20 Best Comcast Work from Home Jobs

20 Best Comcast Work from Home Jobs.
Comcast provides amazing job opportunities for people to work from home.

20 Best Comcast Work from Home Jobs

If you are looking to work for Comcast from home, this post highlights some of the best work-from-home jobs the company provides, to help you choose the one that best suit your job flexibility needs.

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What is Comcast?

Comcast is a telecommunications company with headquarters in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in the US.

This company is the second-biggest broadcasting and cable TV company in the world. It is also the biggest ISP in the US, the biggest cable TV company, and the third-biggest home telephone SP.

If you have considered getting a job at Comcast, then it means you have envisaged working in a company that is leading in its industry, using innovation and technology.

20 Best Comcast Work from Home Jobs

Customer Care Representative (Business)

If you are interested in working remotely for Comcast, here are some of the best work-from-home jobs you can find:

  1. Customer Care Representative (Business)
  2. Customer Experience Repair Rep
  3. Customer Experience Billing Rep
  4. Social Media Strategist
  5. Television Opinion Writer
  6. Software Developer – Engineer
  7. Senior Manager (Care Automation)
  8. Data Analyst
  9. Service Recovery Specialist
  10. Senior Manager (Care Sales)
  11. Manager (Fulfilment)
  12. Sales Consultant
  13. Retail Sales Consultant
  14. Human Resources Manager
  15. Customer Account Executive (Inbound Sales)
  16. Service Consultant and CSC Sales
  17. Collections Representative
  18. Telesales Representative
  19. Online Editor
  20. Administrative Services.
  1. Customer Care Representative (Business)

This job involves providing exemplary customer support, answering customer questions related to payments and billing, and resolving customer concerns.

You will need a High School diploma and some experience in a related field to work as a customer care representative at Comcast.

  1. Customer Experience Repair Rep

This job involves addressing technical inquiries, resolving and troubleshooting product issues, and delivering support to customers.

You will need a High School diploma and a few years of experience to work as a customer experience repair rep with Comcast.

  1. Customer Experience Billing Rep

This position is responsible for managing different kinds of inquiries by customers, building a consultative relationship with customers, handling payment or billing inquiries and sales opportunities.

You will need a High School diploma and a few years of experience for this position.

  1. Social Media Strategist

The social media strategist executes a robust strategy for social media. You should be skilled in writing, especially writing headlines that are catchy and engaging.

You should also have some experience in a relevant field.

  1. Television Opinion Writer

The television opinion writer handles article writing for the company. These articles range from 250 to 500 words and are concerned with trends, news, personal opinions concerning popular shows and spoilers.

You must be passionate about TV and highly creative.

  1. Software Developer – Engineer

This position involves developing software and engineering impeccable customer experience in a conducive environment and testing it out.

You must have some experience with HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.

  1. Senior Manager (Care Automation)

This job involves driving development, implementing improvements, and adopting automation development, and creating business cases for RPA and IA.

You should be willing to work in the same city, own a Bachelor’s degree, and have a few years of relevant experience.

  1. Data Analyst

This job involves determining the relevance of data and identifying alternative sources of data necessary to ensure requested analytics by business owners can get completed.

You will need a Bachelor’s degree and a few years of experience in a related field to be hired for the data analyst position at Comcast.

  1. Service Recovery Specialist

This involves managing customer problems and handling escalated problems and relationships.

It will require performing research and creating effective resolution methods.

You should have a High School diploma, excellent communication skills, and a few years of experience.

  1. Senior Manager (Care Sales)

This role involves monitoring performances, collaborating with team members, managing and maintaining relationships, tracking metrics, driving all business goals, creating programs, and executing sales meetings.

  1. Manager (Fulfilment)

This position involves maintaining and managing relationships with staff and customers, communicating messages, driving teams to achieve the business goals, implementing effective systems, and discovering opportunities. You will need leadership skills, relevant experience, and a Bachelor’s degree.

  1. Sales Consultant

The sales consultant’s job is to identify the needs of clients, promote services, and meet up with all sales quotas.

You will need some experience in the sales department along with a High School diploma or a GED.

  1. Retail Sales Consultant

This job involves providing knowledge and enthusiasm of products and services while also maintaining a detailed knowledge of the product sales.

It also involves managing store inventories, meeting quotas or even exceeding them, and handling huge volumes of money.

A few years of experience is required to work here.

  1. Human Resources Manager

The human resource manager handles recruitment, develop operational and financial objectives, and coordinate benefits and activities concerning employee relations, and contribute to the development of a functional strategy.

A Bachelor’s degree is required for the human resources manager position with Comcast.

  1. Customer Account Executive (Inbound Sales)

This job involves selling and promoting services and products. There will usually be excellent benefits, including a paid training. This job requires you to have a GED or High School diploma and a workable schedule.

  1. Service Consultant and CSC Sales

This job involves replying to complaint resolutions, correcting billing discrepancies and customer education; and providing customer assistance.

You will have to meet or exceed the regular sales quota. You must have some relevant experience, and being bilingual is a plus.

  1. Collections Representative

The collections representative handles contacting delinquent customer accounts, posting funds to the account, using daily reports to track progress, scheduling payments, and updating collection agencies.

You will need a few years of experience and MS Office skills for this job.

  1. Telesales Representative

The telesales representative handles managing customer interactions, resolving issues, related tasks, and making telephone calls to customers.

This position requires relevant experience.

  1. Online Editor

The online editor is in charge of creating editorial features and maintaining them, and responding to the news.

They are also responsible for monitoring media sources, editing original content, and programming video content (live).

For the online editor job at Comcast, you will need some editorial experience.

  1. Administrative Services

The administrative services position involves providing clerical support and assisting both visitors and fellow staff with special report preparations.

Experience is required for the position.


Comcast has led the industry for years; working at this mega-corporation apart from the competitive salary that it provides gives you media and technological exposure that you would otherwise not get from other companies.

The ideas shared on this page will help you find the best work from home job at Comcast, become an employee, and enjoy the wonderful benefits of working for the company.

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