20 Best Walmart Assessment Test Tips with Practice Questions and Answers

20 Best Walmart Assessment Test Tips with Practice Questions and Answers.
To be successful with the Walmart assessment test, you need to prepare well for it.

20 Best Walmart Assessment Test Tips with Practice Questions and Answers

The Walmart Assessment Test is the gateway to getting employed by Walmart. The test is specially designed for screening purposes to be carried out on candidates for most of Walmart’s hourly positions.

These hourly positions at Walmart include personal shopper, cashier, order filler, front end, etc.

Walmart uses other tests for other positions, such as the Manager Employment Assessment (MEA) for management and Teaming Employment Assessment (TEA) for team leads.

It is necessary to take a while to practice ahead of the test, although an opportunity may call for you to take it immediately.

Here are important facts about Walmart Assessment Test:

20 Best Walmart Assessment Test Tips

  1. Walmart Assessment Test Needs Practice

Instead of jumping straight into the assessment, you should take your time to practice the test beforehand.

Getting employed by Walmart depends wholly on your ability to provide the best answers according to the position you are pursuing.

Practicing the test will enable you pass all sections of the assessment to get a job at Walmart, and your score is determined by taking many behind-the-scenes factors into account.

  1. Providing Good Answers for Walmart Assessment Test

Answering Walmart’s questions based on common sense will cause you to fail the test. You should rather answer based on your position.

What could be a good answer in a particular position might be a wrong move in another.

For instance, a good answer for an hourly supervisor position might be a wrong one on a test for customer service representatives.

  1. Walmart’s Work with Customers/Members and Associates

Walmart’s work with customers/members and associates test is the same with Situational Judgment Test (SJT).

You will be provided with a variety of situations that you could encounter as a Retail Associate.

And you will be required to pick how you respond to every scenario.

  1. Walmart’s Handle Customer/Member Transactions

This section is about using a cash drawer to handle a few transactions.

They want to assess how able you are to handle cash accurately because that is one of the major requirements of Walmart’s hiring process.

According to Walmart, the less time this section takes you, the better. Therefore, attempt to solve the questions quickly while staying accurate.

  1. Walmart’s Tell Us Your Story

This comes as a bio-data questionnaire in which you’ll share your background and work experience.

Your academic and extracurricular activities can be shared if you don’t have previous work experience.

Every answer in this section matters, so don’t get fooled. It is just being used by Walmart as an additional screening tool.

  1. Walmart’s Describe Your Approach

This section of the test consists of 27 questions, and it was created as a personality test to measure your preferred work style and suitability for the job you applied to.

You should think of work situations as you answer each question, and not your personal life. Maintain consistency throughout your answers, because some questions may ask the same thing but in a different form.

Another important thing is your ability to work quickly and not spend too long on any questions.

  1. Tips on How to Answer the Walmart Assessment Questions

Use your critical thinking to understand what the answers are. Be as honest as you can, and try to answer the questions with either totally “agree” or “disagree”, not in the middle.

Focus on the company and your experience while being an associate and also listening and talking with diverse people.

  1. What Score Do You Need to Pass the Walmart Assessment Test?

Walmart Assessment Test has four secret score bands that are known only to HR and management, including Poor, Good, Competitive, and Excellent.

Presently, Walmart has a tight hiring policy when it comes to their job assessments.

Poor scoring means you have failed the test, and once you have failed the test you will have to wait for additional six months to retake it.

Sometimes, there is an indication by Walmart’s hiring platform that you’ve passed the assessment when actually you haven’t.

This happened to a lot of applicants who waited for centuries to receive a call to schedule an interview, but all to no avail.

They weren’t invited as a result of their poor scoring on one of the sections which they later came to realize as the cause of not being invited to an interview.

If you ever want to escape not being invited to an interview, then you must score as high as possible on every section of the test.

  1. How to Pass the Walmart Assessment Test with a High Score

The most effective way you can take the first class on the Walmart Assessment Test is to become aware of what is coming forth and prepare for it in advance.

Knowing what’s coming and how to easily handle it will make nothing to take you unawares not even the Walmart Assessment Test.

Get used to Walmart assessment test by taking advantage of a practice pack which you can find online designed to prepare you for the main test ahead.

The online prep test comes in the same format as the original exam, even the questions types, and the difficulty of the test.

With the practice test, you will know the best practices for answering each question type.

You’ll also learn through this preparation test how to control the trickiest parts of the real exam.

  1. Did I Pass the Walmart Assessment Test?

You might be informed by Walmart’s hiring platform that you’ve passed the test, but in the real sense you have failed it.

The best way to go about this when you see that no one is calling you to schedule an interview for several days is to call HR or manager of the store you applied to.

By not being called for an in-store interview with the hiring team and your future managers is an indication that you didn’t score high on all sections of the test.

  1. The Purpose of Walmart Assessment Test

Walmart uses assessment test to get clear understanding of the candidate’s aptitude and personality.

The scores they get from these assessments help them to reduce the number of candidates before the commencement of the interview.

Walmart has prearranged targets for each position that must be met to be successful in this stage.

  1. How is Walmart Assessment Test Divided?

Walmart assessment test is divided into four sections that scrutinize the company’s favorite values.

The first segment is scenario-based and contains eight questions. It has a customer-service focus and assesses how the applicant would respond to unpleasant situations.

The second segment is a personality survey that consists of thirty-three statements with “Strongly Agree” and “Strongly Disagree” options.

Here comes the problem-solving segment with seven questions about how efficient an action was in settling a conflict.

Another part of the Walmart Assessment Test is the work experience survey, which has twelve questions that present a hypothetical workplace scenario and also asks how the applicant did or would react in this situation.

Walmart Assessment Test consists of a total of sixty-four questions.

  1. Walmart’s Situational Judgment Test (SJT)

The purpose of this test is to analyze how an applicant behaves in a workplace environment. The test will feature a situation followed by a response to the scenario.

The candidate will be required to rate the effectiveness of the response and how likely they are to take that action themselves.

The Situational Judgment Test or SJT is not timed and typically offers fifteen different scenarios to the applicant.

  1. Walmart’s Leadership Test

Applicants who apply to management positions within Walmart’s retail stores are required to take the leadership test.

The test particularly assesses emotional intelligence, ambition, and decision-making skills.

The Leadership Test’s questions look exactly like those on the Walmart assessment and numerical reasoning test, and it is scenario-based.

  1. Walmart Numerical Reasoning Test

The numerical reasoning is a timed test that is designed to appraise mathematical abilities such as fractions, algebra, probability, statistics, etc.

These areas are evaluated with graphs and tables that must be analyzed and interpreted. There will be two or more questions about the data that follow the given numerical figures.

This test is normally seen in the interview processes for those applying to finance and analytics-related positions.

  1. Walmart’s Verbal Reasoning Test

This test was created with the aim of evaluating reading comprehension, grammar, and interpretation.

The applicant is going to use a brief passage to read and establish a link between the paragraph and the following set of statements.

The answers to the questions provided are to be answered as either “True”, “False”, or “Cannot Say”.

The statements evaluate how well the applicant understood what they were reading and their ability to make correct assumptions about arbitrary information.

  1. Walmart’s Mechanical Reasoning Test

This test is standardized specially for industrial, maintenance, and engineering positions and it covers the rules of mechanics and how to apply them.

You will be presented with images that illustrate the various principles and different motions of gears, pulleys, and levers.

The Walmart’s mechanical reasoning test is timed and multiple-choice.

  1. Walmart’s VR Assessment Test

The purpose of the VR test is to screen new Team Leads, Academy Trainers, or higher positions that passed the TEA test with a competitive score.

The VR assessment is used to evaluate you for your leadership and decision-making skills, as well as weighing you against final candidates.

One of the scenarios of this test that you will face includes how Walmart’s managers handle underperforming workers, irritated shoppers, and messy aisles on a daily work basis.

  1. Why is it Important to Prepare for Walmart Assessment Test?

Landing a job at Walmart has become more and more competitive. Most of the hiring is done on a part-time basis of about thirty-two hours a week, but you can ensure full-time employment by delivering exceptional services.

So, it is necessary that you prepare well for the test if you really need the job you are applying for.

You will need to wait for a period of sixty days before you can retake the Logistics Pre-Employment Assessment Test or the Retail Pre-Employment Assessment Test in case you fail at it.

The Supervisory Leadership Assessment Test requires you to wait for about a period of six months for retaking it.

While doing a tour across a Virtual Walmart store, you’ll be presented with realistic situations.

You will always see a question with multiple-choice answers to choose from once you encounter a situation.

  1. How important is Walmart Assessment Test for a Candidate’s Evaluation?

Walmart Assessment Test plays a vital role in evaluation for the position a job candidate is applying to.

The test is used to measure the ability and eligibility of potential candidates for a job, and so decides whether or not they fit for a particular field of work.

Walmart’s Assessment Test Practice Questions and Answers

It is not recommended to answer Walmart’s questions based on a guess or common sense. As you’ll soon see, this path is often deceiving.

Right behind the scenes, Walmart looks at issues like reliability and consistency. You will not be able to retest in six months once you fail it.

Practice Questions and Answers

  1. How would your recent supervisor illustrate your customer service skills compared to other team members, if you are contacted?

A. Among the best
B. Above average
C. The very best
D. Average
E. Needing some development
F. Needing substantial development

Answer is C = The very best.

It is vital to be reliable with your answers and your CV.

Different questions can assess the same information. Your personality profile has to make sense.

You must ensure to avoid contradictions in your test answers.

  1. A train of length L meters crosses platform 240 meters long in 15 seconds at 60% of its usual speed. The train crosses a pole in 6 seconds at its usual speed. What is the value of L (in meters)?

A. 440
B. 425
C. 220
D. 480
E. 240

Answer: Option D.

Let usual speed = S m/s.
According to the question,
60% of S= (L+240)/15
9S= L+240………… (i)
Also given that, S = L/6
L = 6S …. (ii)
From (i) & (ii)
9S= 6S+240
3S= 240
S=80 m/s
From (ii)
L= 6×80 =480 m.

  1. Peter gave 25% of his monthly salary to his mother. He paid 15% towards rent and 25% he kept aside for his monthly expenses from the remaining salary. The remaining amount he kept in bank account. He gave his mother $42000 and kept the sum of the amount in bank. What was his monthly salary?

A. $50,000
B. $60,000
C. $65,000
D. $64,000
E. $72,000

Answer: Option B.

Let x be the total income
(75/100*60/100) x + 25/100x = 42000
Solving, x = 60000.

  1. 40.1% of 360.2 + 58.98% of ? = 150

A. 10
B. 20
C. 30
D. 40
E. 50

Answer: Option A.

40*360+59%of X=150
144+59%of X=150

  1. 96.894 + 33.002 + 15.02 * 7.99 = ?

A. 180
B. 250
C. 140
D. 269
E. 170

Answer: Option B.

Answer 250.

  1. (42.11×5.006)-√17×15.08=?

A. 250
B. 150
C. 45
D. 200
E. 125

Answer: Option B.

Answer 150.


If you aspire to get a job at Walmart, it is essential that you set aside some time to prepare for their assessments.

You will be redirected to the test immediately after you apply if you attempt to take them straight away.

Ensure that you know what Walmart expects to see from you as regards the position you want and that you know how to approach each of the four segments discussed in this post.

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