20 Best AWS Online Assessment Test Tips with Practice Questions and Answers

By | July 18, 2023
AWS Online Assessment Test
To perform excellently in the AWS online assessment test, you need to prepare well for it. Image source: mytechdecisions.

This post provides complete information and tips on AWS online assessment test, as well as practice questions and answers to help you to effectively prepare for the exam to achieve success.

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AWS, which stands for Amazon Web Services, is a secure cloud services platform that is used for computing, content delivery, and database storage.

Recruiters and hiring companies use AWS online test to evaluate candidate’s AWS programming skills.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) aptitude test will assess the candidate’s practical knowledge and will find out whether the candidate is ready to be employed.

Candidates from anywhere in the comfort of their time zone can take this test.

20 Best AWS Online Assessment Test Tips

Here are important facts and tips about the AWS online assessment test to help you prepare effectively for it:

  1. AWS Online Assessment Test is used by Recruiters to Employ Workers

The AWS online skill test helps employers to spot potential hires by assessing the readiness of jobs.

For this reason, they lay emphasis on evaluating the knowledge of applied skills gained through real work experience.

To help you make a better hiring decision and predict the candidate’s performance using powerful reporting, you can have a detailed analysis of the AWS online quiz results.

  1. What Does AWS Online Assessment Test Contain?

Amazon Web Services (AWS) skill assessment test contains the following:

  • MCQ’s (Multiple Choice Questions)
  • MAQ’s (Multiple Answer Questions)
  • Fill in the Blanks Questions
  • Descriptive Questions
  • Whiteboard Questions
  • Audio / Video Questions
  • LogicBox (AI-based Pseudo-Coding Platform) Questions
  • Coding Simulations Questions
  • True or False Questions, etc.
  1. Professions that AWS Online Assessment Test Hires

AWS online assessment test is useful for hiring Amazon Developer, AWS Specialist, AWS Cloud Engineer, AWS Cloud Architect, Senior AWS Cloud Engineer, DevOps Engineer, Backend Engineer, Systems Administrator, Software Architect, etc.

The test is used to accurately evaluate on-the-job skills required for the role to assess knowledge in Amazon Web Services as per Industry Standards.

The online AWS test helps recruiters and hiring managers to screen and hire candidates with outstanding cloud infrastructure and AWS skills before an interview.

  1. How the AWS Online Test Screens Candidates

Candidates who participate in this assessment test are expected to have a solid background in Linux, UNIX, and Windows server system administration.

Experience in troubleshooting distributed systems and building and maintaining cloud-native applications are required.

Candidates need to also have previous exposure to large-scale systems design, and experience designing and building web environments on AWS.

  1. AWS Certifications Validate AWS Cloud Knowledge

AWS Certifications make the AWS Cloud knowledge, skills, and expertise valid. Candidates take an exam to earn one of the Foundational, role-based, or Specialty certifications.

Exams are taken in a proctored, timed environment to maintain high bar for earning an AWS Certification.

Flexible, convenient options for taking exams are offered so you can choose what works best for you.

Pearson VUE and PSI are two test delivery providers through which exams are offered. Both providers deliver AWS Certification exams globally.

  1. Questions and Topics in AWS Online Assessment Test

The AWS Online test is made up of ~25 MCQs, with an addition of optionally 1 coding challenge and 1 debugging challenge crafted by experts in DevOps/AWS.

The AWS test covers a wide range of topics.

The exact number of questions and the topics will be selected based on your job description and developer character.

  1. AWS Test is Used as a Screening Tool for Recruitment and Selection

Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides a large set of products and services that can be used as building blocks to manage complicated and scalable applications over cloud computing platform.

It is a highly reliable, scalable, low-cost infrastructure platform that enables companies to consume shared computing, storage, and other resources faster and more competently.

  1. AWS Online Assessment Test Score Distribution

The score distribution for AWS online assessment test is a good standardized test just like SAT and GRE.

Too many people who take AWS online assessment test get close to 0, while too many candidates get close to 100 – with a few candidates in the middle.

This is usually because they concentrate on theory-based questions or trick questions, which are very binary in nature – either you know the trick/theory or you don’t.

  1. AWS Online Assessment Test Rules and Testing Advice

You must be fully clothed throughout your entire exam and no hats or hoods. The rules also state that you must stay within your webcam view.

Furthermore, you cannot stand up and walk around and no one should enter your testing environment.

You cannot move your webcam once your testing session has commenced, and you cannot leave your testing environment.

You must not speak softly or speak out loud as this will lead to a warning, and a beverage in any container is permitted, but no food or smoking.

  1. Proctoring and Anti-Cheating Mechanisms are Provided for the AWS Assessment Test

You can enable proctoring in AWS assessment test through the settings. There are keystroke recording, off activity and browser monitoring, and webcam proctoring.

Off tab activity & browser monitoring activate a pop-up warning if the candidate tries to navigate away from the test tab.

  1. What Kind of Report Do I Get After Completing the AWS Test?

The report is generated within five minutes the candidate has submitted the AWS Online Assessment Test and mailed it to the administration.

The report is made up of detailed analysis of the test with charts and colors for better and easier understanding, and it covers the sectional time used and scores of the particular section.

  1. AWS Online Test Proctoring

AWS online test proctoring gives you the opportunity to take an exam from your home or office, or from any other privacy.

You use your own computer for the exam, and communicate with a proctor who remotely monitors your exam via a screen-sharing application and your webcam.

Appointments for exams are available 24/7. To find a time that’s convenient for you, we recommend scheduling your exam in advance.

To complete an online-proctored appointment, communication with a proctor is required. Online proctoring in English is supported by both Pearson VUE and PSI.

Pearson VUE also supports online proctoring in Japanese.

  1. AWS Testing Centers

Testing centers are facilities run independently from AWS. These facilities offer in-person proctoring and the technical equipment needed for a test, such as a computer that meets system and security requirements.

A computer will be provided for you at the testing center where you take your exam and on-site staff will help you with checking in and storing your belongings.

Appointment availability differs by testing center.

  1. AWS Certifications Validate AWS Cloud Skills and Expertise

Candidates take an exam to earn one of the Amazon’s Foundational, role-based, or Specialty certifications.

Exams are operated in a proctored, timed environment for acquiring an AWS Certification.

In order to select what works best for you, flexible, convenient options for taking exams are offered.

  1. Who Can Use the AWS Online Test Proctoring?

You must be able to communicate with an English-speaking proctor who will welcome you and monitor your testing environment before taking an exam with online proctoring.

Although communication with the proctor will be in English, you can take the exam in English, Japanese, Korean, or Simplified Chinese.

Online proctoring is not available for candidates in China, Japan, Slovenia, or South Korea. The option can however be found across the world where testing is available.

  1. How Can I Be Sure My Computer and Workspace are Set Up for Online Proctoring?

Online proctored exams have specific system requirements and policies you should know about before deciding on this option.

As a first step when considering online proctoring, run the system test on the same computer and network in the same location you want to use for the exam.

Your workspace will need to be a private, quiet place where there won’t be any interruption.

  1. Can I Take a Break During the AWS Online Proctored Exam?

During your AWS online proctored exam, you won’t be allowed to stand up from your computer and leave the webcam view.

If you look forward to having the need to leave the webcam view for any reason during your exam, our suggestion is that you schedule the exam in a testing center.

  1. How Do I Register to Take an AWS Certification Exam?

To register for an AWS exam includes signing into aws.training and clicking Certification in the top navigation bar.

Tap the AWS Certification Account button, and then the Schedule New Exam. You will need to find the exam you wish to take by clicking either the Schedule at PSI or Schedule at Pearson VUE button.

Being redirected to the test delivery provider’s scheduling page, you will have to complete your exam registration.

  1. When Will I Get My Exam Results?

You will receive a notification on the testing screen upon completion of your exam stating whether you pass or fail.

Most of AWS exams use a scale-scoring technique. An email you will receive confirms your exam completion.

On your AWS Certification Account under Previous Exams, your detailed exam results will be provided within five business days of completing your exam.

The AWS Certified Advanced Networking, as well as specialty and AWS Certified Big Data use the original percentage scoring method.

After completing your exam, you will receive an email having your detailed exam results.

Your AWS Certification Account will have a record of your exam results under previous exams within five business days of completing your exam.

From the close of the beta exam, beta exam results are usually available for 90 days (13 weeks) or less.

Once your exam results are available in your AWS Certification Account, you will be notified via email.

  1. Are There Benefits Offered to AWS Certified Individuals?

AWS Certification gives you real benefits to help you showcase your achievement and further advance your AWS expertise, in addition to validating your technical skills.

AWS Online Assessment Practice Questions and Answers

Here are AWS online assessment practice questions and answers, to give you an idea of what it’s going to look like in the real test.

Question One:

In a text file on a custom AMI, a company is handling access key (access key ID and secret access key) storage.

From instances created from the AMI, the company uses the access key to access DynamoDB tables.

The security team has authorized a more secure solution.

Which solution will meet the security team’s mandate?

A. From the instance, Place the access key in an S3 bucket, and retrieve the access key on boot.
B. Through instance user data bring the access key to the instances.
C. Get the access key from a key server opened in a private subnet.
D. To access the table, form an IAM role with permissions and launch all instances with the new role.


D – To access AWS resources without having to create and store any access keys, IAM roles for EC2 instances allow applications running on the instance.

Any solution that involves the formation of an access key then introduces the complexity of managing that secret.

Question Two:

A company is building up a highly obtainable web application using stateless web servers. Now tell services are appropriate for storing session state data? (Select TWO.)

A. CloudWatch
B. DynamoDB
C. Elastic Load Balancing
D. ElastiCache
E. Storage Gateway


B, D – Both DynamoDB and ElastiCache make high presentation storage of key-value pairs available.

CloudWatch and ELB are not storage services. Storage Gateway is a service for storage – a hybrid storage service that allows on-premises applications to use cloud storage.

Question Three:

Company salespeople upload their sales figures daily. A Solutions Architect requires a durable storage solution for these documents that also protects against users accidentally deleting essential documents.

Which action will protect against unintended user actions?

A. Data storage in an EBS volume and snapshots created once a week.
B. Data storage in an S3 bucket and versioning enabled.
C. Data storage in two S3 buckets in various AWS regions.
D. Data storage on EC2 instance storage.


B –A versioned object can still be recovered by recovering the final version if it is deleted.

Response A would be unable to find any changes committed because of the previous snapshot.

Although data storage in 2 S3 buckets would provide slightly more protection, a user could still delete the object from both buckets.

EC2 instance storage is brief and should never be utilized for data requiring durability.

Question Four:

With an initial storage capacity of 8 TB, an application needs an exceedingly available relational database.

The database will increase by 8 GB daily. At least eight read replicas will be required to handle database reads to uphold expected traffic.

Which option will meet these requirements?

A. DynamoDB
B. Amazon S3
C. Amazon Aurora
D. Amazon Redshift


C – A relational database that will automatically scale to accommodate data growth is Amazon Aurora.

Amazon Redshift does not uphold read replicas and will not automatically scale.

DynamoDB is not a relational database but a NoSQL service.

Amazon S3 is not a relational database but object storage.


If you aspire to become an AWS certified worker, practice is the key and the road to perfection.

The AWS certification opens the door for many opportunities and offers a lot of benefits.

The AWS certification will create a chance for you to work in the AWS console, and will help you find a job easily.

It gives you recognition and allows you to put AWS in your resume.

You obviously begin reading more about AWS certification once you start preparing for it.

You will watch more online courses, do more hands-on labs, and start solving more practice questions.

All these activities provide a lot of knowledge and experience once you start preparing for AWS certification.

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