20 Best P&G Online Assessment Test Tips with Practice Questions and Answers

P&G Online Assessment Test
You can improve your chances of scoring highly in your P&G online assessment test by preparing hard for it. Image source: intelregion.

20 Best P&G Online Assessment Test Tips with Practice Questions and Answers

This article provides information about various facts concerning the P&G online assessment test, including tips and sample questions and answers to help you make top scores in the exam.

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<>h2What is P&G?

The full meaning of P&G is Procter and Gamble Company. The company is American-based that produces cleaning supplies along with hygienic products for consumers.

What Does P&G Do?

P&G leads the cleaning industry with approximately 100,000 employees worldwide.

The company has schemes that are designed to ensure you learn on the job while honing important technical, functional and leadership skills whether it’s in manufacturing, branding, tech, sales, etc.

Now, let’s talk about the P&G assessment test:

20 Best P&G Online Assessment Test Tips

Below is a list of important facts and tips about the P&G assessment test:

  1. What is P&G Assessment Test Made up of?

Just lately P&G refurbished its assessment tests and switched to AON/Cut-e testing as the P&G Interactive Assessment.

The assessment is made up of interactive challenges designed to test your quick thinking and logic skills, as well as other traits.

The assessment test includes Switch, Grid, and Digit challenges.

  1. P&G Assessment Test Makes Use of Different Tools?

Just like a lot of other multinationals, P&G uses various assessment tools to go through thousands of candidates every year.

During this test, between 60 and 80 percent of candidates are rejected. That’s just the number one reason you should get acquainted with the types of assessments P&G utilizes by practicing and preparing.

  1. Stay Calm During P&G Online Assessment Tests

Do not allow anything, not even stress, to distract you in order to perform well during the test.

Always maintain quietude, and practice answering typical questions before the assessment.

You may say your answers aloud during practice and record them on your Smartphone to listen to it later.

A quiet environment will have a more positive effect on your practice and will help you maintain a retentive memory.

  1. P&G PEAK Performance Assessment Test

The PEAK Performance Assessment is designed to measure your compatibility, interests, experience, and workplace persona against P&G’s key competencies.

Questions are set based on common workplace scenarios that you may come across in case you get the job at P&G.

Then your answers have to be chosen based on the action you would take if in that position.

  1. P&G Situational Judgment Test

The P&G Situational Judgment Assessment is a test that is designed to assess your ability to understand how you should behave in your role.

The questions you will answer are about your personality, and chosen statements on a sliding scale will best reflect how you are as an individual or feel in certain circumstances.

  1. P&G Switch Challenge Assessment Test

This test was created for the purpose of measuring your logical reasoning skills.

Each test provides you with four symbols that change position in accordance with a rule.

Your job is to choose the correct “operator” out of a choice of three that changed the symbols in accordance with that rule.

The Switch Challenge gets more and more difficult as the test progresses, revealing the importance of practicing the test in advance.

You will be required to use your logic and work fast to solve complex problems. It is important to acquire the right skill set that’s useful for working at P&G.

  1. P&G Grid Challenge Assessment Test

This test involves the assessment of your short-term memory, your cognitive abilities, and how strong your spatial awareness is.

You will be presented with a grid covered with dots and squares and asked to remember where certain lit-up dots are while completing related tasks at the same time.

There are different levels of complexity of the Grid Challenge that alter in accordance to how many things you are being asked to remember and the spatial awareness tasks you are required to execute.

  1. P&G Digit Challenge Assessment Test

This assessment test is used to measure your numerical skills. In the test, you will be given an equation with missing numbers and be asked to calculate and replace the blank spaces with the correct number to ensure the equation adds up.

The aim of the Digit Challenge Test is to assess your speed and accuracy with numbers.

You need to practice seriously if you really want to beat the test.

You need to work through some basic numeracy tests to begin to improve your skills and confidence.

  1. P&G Reasoning Screen Test

This test is a multiple-choice assessment exam with 15 questions expected to be answered in 30 minutes with approximately two and a half minutes to answer each question.

The score of this test is determined by the number of correct answers you are able to get.

It is important to time the test so as to avoid wasting too much time on a question.

This test will assess your figural reasoning by trying to see if you will be able to identify changing patterns.

Questions on this test look like questions on Diagrammatic Reasoning Tests.

  1. P&G Global Reasoning Exam

You will be asked to complete onsite the P&G Global Reasoning Exam after you have completed the online assessment tests.

It is an in-person test with 40 questions to be completed in 65 minutes. Passing the test requires a score of 75 percent, which includes 30 correct questions.

The questions seen on the P&G Reasoning Test will be measuring your numerical logic-based and figural reasoning.

  1. P&G Numerical Reasoning Exam

In this test, you will come across questions that are word problems, in which you will be asked to make different calculations such as distance, area, weight, and percentages.

You will be provided with five options of answers for each of these questions and you will be allowed to use a calculator for these questions.

  1. P&G Logic-Based Reasoning Exam

This test consists of logical reasoning questions that are similar to verbal reasoning questions.

You will be asked to draw a conclusion from the text using a short reading passage given to you as your answer guide.

No previous knowledge will be required as all answers will be available in the reading passage.

For each of these questions, you will have four options of answers to choose from.

  1. P&G Sales Virtual Job Preview

You will be offered an opportunity at the Sales Virtual Job Preview to showcase your skills, experience, and what separates you from the rest.

In the first section of the test, there is a brief introduction that won’t include questions for you to answer.

Nevertheless, taking notes is good in case you are asked about any of them soon after.

You will then have the chance to improve your knowledge and understanding of P&G.

  1. P&G Reasoning Test

Honesty is crucial in this test if not you will be disqualified. Don’t try to seek assistance from anyone to avoid having answers that are different from what is expected.

Sometimes, skipping difficult questions will help you succeed in the test as you will have a chance to work through questions quickly and correctly.

Move on anywhere you feel stuck.

  1. Using a Calculator is Allowed on P&G Online Assessment Test

Unlike other online assessment tests where calculators are not allowed, P&G permits the use of a calculator during their online test.

A rough paper and a pen or pencil can also be used during the test.

  1. P&G Work with Customers and Colleagues Assessment Exercise

This involves selecting your most and least likely response from a range of work-based situations.

Topics may include customer requests, project challenges, and meeting deadlines.

You will receive situations in the form of emails, and so you need to select the course of action you would be most and least likely to take in response.

  1. P&G Analyze Your Business Exercise

You will be required to analyze financial sales reports to answer a series of questions on areas such as sales trends, competitor performance, and opportunities to improve results.

  1. P&G Manage Your Week Exercise

There are situations and tasks that sales staff face every day that you will be presented with.

Organizing a calendar will prove how you would be set to accomplish each one.

  1. P&G What drives You Exercise

This exercise creates an opportunity to explain to P&G the kind of work environment that most motivates you.

You will be asked to select one statement from two that are offered to you at a time, and this must best reflect what you prefer in a job.

  1. P&G Describe Your Approach Exercise

The questions in this exercise expose your approach to work. You will be required to choose a statement that reflects your best.

P&G Online Assessment Test Practice Questions and Answers

Here are sample questions and answers you can apply in your preparation for the P&G online assessment test:

Question 1:

A car moves at the rate of 80 kilometers per hour. How much distance will it move in 30 minutes?

A. 15 kilometers
B. 30 kilometers
C. 40 kilometers
D. 80 kilometers
E. None of the above answers

Answer with explanation:

Because 30 minutes is one-half hour, and the car moves 80 kilometers per hour, the distance covered is 40 kilometers (80 kilometers x ½ hour = 40 kilometers). The correct option is C.

Question 2:

A machine manufactures 100 units of product per minute. If the workers pack 24 units of product to the case, how many cases can be filled in one hour by the machine?

A. 125
B. 250
C. 500
D. 2,500
E. 6,000

Answer with explanation:

If 100 units are manufactured every minute, then 100 units x 60 minutes = 6,000 units are manufactured every hour.

When 6,000 units per hour are divided by 24 units per case you will get 250 cases per hour.

Therefore, the correct answer is B.

Question 3:

Answer with explanation:

There are a number of diverse number combinations that can be used. Remember the rules of operation and drag the digits into the empty space.

As division comes first, select two numbers that can be easily divided. Example: 4/2=2.

Then you deal with the addition, 3 + 2 = 5. You will see a level number next to the time bar as you move on.

Question 4:

Answer with explanation:

The correct branch is 3241. This is the exact order of the symbols on the bottom after they went through the tube.

The cross is the order of the symbols, the third on the top. The triangle follows, which is the second on the top.

And then the circle, being the fourth symbol on the top, comes next. And finally is the square, which is the first symbol on the top.

Question 5:

Answer and explanation:

YES. You can see the top left and the top right when merged equal to the box on the bottom.


P&G assessment test is a combination of tests designed for applicants who want to apply to P&G Company to go through during their recruitment process.

P&G created the online assessment test to have a combined way of assessing and recruiting staff into their various brands under the organization.

Practicing is a proven way to score higher on the P&G online assessment test. The practice questions and answers shared on this post will give you an idea of what the test will be like.

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