Accounting Specialist: 12 Essential Qualities to be Good on the Job

Accounting Specialist skills and qualities

Having certain skills and qualities can make you a good accounting specialist.

Accounting Specialist: 12 Essential Qualities to be Good on the Job

To be good at effectively performing the job of accounting specialist, there are certain skills and qualities you need to develop.

Most people tend to mistake an accounting specialist for just an accountant, but the fact is that an accounting specialist is more than just any accountant.

In any field of human endeavor, a specialist is a person who is an expert at performing a particular task. So, an accounting specialist is one who is an expert in performing accounting functions.

He/she must have vast knowledge of accounting principles and procedures gained through years of extensive training and practice.

In addition, he/she is expected to possess certain qualities that make him/her an outstanding accountant.

Therefore, to be called an accounting specialist one must possess the skills and qualities discussed below.

If you are a human resources manager and wants to hire a good accounting specialist, here are the qualities to consider before choosing one:

1. Organization

The job of accounting, irrespective of the position, involves lots of data collation from various units or departments. Being a specialist even increases such work load.

In addition to data collation, the specialist is expected to keep accurate records, prepare statement of accounts, and reconcile discrepancies in financial statements from time to time.

To perform these functions without breaking down or making costly mistakes, the accounting specialist must be a very organized individual.

2. Communication

This is a common trait amongst most good accounting specialists. Like it was stated above, this job involves constant interaction with employees from other departments.

So, excellent communication skill is very important to be best at your work.

The specialist must be able to communicate his/her demands and report clearly to other employees and senior managers.

Sometimes, good virtual communication ability is also required to enable him/her make virtual presentation when the situation calls for such.

3. Numerical and Analytical Skills

An accounting specialist must be someone who isn’t afraid of numbers because his/her duties involve constant number crunching.

He/she is expected to have good math skills, and more importantly, he/she must be able to make analysis based on the data collated. Mind you, accounting has a lot to do with financial analysis and interpretation.

So, an accounting specialist is an analyst in every sense of it.

4. Team Player

A good accounting specialist must be a good team player as well. This is because they work very closely with employees from other departments.

They rely on these employees to gather financial data necessary for their own operations.

Therefore, the accounting specialist must possess exceptional interpersonal skills to be able to relate freely with other employees.

5. Composure

A good accounting specialist must be calm and collected at all times, even when working under pressure.

In most organizations, accounting specialists are saddled with the responsibility of producing quarterly and annual account statements and reports.

Sometimes, his/her team might be mandated to come up with such reports within a very short notice.

Therefore, the job requires a great deal of composure on the part of the specialist and his/her team to produce accurate result at such times.

6. Honesty

An accounting specialist must be a person of unquestionable character.

He/she must be transparent and trustworthy. When there are discrepancies or financial irregularities in accounting reports of some of the units in an organization, he/she is supposed to trace such irregularities and make sure they are either corrected or reported to the appropriate quarters.

7. Knowledge and Experience

As it was stated earlier, an accounting specialist must be an expert in accounting, and must be vast in the knowledge of accounting principles and practice.

As such, he/she must be educated. In addition, he/she is expected to be extensively trained and experienced.

8. Attention to Detail

A little mistake on a financial statement or report may turn out to be fatal. So, an accounting specialist must be a very careful person.

He/she should take adequate time in collating, recording, and preparing of financial reports or accounting statements.

He/she should be able to discover irregularities in account statements before the preparation and presentation/publication of financial statements.

This is because any of such errors that he/she fails to notice will be accruable to him/her if discovered at a later stage.

9. Advanced Computer Knowledge

In this modern day world, accounting has gone beyond paper and pen calculations.

A good accounting specialist must be computer savvy because most of the data collation and analysis are performed using the computer and advanced accounting software that require good knowledge of the computer.

10. Accountable

Needless to say, an accounting specialist must be accountable. No matter how meticulous he/she may be, mistakes may be pinpointed in his/her analysis sometimes.

So, he/she should be someone who owes up for his/her mistakes and takes corrections lightly.

11. Enthusiasm

He/she must be very passionate about his/her job. He/she must be a lover of figures and more importantly, he/she should be able to manage the stress that comes with the job.

12. Teachable

A good accounting specialist must be learnable. He/she must be able to learn and adapt quickly to new or more efficient ways of handling his/her duties.

He/she should also endeavor to keep up with new accounting standards and principles.


So, if you want to be a good accounting specialist or be best at your job, then these are the skills and qualities you should endeavor to develop.

You may not have to develop all of them, but having a major part of them will be helpful in making you a better performer on the job.

Also, if you are a human resources manager who wants to hire a good accounting specialist for your organization, then these are the qualities to look for in applicants.

How did you find our accounting specialist skills and qualities? Do make your comment in the box below, including any additional quality you have found vital to the success of an accounting specialist.