20 Best Work from Home Jobs for Pregnant Mums

20 Best Work from Home Jobs for Pregnant Mums.
Even as a pregnant mum, you can still find a remote job that you can do from home.

20 Best Work from Home Jobs for Pregnant Mums

This post presents various work from home jobs suitable for pregnant mums, including the pay you can expect to make and where you can find the jobs.

The jobs have flexible schedules and are not physically demanding.

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A good stay-at-home job for a pregnant mum would be a flexible job that allows for a convenient schedule.

This is because being a pregnant mum is already a full-time job.

20 Best Work from Home Jobs for Pregnant Mums

Below are some well-paying remote jobs for pregnant mums:

  1. Customer Service Representative

This role involves working from home to take phone calls, assist customers, respond to queries and carry out administrative tasks.

You will need a quiet workspace and a familiarity with technology.

The median pay for customer service representatives is $37,907 yearly.

You can find a customer service representative job for pregnant mums that you can do from home at Aerotek.

  1. Data Entry Specialist

The data entry specialist role involves handling data records of businesses, entering the data, checking for errors to ensure accuracy of records, and performing administrative functions.

The data entry specialist is a popular remote job among mums.

The median pay for data entry specialists is $35,833 yearly.

You can get work from home data entry specialist jobs for pregnant mums from Paper Alternative Solutions Inc.

  1. Recruiting Coordinator

This role involves helping people get jobs, recruiting, performing background checks, helping out with interviews, and helping to onboard new employees.

The median pay for recruiting coordinators is $45,485 yearly.

To find a remote recruiting coordinator job, visit Seven Step.

  1. Proofreader

The proofreader job involves looking through manuscripts from home to ensure grammatical correctness, confirm facts, ensure consistency, crosscheck sources and check formatting.

An eye for detail is an important part of the proofreader job.

The median pay for the proofreader position is $43,126 yearly.

You can find proofreader jobs that pregnant mums can do from home Uhuru.

  1. Writer/Blogger

This involves writing for businesses, organizations, or yourself personally on a wide range of topics from parent-related topics, pregnancy, social media outlets, or finance-related.

The writer/blogger median pay is $48,732 yearly.

To find a writer/blogger job that you can do from home as a pregnant mum, visit KW Success Realty.

  1. Transcriptionist

This involves listening to provided audios from the comfort of your home and converting them into written material, reviewing reports, and correcting mistakes.

To work as a transcriptionist, you will need to possess high transcribing speed.

The median pay for the transcriptionist role is $32,861 yearly.

You can find a remote transcriptionist job from Copytalk Business Services.

  1. Virtual Assistant

The virtual assistant performs administrative assistant duties, handles social media, emails, schedules meetings, and maintains calendars, carries out research, and plans events.

The virtual assistant median pay is $38,478 yearly.

You can find remote virtual assistant jobs that pregnant mums can do from Dragon Fly Designs.

  1. Online Tutor

If you enjoy teaching, you can tutor others on a wide range of subjects and courses, whether children, teens, or adults.

The online tutor median pay is $43,476 yearly.

You can find a remote online tutor job from Simple International.

  1. Accounting Clerk

The accounting clerk role involves maintaining financial records, processing transactions, reconciling bank statements, providing clerical support, preparing reports, data entry, and bookkeeping from home.

The accounting clerk median pay is $38,500 yearly.

You can find accounting clerk jobs that you can do from home as a pregnant mum from Flow Space.

  1. Graphic Designer

This involves creatively producing visual or digital designs like ads, logos, leaflets, signages, and other materials.

To do this job, you will need to have graphic design knowledge and experience.

The graphic designer median pay is $43,275 yearly.

You can find work from home graphic designer jobs that you can do while pregnant from Brick Bodies.

  1. Health Coach

This role involves coaching others into fitness from home, helping people stay in shape and live a healthier lifestyle.

The median pay for health coach is $45,324 yearly.

To find a health coach job that you can do from home, visit Atomic.

  1. Marketing Specialist

The marketing specialist job involves working to promote services or products via digital marketing, SEO, content marketing, outreach, and branding.

The median pay for a marketing specialist is $49,912 yearly.

You can find a remote marketing specialist job from JKW Enterprises.

  1. Social Media Specialist

This involves creating social media content for a company’s social media account, helping to grow communities, customers, and fanbase.

You will have to be creative to do well as a social media specialist.

The median pay for a social media specialist position is $41,945 yearly.

To find a remote social media specialist job for a pregnant mum, visit Yelp.

  1. Travel Consultant

This role involves managing travel arrangements for clients, like airline booking, resort arrangements, excursions, and cruise line bookings from the comfort of your home.

The median pay for a travel consultant is $40,520 yearly.

You can find a work from home travel consultant job from Liberty Travel.

  1. Web Designer

This job involves creating web visuals and graphics; designing web navigational elements, using HTML Code, and choosing colors and fonts.

The web designing job gives flexible schedules.

The median pay for web designers is $49,476 yearly.

You can find remote web designer jobs that a pregnant woman can do from Coalition Technologies.

  1. Translator

This involves translating materials from one language to another. You will need to be fluent with two or more languages in speech and writing.

This may include things like writing subtitles, translating documents, and so much more.
The translator median pay is $50,000.

You can find a remote translation job that you can do as a pregnant woman from Translation Services USA.

  1. Paralegal

This involves assisting a lawyer or legal office, drafting initial pleadings, reviewing new file assignments, assisting with trial materials and draft discovery.

You will need a Bachelor’s degree in a legally related field to work as a paralegal.

The paralegal median pay is $51, 740 yearly.

You can find paralegal work from home jobs from Allstate.

  1. Video Editor

This involves creatively making personalized videos, using templates to create videos in high volumes, editing video content of high volumes.

The video editor median pay is $40,900 yearly.

You can find a video editor job that you can do as a pregnant mum from home at Upwork.

  1. Bookkeeper

This job involves tracking, monitoring, and recording financial and business data, answering phone calls, scheduling meetings, creating purchase orders, and invoicing.

The bookkeeper salary is $41,230 annually.

You can find remote bookkeeper jobs suitable for a pregnant mum from Specialized Products Group.

  1. Online Researcher

The online researcher job involves tracking information down on the internet and supplying this information to organizations in need of it.

You will need to have a knack for research and have stable internet connection.

The median pay of an online researcher is $59,729 yearly.

You can find a remote online researcher job from Freedom House.


As a pregnant mum, the last thing usually on your mind is career advancement; you just need an extra source of income.

If any of the stay-at-home Jobs discussed on this page fit your schedule, then go for it.

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