20 Best Work from Home Jobs for Veterans

Work from Home Jobs for Veterans
Veterans who need to make an income can find a profitable work from home job opportunity to apply for.

20 Best Work from Home Jobs for Veterans

This article highlights great work from home jobs that veterans can conveniently do if they needed to make money.

It also includes salary information and where veterans can get the remote jobs.

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The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) allows for flexibility in different fields like human services, medicals, and project management, and is highly committed to ensuring that veterans get the best positions.

If you are a veteran in search of well-paying work from home jobs, then here they are:

20 Best Work from Home Jobs for Veterans

  1. Customer Care Professional

This job involves handling inbound calls, understanding the needs of cardmembers, and providing solutions.

The salary of a customer care professional is between $19 and $22 per hour.

You can find remote customer care professional jobs suitable for veterans from American Express.

  1. Contact Tracing Rep

This job involves conducting interviews with employees, performing trace protocols, and reporting on COVID-related issues.

The contact tracing rep’s salary is $24 per hour.

To find vacant contact tracing rep jobs that you can do from home as a veteran, you can visit Pepsico.

  1. Data Entry

This role involves entering diagnosis and charge codes into the management system for facilities and physicians.

A High School diploma is required, alongside an advanced education.

The salary for data entry jobs is between $28,000 and $40,000.

You can visit Claim care to find work from home data entry jobs for veterans.

  1. Cruise Vacation Planner

This role involves providing top-notch service and sales experience and helping guests get exceptional travel experiences.

The salary of a cruise vacation planner is $50,000 yearly.

You can access remote cruise vacation planner positions that you can do as a veteran from Carnival.

  1. Shared Services

This role involves providing support via chats, phone, or ticket for clients.

You will need great communication and phone skills.

The salary for shared services is between $25,000 and $33,000 yearly.

To access shared services positions that veterans can do from home, you can visit ModSquad.

  1. Health and Fitness Support

This role involves handling calls, emails, and texts; responding to clients and providing solutions to their problems.

The salary for health and fitness support is between $23,000 and $32,000 yearly.

You can find remote health and fitness support work from ModSquad.

  1. Care Coordinator

This job involves delivering top-notch support via phone, chat and email, as the go-to responder for requests and questions, and ensuring members receive the best care.

The salary of the care coordinator is $17 per hour.

To find remote care coordinator jobs that you can do as a veteran, visit Forward.

  1. Collector

This job involves resolving, documenting, and researching patient outbound and inbound calls involving several issues using multiple information systems.

An HSD or GED and some experience are required.

The salary for a collector is between $40,000 and $52,000 yearly.

You can find remote collector jobs that you can do from home at CareCentrix.

  1. Crisis Intervention Specialist

This role involves answering calls with compassion following the scope and guidelines, and demonstrating a culture and behavior that follows the goals and philosophies of the organization.

The crisis intervention specialist’s salary is $22 per hour.

Visit Lines for Life to find work from home crisis intervention specialist jobs veterans can do.

  1. Administrative Assistant

This role involves managing the calendar, travel arrangements and planning, commission processing, and expense report management.

The salary of an administrative assistant is between $10 and $12 per hour.

You can find good administrative assistant work from home jobs for veterans at CVS Health.

  1. HR Data Assistant

This role involves processing personnel data, entering the data into spreadsheets, and validating missing data from the forms.

The salary of an HR data assistant is between $37,000 and $51,000 yearly.

You can find remote HR data assistant work to do from home as a veteran from Public Health Institute.

  1. Telephonic Intake Rep.

This role involves carrying out and delivering routine assignments for client service areas, and serving as a point of contact for customers.

The telephone intake rep’s salary is between $31,000 and $44,000 yearly.

To access work from home telephone intake rep jobs, you can visit Lincoln.

  1. Training Coordinator

This role involves identifying training needs, assisting to assess technician skills, and delivering instructor-led training.

The training coordinator’s salary is between $44,000 and $64,000 yearly.

You can find training coordinator work from home jobs at Amazon.

  1. Time Entry Coordinator

This role involves providing top-notch customer service to external and internal customers, proofreading, and verifying keyed information accuracy.

The salary of the time entry coordinator is $15 per hour.

Employ Bridge is a great place to find good remote time entry coordinator jobs that veterans can do from home.

  1. Recruitment Coordinator

This role involves supporting recruiting team, clients, and candidates through the different recruitment process aspects, including interviewing and onboarding.

The recruitment coordinator’s salary is between $49,000 and $67,000.

You can access work from home recruitment coordinator jobs from Korn Ferry.

  1. Authorization Coordinator

This role involves reviewing medical documentation, follow-up, and submission of prior authorizations.

The authorization coordinator’s salary is between $28,000 and $39,000 yearly.

Veterans interested in the work from home authorization coordinator job can access it from Numotion.

  1. Account Resolution

This role involves researching account denials and filing written appeals if or when necessary and filing claims properly.

The salary for account resolution jobs is between $25,000 and $33,000 yearly.

You can access remote account resolution jobs from MedAssist.

  1. Workers’ Compensation Specialist

This role involves managing and monitoring compensation programs, developing and maintaining strong partnerships, and ensuring compliance with compensation policies.

The workers’ compensation specialist’s salary is between $40k and $74k yearly.

You can visit Amazon for remote workers’ compensation specialist jobs that veterans can do from home.

  1. City Clerk

This role involves performing administrative duties and administering management programs.

The salary of the city clerk job is between $6,200 and $8,400 monthly.

You can find well-paying remote city clerk work for veterans from Monroe.

  1. Immigration and Relocation Specialist

This role involves assisting in the provision of appropriate responses to immigration questions and monitoring immigration program efficiency.

The salary for an immigration and relocation specialist is $77,000 yearly.

To find good remote immigration and relocation specialist jobs, visit McAfee.


Veterans are usually given priority and are well-placed in job positions they fit into. So, if any of these work-from-home positions appeal to you, then go for it.