20 Best Jobs for Homeschool Mums you can Access

20 Best Jobs for Homeschool Mums you can Access.
As a mum schooling from home, you can also find suitable jobs you can do remotely to meet your cash needs.

20 Best Jobs for Homeschool Mums you can Access

If you are a mum and schooling from home and need to also work to make some money, then you need a convenient remote job that you can add to your activities without disrupting your primary duty of caring for your kids.

This post provides a carefully selected list of good-paying remote jobs a homeschool mum can conveniently do online, including where to access the jobs.

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Homeschooling while raising kids is a demanding task, especially when you have more than one kid.

A job to make up for financial needs will be helpful, so here are some of our suggestions for you as a homeschool mum:

20 Best Jobs for Homeschool Mums you can Access

  1. Customer Service Representative

This position involves handling phone calls, assisting customers, and responding to inquiries.

The median pay as a customer service representative is $37,907 yearly.

You can find remote customer service rep work that a homeschool mum can do at BMC.

  1. Data Entry Specialist

This role involves handling business data, cross-checking for accuracy, and storing this data safely.

The median pay as a data entry specialist is $35,833 yearly.

You can access data entry specialist jobs for homeschool mums online at Advanced Medical Management & Consulting.

  1. Recruiting Coordinator

This role involves helping people get hired, selecting employees based on qualifications and background checks, and carrying out interviews.

The median pay as a recruiting coordinator is $45,485 yearly.

If you are interested in working as a recruiting coordinator from home, then check out Indeed.

  1. Proofreader

This job includes checking for grammatical errors, source accuracy, check formatting, spellings, and all other kinds of errors.

The median pay for a Proofreader is $43,000 yearly.

You can find remote proofreader job that a homeschool mum can conveniently do at Evoke Health.

  1. Writer/Blogger

The writer churns out written creative and well-researched content from topics given or chosen.

The writer’s median pay is $48,732 yearly.

You can access lots of online writing/blogging jobs as a homeschool mum at Bustle.

  1. Transcriptionist

The transcriptionist listens to audios and transcribes the audio content into written content, corrects errors, and reviews reports.

The transcriptionist will have to be able to type 75wpm.

The median pay for a transcriptionist is $32,861 yearly.

Lots of remote transcriptionist jobs that a homeschool mum can do are available at Allegis Transcription.

  1. Virtual Assistant

The virtual assistant is in charge of administrative support, maintaining calendars, planning events, and scheduling trips and meetings.

The virtual assistant’s median pay is $38,478 yearly.

You can find various virtual assistant jobs that homeschool mums can do online from Dragon Fly Designs.

  1. Online Teacher/Tutor

Since you likely tutor your child, this may be a valuable and high-paying job, imparting knowledge on specific subjects to people who need it.

The median pay for an online teacher is $43,476 yearly.

There are available online teaching positions that fit your situation as a homeschool mum that you can access at Simple International.

  1. Accounting Clerk

The accounting clerk is responsible for reconciling bank statements, maintaining financial records, processing transactions, and preparing reports.

The median pay for an accounting clerk is $38,500 yearly.

Various remote accounting clerk jobs can be accessed at Bilfinger.

  1. Graphic Designer

The graphic designer is in charge of creating ads, logos, leaflets, signages, information materials, and other creative visual materials.

The median pay for a graphic designer is $43,275 yearly.

If you have graphic designing skills, then you can put it to use in making money from home in addition to your homeschooling activities.

You can visit Liaison Creative + Marketing for remote graphic designing jobs.

  1. Health Coach

The health coach helps people stay healthy and in shape, with lifestyle, mental health, and diet.

This is an ideal job if you are passionate about health and fitness.

The median pay for a health coach is $45,324 yearly.

You can access good-paying health coach jobs that you can do from home at Atomic.

  1. Marketing Specialist

This position involves coordinating the marketing of a brand’s product via promotions, content strategy, SEO, outreaches, and branding.

The marketing specialist’s median pay is $49,912 yearly.

If you are a mum who is schooling from home, you can also add a remote marketing job to your activities if you have the required online marketing skills.

You can check out available online marketing jobs at Kaplan and pick the one that fit your qualification and interest.

  1. Social Media Specialist

As a social media specialist, you craft social media strategies, content ideas, content marketing, build communities and create a fanbase.

The median pay for a social media specialist is $41,945 yearly.

See vacant social media specialist positions that can be done remotely at Seamless.AI.

  1. Travel Consultant

The travel consultant’s job is to manage travel arrangements for different clients, such as airlines, cruise lines, excursion bookings, or resorts.

The travel consultant median pay is $40,520 yearly.

A homeschool mum can also effectively work from home as a travel consultant; check out Yankee Leisure Group for available remote travel consultant positions.

  1. Web Designer

The web designer’s job is to create visuals for company and organization websites, it also includes adding colors, choosing fonts, designing navigational elements, and using LTML code.

The web designer’s median pay is $49,476 yearly.

You can find good-paying web designing jobs suitable for homeschool mums at Drum Workshop.

  1. Curriculum Development

This job involves developing curriculums for individuals who may need them for homeschooling or other purposes.

The median pay for curriculum development is $76, 400 yearly.

You can visit American Heritage Girls for remote curriculum development jobs that you can do.

  1. Consultant

Being a consultant involves gathering your skills, experience, and knowledge to help others who may have questions or need guidance in a particular area.

The median pay for a consultant is $69,158 yearly.

You can access online consultancy positions at Skillsoft.

  1. Billing Representative

This role involves carrying out support and billing responsibilities as a part of the revenue cycle process.

The billing representative is expected to follow guidelines for charge entry by billing area and payer type.

The median pay for a billing representative is $35,500 yearly.

If you are a homeschool mum interested in working online as a billing representative, then visit MediRevv, you will find various remote billing rep jobs there.

  1. Marketing Coordinator

This role involves working alongside other team members in the marketing team to develop, implement and administer effective marketing programs.

The median pay for a marketing coordinator is $54,500 yearly.

You can find marketing coordinator jobs that you can do as a homeschool mum working from home at Marsh & McLennan.

  1. Telehealth Operations Manager

This role involves daily operations regarding managing telepath programs, improving patients’ experiences by problem-solving and critical thinking.

The median pay for a telehealth operations manager is $60,000 yearly.

To access remote telehealth operations manager jobs suitable for a mum who is homeschooling, you can visit Foodsmart.


Being a mum and schooling from home at the same time is a lot to combine, but if you need to make extra cash, then you can add a remote job to it.

This post provided various profitable home jobs that you can consider adding to your schooling without affecting your attention and caring for your kids.