a clear manner with clients and prospects for them to see the benefits of placing adverts in his/her company’s media group
• Strong interpersonal skills for building a good relationship with clients
• Ability to paying attention to the details of clients’ briefs
• Proficient at setting goals and meeting target.