20 Best Jobs for Stay at Home Parents

Jobs for Stay at Home Parents
You can find good jobs that you can do from home as a parent and have time for your family.

20 Best Jobs for Stay at Home Parents

This article provides detailed information for stay at home parents in search of side jobs or even main jobs to earn from.

Having a career remotely while raising kids will mean that you need flexible jobs, and for this reason, we have written about the best jobs for stay at home parents.

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20 Best Jobs for Stay at Home Parents

The following are our list of best jobs for stay at home parents:

  1. Customer Service Representative
  2. Data Entry Specialist
  3. Recruiting Coordinator
  4. Proofreader
  5. Writer/Blogger
  6. Transcriptionist
  7. Virtual Assistant
  8. Online Teacher/Tutor
  9. Accounting Clerk
  10. Graphic Designer
  11. Health Coach
  12. Marketing Specialist
  13. Social Media Specialist
  14. Travel Consultant
  15. Web Designer
  16. Babysitter
  17. eBay Seller
  18. Airbnb Host
  19. Fitness Instructor
  20. Public Relations Specialist.
  1. Customer Service Representative

This involves taking phone calls, responding to all inquiries, assisting customers, and solving their problems.

You will need a quiet office and technical knowledge. The customer service representative’s salary is around $37,907.

You can look up an opening for a customer service representative job you can do from home at Maximus.

  1. Data Entry Specialist

This job involves handling business and company data, entering data, and checking for accuracy.

You will need an eye for detail and great keyboard skills.

The data entry specialist’s salary is around $35,833.

You can search for available data entry specialist online work at Stier Supply.

  1. Recruiting Coordinator

This job involves helping people get jobs, identifying what candidates are best for what jobs, carrying out background checks, and assisting with interviews too.

The recruiting coordinator’s salary is around $45,485.

You can log on to Calix to search a recruiting coordinator remote job.

  1. Proofreader

The proofreader’s job is to go through materials and ensure there are no errors, whether information-based or grammar-based.

You should be detail-oriented. The Proofreader’s salary is around $43,126.

Start your recruiting coordinator job search at Devoted Health.

  1. Writer/Blogger

This involves writing about specific topics- whether it’s a preferred topic or one given to you.

It could be for websites, magazines, or social media. The writer’s salary is around $48,732.

Go to Bored Teachers to begin your search for a writer/blogger job you can do from home.

  1. Transcriptionist

The transcriptionist is involved in transcribing written content or audio, correcting errors, and reviewing reports.

You should have at least a speed of 65WPM.

The transcriptionist’s salary is around $32,861.

You can land a transcriptionist home job at Allegis Transcription.

  1. Virtual Assistant

The virtual assistant provides administrative assistance to a team or an individual; handling emails, maintaining calendars, scheduling travels, and meetings.

The virtual assistant’s salary is around $38,478. Start your search on Valley.

  1. Online Teacher/Tutor

Since you teach your children in different ways every single day, you have likely gathered so much experience that you can earn money with it.

The tutor’s salary is around $43,476. Go to Learn4Life to begin.

  1. Accounting Clerk

The accounting clerk handles the financial records, processes transactions, prepares reports, and reconciles bank statements.

The accounting clerk’s salary is around $38,500.

You can get accounting clerk remote work from North Carolina Dept of Environmental Quality.

  1. Graphic Designer

The graphic designer creates web graphics, logos, signages, leaflets, ads, and other visual materials.

The graphic designer’s salary is around $43,275. Check Bronx Children’s Museum website for a gig.

  1. Health Coach

The health coach helps others get fit physically and mentally, coaching them into a healthier lifestyle through healthy habits.

If you are a health and fitness enthusiast, this job is great for you.

The health coach’s salary is around $45,324.

Log on to Atomic to find remote work.

  1. Marketing Specialist

The marketing specialist comes up with and implements the strategies for promoting a service or product, through SEO, content strategy, and others.

The marketing specialist’s salary is around $49,912.

Look up a remote marketing specialist job at Williamsburg.

  1. Social Media Specialist

This role involves handling the social media pages for individuals or businesses, creating content, posting, and interacting with favorite brands.

The social media specialist’s salary is around $41,945. Go to Anne Holland Ventures to find available social media specialist work you can do from home.

  1. Travel Consultant

The travel consultant manages travel arrangements for different clients like resorts, airlines, excursion bookings, and cruise lines.

The travel consultant’s salary is $40,520.

Search for travel consultant remote work that parents can do at EF Go Ahead Tours.

  1. Web Designer

The web designer creates website visuals, chooses the colors and fonts, uses HTML code, and creates web graphics.

The web designer’s salary is around $49,476.

You can get a web design gig at Drum Workshop Inc.

  1. Babysitter

Since parents typically handle looking after their kids, it should not be a huge task to look after the kids of others.

The babysitter’s salary is around $34,835.

The GreatAuPair website is a good place to start your babysitter job search.

  1. eBay Seller

Being an eBay seller is a brilliant way for stay at home parents to make some extra cash.

You can buy items you know can be sold for much higher prices from garage sales or thrift stores at lower prices and sell them at higher prices.

Your earning is completely dependent on you. Sign up on eBay here,

  1. Airbnb Host

This is a brilliant side hustle and as a stay at home parent you could rent out an extra room to guests who need a place to stay and charge them per night.

You can charge up to $65 per night depending on how comfortable you think your home is.

  1. Fitness Instructor

If you are a gym enthusiast and enjoy working out, you might as well get paid to work out while showing people how to do what you do online.

You may need to take an exam or a certification program though.

You can set your pricing up to $30 per hour.

  1. Public Relations Specialist

This role involves promoting your clients using several media and marketing strategies, and you can work for a wide range of organizations.

The PR specialist’s salary is around $61,150.

You can log on to Yelp for available opening.


We have successfully highlighted some of the best jobs for stay at home parents that are available.

Each of these jobs are flexible enough and will not put a strain on your time as a parent.