20 Best Legal Transcription Jobs from Home

20 Best Legal Transcription Jobs from Home.
You can find good paying legal transcription jobs that you can do from home.

20 Best Legal Transcription Jobs from Home

If you’re interested in working from home as a legal transcriptionist, then you will find this post helpful. It provides an array of great legal transcriptionist job opportunities that you can do from home.

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The demand for a legal transcriptionist has continued to rise, making this a lucrative venture now more than ever.

As a legal transcriptionist, a lot is demanded from you, like attention to detail, discipline with deadlines, excellent grammar, speed, accuracy, an impressive legal vocabulary, and an “ear” for transcription.

Your job will involve transcribing dictated summaries, witness interviews, and legal documents, along with the worker’s compensation law office and other extras.

20 Best Legal Transcription Jobs from Home

Here are some of the best legal transcriptionist jobs that you can do from home:

  1. Law Enforcement Proof-reader
  2. Video Editor
  3. Senior Accountant
  4. Customer Support Representative
  5. Administrative Assistant
  6. Senior Developer
  7. Enrolment Data Specialist for Schools
  8. Editorial Assistant
  9. Office Assistant
  10. Analytic Linguist
  11. Scribe Trainer
  12. Medical Scribe
  13. Telescribe
  14. Hmong Linguist
  15. Dari Linguist
  16. Japanese Translator
  17. Insurance Transcript Editor
  18. Notary, Digital Reporter
  19. Court Reporter
  20. Legal Quality Assurance Specialist.
  1. Law Enforcement Proof-reader

This involves going through a transcript draft, listening to the corresponding audio, proofreading, and making corrections to the document.

You will need to be computer savvy and be able to type at least 80 words per minute.

  1. Video Editor

This job involves editing various video projects. You will be doing this across all platforms and working alongside a team of creatives to produce high-quality jobs.

A BS/BA degree, along with some storytelling experience will be an added advantage.

  1. Senior Accountant

This involves improving company procedures, analyzing and managing data, carrying out close activities at the end of the month for revenue recognition.

A BS/BA degree and some accounting experience is an added advantage.

  1. Customer Support Representative

The customer support representative provides exceptional customer experience, process all incoming orders, and work with the team in charge of support to meet every goal.

You should at least have experience in customer support or sales.

  1. Administrative Assistant

As an administrative assistant, you will be in charge of organizing and scheduling meetings, events, appointments, and travel plans.

You will need experience, excellent organizational skills, great communication skills, and a degree.

  1. Senior Developer

As a developer, you will handle planning, executions, and deliveries, paying attention to all business priorities with only a little supervision.

You will, in other words, handle all elements that involve delivery, implementation, and maintenance.

Some experience in AWS. GIT, and HTML5 or CSS3 are needed to work as a senior developer.

  1. Enrolment Data Specialist for Schools

A school enrolment data specialist’s job is to transcribe school coursework, enrol students, monitor students, and conduct testing.

You will need a Bachelor’s degree and some experience as an added advantage.

  1. Editorial Assistant

The editorial assistant’s job is to handle creating events in the database, and transmitting/transcribing data on events to customers.

You will need to have excel skills alongside reasonable knowledge of the said topic.

  1. Office Assistant

The office assistant must receive all incoming calls, handle all office extras, including reporting office data.

  1. Analytic Linguist

This involves monitoring, translating, and transcribing source materials. You should be bilingual and have MS Office skills as well as the ability to summarize both text and audio.

  1. Scribe Trainer

The scribe trainer’s job is to accompany encounters virtually. This is done with a video-conferencing app.

While accompanying these encounters all data must be recorded appropriately.

A Bachelor’s degree and some experience are required.

  1. Medical Scribe

The medical scribe records and maintains all client records in accordance to scribe procedures and policies.

You will need some experience as a scribe and some legal knowledge and medical knowledge.

  1. Telescribe

The telescribe reviews records and client visits and works with the providers to improve record keeping.

You must have some education or experience in the related field.

  1. Hmong Linguist

The Hmong linguist is fluent in Hmong and English. You must be able to write, read, and speak in both languages as you will be translating and transcribing from one language to the other.

You should have some translation experience and a typing speed of at least 40 words per minute.

  1. Dari Linguist

The Dari linguist handles interpreting and translating between Dari and English.

You should be familiar with the culture and customs.

  1. Japanese Translator

You can become a humanities/social science translator from Japanese to English and from English to Japanese.

This position involves being an expert on the subject matter and being able to understand, speak, and write Japanese and English.

You will also need a Master’s degree in translation for this job.

  1. Insurance Transcript Editor

The insurance transcript editor handles all insurance transcript drafts, proofreads, makes corrections, and edits audio transcriptions to meet requirements.

Editing or transcribing experience along with a typing speed of at least 70 words per minute is required.

  1. Notary, Digital Reporter

The job of a notary digital reporter is to handle all notary responsibilities, take care of recordings on-site for depositions at law firms.

You will require a Notary Public Commission, a car, headphones, and a laptop or tablet.

  1. Court Reporter

The court reporter is responsible for transcribing and editing court transcripts and carrying out searches related to court events.

You should have an HS Diploma or GED, an RPR designation, and some experience in the court or legal space.

  1. Legal Quality Assurance Specialist

The job of a legal quality assurance specialist is to handle quality assurance assessments of the work of transcriptionists, both new and existing.

The Legal QA specialist must have excellent writing skills, a High School diploma, and some experience in a related field.


To work as a legal transcriptionist from home, you will need some experience and education.

This will help you become more effective so that you are hired quickly and deliver excellent tasks while on the job.