20 Best Work from Home Jobs for Nurses

20 Best Work from Home Jobs for Nurses.
There are various work-from-home jobs for nurses that you can access if you have the necessary requirements.

20 Best Work from Home Jobs for Nurses

This post presents some of the best paying work from home jobs for nurses or intending nurses that you can access, including their salaries and where you can find them.

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It may indeed have been impossible to be an Online Nurse some years back but technology has made remote nursing work possible.

The remote nurse handles telephone support, follows up on patients, and offers advice etc.

20 Best Work from Home Jobs for Nurses

Below are profitable remote nursing job opportunities and ideas that you can access:

  1. Contact Tracer – COVID-19

You will handle tracing individuals who have been in contact with a COVID patient, inform them promptly of the situation empathetically, and call newly diagnosed patients.

The contact tracer salary is $44,000 – $58,000 yearly.

You can find a contact tracer job that you can do from home from AM LLC.

  1. Utilization Review Nurse

You will be responsible for medical record reviews, whether initial, retrospective, or concurrent.

The utilization review nurse job also involves identifying the need for more information and communicating with clients.

You will need a nursing license and certification to work as a utilization review nurse.

The salary for utilization review nurses is between $50,000 and $74,000 yearly.

To find a job as a utilization review nurse, you can visit PreAdmit.

  1. Nurse Reviewer

The nurse reviewer role involves providing expertise in reviewing diagnoses and assigning diagnoses codes, using advanced knowledge of medical codes for clinical documentation.

A college degree alongside an RN or LPN is required to be hired for the nurse reviewer job.

Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree is required for the nurse reviewer position.

The nurse reviewer salary is $69,000 – $80,122.

You can find a remote nurse reviewer job from Mercy.

  1. Quality Improvement Nurse

The quality improvement nurse involves developing, implementing, and managing Medicare; analyzing data or situations using variable factors.

To work as a quality improvement nurse, clinical experience and an active RN license are required.

The quality improvement nurse salary is between $67,000 and $75,425.

You can find work from home quality improvement nurse jobs from Humana.

  1. Case Investigator

This involves carrying out case investigations, supervising contact tracers in their investigations regionally, also communicating empathetically with new cases, and referring high-level cases to the local resources.

A Bachelor’s degree or equivalent certification is required to be hired for the case investigator job.

The case investigator salary is $51,000 – $71,000 yearly.

You can find a case investigator job that you can do from home from AM LLC.

  1. Visiting Professor

This involves sharing experience and knowledge as a nurse educator to others who aspire to have as much success in their careers.

To work as a visiting professor, A BSN and an MSN degree are required alongside teaching experience.

The visiting professor salary is $58,000 – $81,000 yearly.

You can access visiting professor jobs from Chamberlain College of Nursing.

  1. Call Center Vet Nurse

If you are an animal lover and can respond to phone calls with clients who need assistance with their animals or pets, then the call center vet nurse job is great for you.

The salary of a call center vet nurse is between $18 and $20 per hour.

To find a call center vet nurse job, you can visit Bond Vet.

  1. Public Health Nurse

This involves providing professional public health services, assisting with community health programs, supervising paraprofessionals involved in clinical services.

A CPR and RN are required to work as a public health nurse.

The public health nurse salary is $57,000 – $75,000 yearly.

You can find public health nurse jobs that you can do remotely from AM LLC.

  1. Clinical Reviewer

This job involves reviewing the clinical data for service requests, rendering medical necessity approval, evaluating patient care information, and matching needs with available options.

A nursing diploma or Associate degree is required along with a license and some experience to work as a clinical reviewer.

The clinical reviewer salary is $46,000 – $64,000 yearly.

You can find a work from home clinical reviewer job from CareCentrix.

  1. Care Coordinator

As a care coordinator, you will handle operational and clinical professes concerning coordination of care management services like DME, Home Health, and others.

To work as a care coordinator, a Bachelor’s or Associate’s degree alongside some clinical experience is required.

The care coordinator salary is $60,000 – $79,000 yearly.

You can find care coordinator jobs that you can do from home from Cigna.

  1. Telephonic Case Management

This involves assessing and evaluating member needs and facilitating resource interaction appropriate for the wellbeing of the members.

Experience with clinical care and an RN are required to work in telephonic case management.

The telephonic case management salary is $68,000 -$79,758 yearly.

You can find telephonic case management jobs from Humana.

  1. Prior Authorization Rep

The prior authorization rep role involves securing outpatient accounts by carrying out insurance verification, calculating patient estimates, obtaining benefit information and prior authorization.

To work as a prior authorization rep, a few years of work experience is required.

The prior authorization rep salary is $35,000 – $49,000 yearly.

Find prior authorization rep jobs that you can do remotely from University of Utah Health.

  1. Appeals Review Nurse

The appeals review nurse job involves closely working with physician specialists and medical directors to provide medical chart reviews coupled with determinations, reviewing medical records, and preparing summaries.

The appeals review nurse salary is $61,000 – $82,000 yearly.

You can find appeals review nurse jobs from AllMed.

  1. Behavioral Health Coordinator

This position involves providing prospective, concurrent, and retrospective inpatient submissions review, home care services, and outpatient procedures.

An RN degree program alongside clinical experience, is required to work and succeed as a behavioral health coordinator.

The behavioral health coordinator salary is between $56,000 and $74,000 yearly.

You can find behavioral health coordinator job from CareSource.

  1. Abstractor

The abstractor interprets and goes on to organize oncology data in order to improve the lives of patients, especially cancer patients.

The abstractor salary is $65,000 – $92,000 yearly.

To find work from home abstractor jobs, you can visit Flatiron.

  1. PAC Nurse

The PAC nurse job involves managing stay length for LTACH (Long Term Acute Hospital) and IRF (Institutional Rehab Facility), collaborating with medical directors and nurse managers.

A nursing diploma or an Associate’s degree alongside an RN/LPN and some experience are required to work as a PAC nurse
The PAC nurse salary is $40,000 – $57,000 yearly.

You can find PAC nurse jobs that you can do from home from CareCentrix.

  1. Clinical Care Coordinator

The clinical care coordinator role involves creating and maintaining assigned project processes, assisting with outcomes reporting, conducting telemedicine assessments, and participating in outreaches.

The clinical care coordinator salary is $55,000 – $70,000 yearly.

You can get a clinical care coordinator job from EYEmergency.

  1. Nurse Coach

This involves managing assigned patients’ transition, care coordination, and coaching; administering initial assessments, updating them, and then administering discharge assessments.

A Bachelor’s or Associate’s degree alongside an RN and some experience are required to work as a nurse coach.

The nurse coach salary is $59,000 – $78,000 yearly.

To find a nurse coach job that you can do from home, you can visit CareCentrix.

  1. Telemedicine Registered Nurse

This involves responding to patients via chats, recommending suitable treatment plans, answering questions, and assisting in care coordination.

To work as a telemedicine registered nurse a BSN and RN are required alongside some experience.

The salary of telemedicine registered nurses is between $59,000 and $81,000 yearly.

You can find a telemedicine registered nurse job from Forward.

  1. Appeals Nurse Consultant

This position involves researching, requesting clinical, applying appropriate guidelines, and extrapolating pertinent clinicals.

You should be a registered nurse with a license and experience to work as an appeals nurse consultant.

The salary of an appeals nurse consultant is $69,000 – $78,363 yearly.

You can find appeals nurse consultant jobs that you can do from home from CVS.


We have shown you that work from home nursing jobs exist, and with good salary too.