20 Best Legitimate Data Entry Jobs from Home

20 Best Legitimate Data Entry Jobs from Home.
You can find a legitimate and rewarding data entry job that you can do from home.

20 Best Legitimate Data Entry Jobs from Home

This post provides detailed information on rewarding legitimate data entry jobs you can do from home, to help you learn and decide which one fit your education/training, experience, and interest to go for.

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What is Data Entry Jobs?

Data entry professionals are important for ensuring efficient and smooth processing of huge amounts of data and information in organizations.

This job majorly involves entering data into file systems or computers, and other kinds of clerical activities may be involved.

A general requirement for a data entry worker is the ability to read and write excellently.

20 Best Legitimate Data Entry Jobs from Home

If you are interested in finding a legitimate data entry job that lets you work from home, here are some of the best ones:

  1. Appeals Coordinator
  2. Data Entry, Claims
  3. Medical Administrator
  4. Documentation Specialist
  5. HR Data Coordinator
  6. HR Data Entry
  7. Bookkeeper
  8. Legal Clerk
  9. Office Specialist
  10. Back Office Clerk
  11. Project Administrator
  12. Administrative Assistant (Data Analyst)
  13. Accounts Payable Clerk
  14. Accounting Clerk
  15. Quantitative Market Researcher (in-field)
  16. Administrative, Data Entry
  17. Data Entry Specialist
  18. Customer Service Representative
  19. Claims Specialist
  20. Radio Editor.
  1. Appeals Coordinator

This position involves managing and categorizing requests, documenting and completing these requests, and sending out written notifications.

It also involves working with a team to find solutions to arising problems. A working experience with Microsoft office is required.

  1. Data Entry, Claims

This role involves processing claims and carrying out data entry. A High School diploma and previous experience are required.

  1. Medical Administrator

This position involves handling confidential data, performing data entry, and meeting business needs, and carrying out research.

You should have some experience with EMR or any other record systems.

  1. Documentation Specialist

The documentation specialist’s job is to help out the doctors in the documentation of the medical record of patients, assist doctors in different specialties and during patient care assistance -navigate the EMT.

  1. HR Data Coordinator

This position involves working in an organization to provide data management support.

You will need to have experience in Spreadsheets and be proficient in database management.

  1. HR Data Entry

The HR data entry worker carries out data entry, provides industry expertise, and collaborates with teams.

A few years of experience with human resource setting and working knowledge of Microsoft Suite are required.

  1. Bookkeeper

The bookkeeper’s job is to perform data entry, process payroll, and handle administrative functions.

This position needs a few years of experience in a relevant field.

  1. Legal Clerk

As a legal clerk, your responsibility will be to analyze and review revenue contracts, support projects and carry out data entry.

This position will require Microsoft Excel skills.

  1. Office Specialist

The office specialist handles scheduling requests, retrieving voicemails, and generating reports.

Organization and attention to detail would be required for this role, alongside a High School diploma and experience in a relevant field.

  1. Back Office Clerk

This job involves carrying out back-office functions in order to assist payroll processes, verifying the accuracy of data and entering.

Strong MS Excel skills are required.

  1. Project Administrator

This position involves providing administrative support and coordinating company projects.

A Bachelor’s degree and a few years of experience are required.

  1. Administrative Assistant (Data Analyst)

This role involves carrying out data entry, performing research requirements for international travel, and handling travel bookings for employees.

Some experience with expense reports and data entry is necessary for this role.

  1. Accounts Payable Clerk

The accounts payable clerk enters all payment requests by email, confirms that every supporting document is available and proper approvals gotten.

You will need a few years of experience with accounting and expense reports to be hired for this position.

  1. Accounting Clerk

The duties of the accounting clerk include responding to emails, processing miscellaneous payments, and answering calls, and processing tuition and loans.

  1. Quantitative Market Researcher (in-field)

This position involves collecting in-field data. A few years of relevant experience and a college degree are required for maximum effectiveness on the job.

  1. Administrative, Data Entry

This role is responsible for reviewing loans to make sure all disclosures are sent. It involves researching and following up, helping out the validation team, and reviewing and deciding the responsibility for handling the payment of fees.

A High School diploma along with a few years of experience is required.

  1. Data Entry Specialist

As a data entry specialist, your job will be handling data reconciliation support and carrying customer service duties for person onboarding.

You will need some experience in large data sets, documentation, and processing; data entry and digital filings.

  1. Customer Service Representative

The customer service rep’s job is to help customers by providing an unbiased presentation of different programs, and to respond to inquiries from customers.

You will need some experience in customer service and proficiency with the computer.

  1. Claims Specialist

This position involves using system guides, reviewing, updating, and reporting claim information; interviewing techniques, obtaining important information, and preparing and processing documents.

You will need a High School diploma and experience to do this job successfully.

  1. Radio Editor

The radio editor’s job is to assign stories, manage producers and reporters, and oversee episode productions, and act as a team member of the editorial leadership.

A few years of experience in a relevant field is required along with the ability to tell stories


Data entry jobs may vary in functions and according to positions, as a lot of industries employ the services of a data entry worker.

However, at the core of it is a general function which is to verify, collate, and enter correct data into the appropriate systems.

If you are looking for a legitimate data entry job that you can do from home, then check out the various options shared on this page.