Accounts Payable Manager Job Description Example

Accounts Payable Manager job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities

Accounts Payable Managers ensure efficient delivery of all company account payable functions.

Accounts Payable Manager Job Description Example

What Does an Accounts Payable Manager Do?

The accounts payable manager is responsible for overseeing all account payable activities in a company.

His/her job description entails coordinating all payments the organization makes to its vendors, and to see to it that all expense vouchers and vendor invoices are cleared on timely basis.

In his/her line of duty, the manager will have to liaise with vendors and work out functional formula with them to ensure proper and timely delivery of services.

The accounts payable manager must be a good record keeper, since assigned tasks for the role will require accurate record keeping.

Before he/she can be effective in carrying out his/her duties and responsibilities, the manager must have working experience in related fields. This way, he/she will be able to handle assigned tasks professionally.

The accounts payable manager should have good sense of judgment to enable him/ her to plan duty-related goals and accomplish such goals.

He/she has the responsibility to lead and also direct other members of staff, especially in the accounts payable section of the business organization.

Creativity is yet another skill the accounts payable manager must possess. He/she must be able to come up with ideas on how to improve on service delivery and payment fulfillment to vendors supplying his/her company.

Accounts payable managers work under the guidance of the departmental or unit head, and their work descriptions also involve making of periodic reports to the head of the department, from whom they are also expected to take orders.

They must ensure all outstanding invoices are paid on timely basis, as well as undertake all tasks related to ledger purchase.

The manager should liaise with the compliance personnel, auditors, and all departments in the organization for smooth and timely service provision.

He/she is expected to properly review all the general ledger coding and invoice packaging of the organization.

He/she is also expected to manage the daily operation of various sections, including the payments processing, and vendor relation sections of the organization.

He/she mans the vendor desk and processes all invoices.

The accounts payable manager should be able to work as member of a team, since he/she will have to work together with a number of other members of staff.

He/she is usually involved in allocating daily workforce, and overseeing, on behalf of the departmental head, the hiring and recruitment needs of the department.

The accounts payable manager’s job may also include managing and implementing virtual card payment program on behalf of the organization for easy payment fulfillment.

He/she must be able to work fast and be accurate in service delivery, as well as having the ability to multitask, since he/she may have to deal with various needs and queries from a number of vendors at the same time.

Accounts Payable Manager Job Description Example

Here is a job description example that contains the major tasks, duties, and responsibilities that typically make up the daily activities of individuals who work as accounts payable manager in most firms:

  • Manage all account payable tasks, including disbursement and customer vendor relations
  • Handle all issues related to task in the organization
  • Liaise with other members of staff across various departments and also with the legal team of the organization in the course of performing assigned duties
  • Manage various factions related to accounting, like project accounting, accounts receivable
  • Perform accounts payable and general ledger maintenance
  • Ensure timeliness and accuracy in service delivery
  • Design, implement, and also maintain various systems to improve on service dispensation
  • Develop and enforce adherence by other members of staff to policies and procedures of the company towards improving on service delivery
  • Mange the periodic financial record of the organization
  • Provide periodic information regarding financial status of the firm to ensure that the financial statements of the organization are accurate and easily understood by members of staff
  • Provide assistance to the operation staff and project managers regarding accounting, when such assistances are needed
  • Provide required response to all financial concerns and questions when such questions are posed by vendors and other concerned member of staff.

Accounts Payable Manager Resume Preparation

The above sample job description can be helpful when you need to prepare a resume for seeking the post of accounts payable manager, as it contains the information you need to make the job experience part of the resume.

Using the duties and functions of the accounts payable manager stated above in your resume will convince prospective employers that you will be able to carry out your job description effectively.

Requirements – Skills, Knowledge, Abilities – for Accounts Payable Manager Role

Accounts payable managers desirous of success in their career should develop the following skills, knowledge, and abilities, which are also part of the important requirements employers demand that applicants for the role during recruitment process:

  • Education: Associate degree in accounting, business administration, finance, or in other related disciplines; some organizations prefer Bachelor’s degree
  • Years of working experience is an added advantage
  • Possess leadership experience and quality
  • Possess membership of professional bodies
  • Possess excellent organizational and planning skills to enable easy balancing of work
  • Possess excellent presentation skills to enable easy internal client education on principles of accounting
  • Possess exceptional problem solving, as well as analytical skills
  • Possess perfect verbal and written communication skills.

Accounts Payable Manager Skills for Resume

The required skills and qualities for the accounts payable manager job shown above can be used in making the skills section of a resume for the position. (See: how to write a good resume, to learn how to write an effective skills section and other parts of a resume.)

Such section will certainly catch the attention of employers because they could see you’ve got the qualities that will enable you to excel on your bit as an accounts payable manager.

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