20 Best Medical Billing Jobs from Home

20 Best Medical Billing Jobs from Home.
You can find rewarding medical billing jobs that you can do from home.

20 Best Medical Billing Jobs from Home

This post provides detailed information and list of some of the best medical billing jobs that you can do from home, to help you choose the one that fit your knowledge, skills, and experience.

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As the healthcare industry advances, several fields keep gaining more relevance, and an example of such fields is the medical billing field.

Although responsibilities and duties for medical billing jobs differ, they are generally similar in the sense that they assist healthcare providers to get paid for their healthcare services.

They gather all data concerning the medical bills, including charge entries, posting payments, claims transmission, and much more.

This means that they would have to be detail-oriented, skilled at math, have some medical billing guideline knowledge, and knowledgeable in medical terminology among other things.

20 Best Medical Billing Jobs from Home

Here are some of the best medical billing jobs you can do from home:

  1. Client Policy Manager
  2. Pharmacy Technician
  3. Revenue Qualify Representative
  4. Account Supervisor
  5. Patient Account Representative
  6. Physician Revenue Specialist
  7. Complaint Appeal
  8. Call Center Representative
  9. Coding Integrity Analyst
  10. Refund Processing Representative
  11. Medical Coder
  12. Account Coordinator
  13. Healthcare Accounts Lead
  14. Healthcare Billing Specialist
  15. Medical Billing Manager
  16. Revenue Analyst
  17. Medical Collection Representative
  18. Prior Authorization Representative
  19. Patient Account Representative
  20. Claims Review Nurse.
  1. Client Policy Manager

The client policy manager provides expert consultation concerning medical policy or payment, serves as a liaison responsible for clinical data, and provides quality customized analysis to clients concerning quarterly and ad hoc reports.

  1. Pharmacy Technician

The pharmacy technician’s responsibility is to provide a great customer service experience via mobile phone communication, process patient prescription information, and answer all patient questions concerning drugs over the phone.

You will need some experience in customer service.

  1. Revenue Qualify Representative

This job involves reviewing paperwork, collecting information about payer status, and entering the information.

You will need an HS diploma, experience in pharmacy billing, and basic knowledge concerning insurance procedures.

  1. Account Supervisor

The account supervisor’s job is to collaborate with a team, interpret data, facilitate payments, and build relationships, etc.

A Bachelor’s degree and a few years of experience is required.

  1. Patient Account Representative

This job involves helping patients out with claims and other challenges with the account. As a patient account representative, you should possess communication skills and a degree.

  1. Physician Revenue Specialist

This job involves identifying trends concerning denied insurance company payments and remediating the issues; identifying the policies of insurance companies, and making sure that there is compliance with billing.

You will need a college degree and some experience to work as a physician revenue specialist.

  1. Complaint Appeal

This job involves resolving and investigating appeals, managing inventories, mentoring the team, and educating analysts.

This field requires a High School diploma and a few years of experience.

  1. Call Center Representative

The call center representative provides detailed resolution of inquiries involving health care billing received from insurance companies, and patients.

This job requires at least a High School diploma.

  1. Coding Integrity Analyst

The coding integrity analyst is concerned with communicating with providers, evaluating guidelines, developing procedures, and resolving issues.

This job requires an Associate’s degree and a few years of experience.

  1. Refund Processing Representative

This position involves analyzing patient accounts, reviewing overpaid accounts and discrepancies, and making refund for the overpayment.

The refund processing representative must be excellent with Excel, accounting, and bookkeeping.

  1. Medical Coder

A medical coder carries out complicated duties involving coding with the professional billing office, researches complicated rules and regulations concerning billing, and resolves coding denials and edits.

You will need a coding certification from AHIMA or AAPC.

  1. Account Coordinator

The account coordinator, according to the customer contract, prepares and sends in billing, resolves account discrepancies, and collaborates alongside the facility intake department.

  1. Healthcare Accounts Lead

This job involves generating aging reports weekly, tracking and resolving all outstanding payment challenges, etc.

You must have some experience with billings and collections in a medical setting.

  1. Healthcare Billing Specialist

The responsibilities of a healthcare billing specialist involve researching, updating, translating, analyzing, and resolving things like front-end billing challenges, daily reports, and demographic data.

A High School diploma is required.

  1. Medical Billing Manager

This position involves managing and supervising all billing functions concerning insurance, reviewing and analyzing reports, managing staff and inventory, and planning and executing improvement initiatives.

A BA/BS, along with a few years of experience is required.

  1. Revenue Analyst

The revenue analyst carries out quality audits, builds financial models, and maintains them; provides support for special projects, and supplies reports to the internal teams.

You will need some experience in Healthcare IT or revenue cycles.

  1. Medical Collection Representative

This position involves making sure there is accuracy in the processing of claims, responding to inquiries, taking on patient concerns and questions, and identifying billing errors.

Some experience and an Associate’s degree give you an added advantage.

  1. Prior Authorization Representative

This position involves handling pre and reauthorization processes and will need some medical insurance authorization and some billing practices.

  1. Patient Account Representative

This position involves helping out with department projects, generating reports, resolving payment issues, and identifying system issues.

You will need invaluable computer skills, alongside Medicaid regulations and insurance knowledge.

  1. Claims Review Nurse

This job involves establishing medical necessity, recognizing, investigating, and reporting trends with regards to unusual billing practices, performing claims reviews, establishing the appropriateness of services and necessity of services.


Working in a medical billing job requires great analytic skills, good investigative and research skills, and a knack for details.

Functions on the job however vary from firm to firm.

From the list of medical billing job that you can do from home presented on this page, you are sure to find one that best fit your competence and experience.