20 Helpful Wonderlic NFL Practice Test Questions and Answers Samples

Wonderlic NFL Practice Test
You can significantly improve your Wonderlic NFL test scores by taking lots of practice questions. Image source: Matt Patterson/Associated Press | nytimes.

20 Helpful Wonderlic NFL Practice Test Questions and Answers Samples

This post provides useful samples of Wonderlic NFL practice test questions and answers that you can study to effectively prepare for the exam and make a great score.

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What to Know About Wonderlic NFL Test?

Just about 2.5 million people worldwide take the Wonderlic Test each year, including roughly 300 football players at the NFL Scouting Combine.

The Wonderlic Cognitive Ability Test (WCA) is being utilized by the NFL (National Football League) as a component of the drafting process during the NFL Scouting Combine.

The NFL Combine is an event that occurs every February. During the drafting period, college football players are tested on paper and on the field so as to be drafted into the NFL.

Coaches want to know the players’ abilities for thinking and their capacities while on the field.

The Wonderlic Cognitive Ability Test is being taken by candidates prior to demonstrating their skills on the football field.

Through the Wonderlic test scores, hiring managers will be able to choose scouts, coaches, general managers, etc. with information about the ability of players to make decisions.

Players can do well on the field with quick decision-making abilities.

For players to score high on the Wonderlic test, they need to make use of Wonderlic NFL practice questions and answers to help them practice for the real exam.

Players can make quick decisions while on the field and help win games and lead teams to Superbowl just because they practiced for the Wonderlic test and solved similar problems that could possibly come out.

10 Helpful Wonderlic NFL Practice Test Questions and Answers Samples

  1. Fred and Paul have 56 marbles together. Paul has 6 times more marbles than Fred.

How many marbles does Fred have?

A. 8
B. 12
C. 32
D. 46
E. 49
F. None of these

The answer is A. 8.

If Paul has 6 times more marbles than Fred, we can define Fred as X and Paul as 6X, and work out something like this equation X+6X=56. Therefore, X=8.

  1. Mike is 9 years older than Rita. Mike’s age will be double Rita’s age in 4 years’ time. What are their ages today?

A. Mike is 5 years old and Rita is 14 years old
B. Mike is 14 years old and Rita is 5 years old
C. Mike is 2 years old and Rita is 11 years old
D. Mike is 10 years old and Rita is 1 year old
E. Cannot be determined

The answer is B.

All the information provided is based on the relation between Mike’s age and Rita’s age.

Let’s denote Mike’s age by X and Rita’s age by Y. We can translate this information into an equation “Mike is 9 years older than Rita”.


It is quite unfortunate that an equation with two variables cannot be solved unless there is another equation. Mike’s age in 4 years’ time will be X+4 and will be double Rita’s age, which will become Y+4. Check out the equation below:


  1. Sandra was able to serve the following number of burgers within the first 4 months of the year: 370, 330, 460, and 420. The average number of burgers Sandra served per month was____.

A. 410
B. 405
C. 395
D. 390
E. 385

The answer is C. 395

  1. If the first two statements are correct, is the final statement correct?

Emma organizes Christmas parties for the company.

Tomorrow is December 22.

Emma will be organizing a party soon.

A. Yes
B. No
C. Uncertain

The answer is C. Uncertain

  1. In a 4-day period, a courier service agent delivered the following number of packages per day: 1150, 1200, 1900, and 1350. He delivered an average number of __ packages per day.

A. 1450
B. 1550
C. 1400
D. 1300
E. 1350

The answer is C. 1400

  1. Which month’s weather is most comparable to April’s?

A. July
B. October
C. August
D. December
E. February

The answer is B. October

  1. Four persons bought a property together and decided to divide the profits equally. The first person spent $200,000; the second person spent $500,000; the third person spent $800,000; while the fourth person spent $500,000. If $1,000,000 was the net profit for the first year, the first person receives __ more than if the profits were divided in proportion to how much they spent.

A. 50,000
B. 100,000
C. 150,000
D. 200,000
E. 250,000

The answer is C. 150,000

  1. A truck contains 300 coins and stamps. The value of the coins is $3 each and the value of stamps is $1.5 each. The total value of the items is $825. How many coins are there?

A. 325
B. 250
C. 175
D. 75
E. 50

The answer is B. 250

  1. A full amount of 33 minutes was spent washing 6 vehicles. At this rate, it would take ____minutes to wash 42 vehicles.

A. 198
B. 264
C. 210
D. 247.5
E. 231

The answer is E. 231

  1. ____is the tenth month of the year?

A. December
B. January
C. September
D. August
E. October

The answer is E. October

  1. PUMMEL is to HIT as __ is to RECITE.

A. Chant
B. Speak
C. Sing
D. Communicate
E. Convey

The answer is A. Chant

  1. Which THREE of the following words have similar meanings?

A. Impracticable
B. Conceivable
C. Unrealizable
D. Viable
E. Preposterous

The answers are Impracticable, Unrealizable, and Preposterous

  1. What number comes next in the series? 1/192 1/96 1/48 1/24 1/12 __?

A. ½
B. ¼
C. 1/6
D. 1/8
E. 1/10

The answer is C. 1/6

  1. Ruben is 15 years old and his uncle Bobby is three times as old. When Ruben will be 32 years old, his uncle Bobby will be __?

A. 96
B. 64
C. 45
D. 62
E. 72

The answer is D. 62

  1. Which of the following is the first date?

A. November 12, 1898

B. January 1, 1988

C. April 30, 1898

D. August 16, 1898

E. March 17, 1989

The answer is C. April 30, 1898

  1. One word below is capitalized. What is the opposite of that word?

Business presentations emphasize “PREVALENT” risks for potential investors.

A. Excess
B. Permanent
C. Alternately
D. Trivial
E. Scarce

The answer is E. Scarce

  1. The words LENIENT and FORBEARING have __ meanings.

A. Similar
B. Contradictory
C. Unrelated

The answer is A. Similar

  1. Kevin’s total grocery expenses in January were $25. It was $25 more than his February cost in January, and it was $5 less than his February cost in March. What were his average grocery expenses from January to March per month?

A. $35
B. $45
C. $40
D. $50
E. $55

The answer is C. $40

  1. A total of $114,000 will be evenly spent to build 12 Duplex Apartments. If the first 5 Apartments have been completed and paid for, then __ is still available for the remaining Apartments.

A. $63,000
B. $59,500
C. $67,200
D. $66,500
E. $76,000

The answer is D. $66,500

  1. Rearrange all of the words below to make the best sentence. Which word should come just before “light”?

light inside room go quietly the

A. Inside
B. Room
C. Go
D. Quietly
E. The

The answer is E. The


This post provides valuable Wonderlic NFL sample test questions and answers you can use for practice.

Going through these questions and answers will give you insights on exactly how the real test questions will be and how to answer them correctly.

The above information will help you learn and understand the questions that are asked on the Wonderlic NFL exam and the ways they are required to be answered.

Practicing with the Wonderlic NFL sample questions and answers on this page will improve your chances of passing the exam, as you’ve already lessened the test burden and paved a way for success.

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