20 Best Amazon Online Assessment Test Tips with Practice Questions and Answers

By | July 18, 2023
Amazon Online Assessment Test
You can be successful in the Amazon online assessment test if you knew what the test entails and worked with practice questions and answers.

If you are seeking a job with Amazon, then you need to prepare to take an online assessment test that helps the company to pick the best candidates for hire for vacant positions.

This post provides valuable tips and information about the Amazon assessment test, including practice questions and answers to help you to effectively prepare for the test.

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Jeff Bezos found Amazon in 1994, and since then the firm has been reigning as the American e-commerce and Cloud Computing Company.

Each year, Amazon attracts thousands of applicants for great employment opportunities.

The Amazon recruitment process is divided into five distinct stages, and the online psychometric tests are an important part of this process.

It is quite unfortunate that majority of candidates are turned by Amazon. The company will ask you to complete a series of online assessment tests as part of their hiring process.

You either receive these as part of your initial application or at a later date.

20 Best Amazon Online Assessment Test Tips with Practice Questions and Answers

Here are important facts and tips you need to know to make a great score in the Amazon online assessment test:

  1. Amazon Numerical Reasoning Tests

The numerical reasoning test is one of the tests required for most roles in Amazon.

The test is used to measure your confidence and ability in relation to statistical information.

In this test, you will be required to evaluate the data present to draw logical conclusions on a series of charts, graphs, and tables presented.

This test is timed, though the process isn’t too complicated. You will need to put in plenty of practice to develop both speed and accuracy.

Basic calculations such as conversions and percentages will be part of the test, with questions that will require multiple-choice answers.

  1. Amazon has Various Assessment Tools

Amazon uses various assessment tools during their hiring process. You might be asked about your background and your motivations as to why you want to work with the company.

The company might also ask to know what you can offer and how best you can interpret your role.

  1. Amazon Verbal Reasoning Test

Part of the Amazon application might include a verbal reasoning test, which measures your critical thinking skills and your ability to interpret written information.

Based on a passage of supporting evidence, you’ll be required to determine if a set of statements can be classified as true or false.

In some cases, your answers would have to be “cannot say”. You need to practice for these tests as they are timed and require you to work quickly with accuracy.

  1. Amazon Work Style Assessment

This assessment is part of personality test that Amazon uses to assess your professional preferences to decide suitability of culture.

The work style assessment takes between 10 and 20 minutes with sets of statements that represent various working styles.

For instance, your preferred working style could be stated thus: “I prefer to work as an individual in a lonely atmosphere” or “I enjoy working collaboratively in a team environment”.

You need to state clearly your preferred working style for each set, and it’s vital to refer back to the Leadership Principles throughout this assessment.

This will help distinguish the type of employee that Amazon looks for and will be the target against which your working preferences are evaluated.

  1. Amazon Work Sample Simulation

This test comprises a virtual task you need to complete that is relevant to your future position.

This could be evaluating financial information, developing a solution to a hypothetical problem, or taking care of a customer query.

The work sample simulation test measures skills required to be utilized in a given position function, such as effective problem solving, prioritization, multi-tasking, and interpersonal.

Leadership Principles are important to keep in mind despite what your personal task involves to use them to guide your actions.

Your work sample simulation will take up to an hour to complete depending on the nature of the task.

  1. Amazon Maintenance Technician Test

The Amazon Ramsay Test is compulsory for those applying for maintenance technician positions at Amazon.

There are about 60-75 mechanical questions that cover these topics such as currents, electrical circuits, force, motion, voltages, energy, etc.

You need to study in advance in order to beat the test through knowing specific content areas of the test.

  1. Amazon Manager Assessment

The Amazon Manager Assessment is a test designed for those applying for managerial positions.

The Amazon Work Style Assessment and the Amazon virtual Job Tryout are the two tests that are compulsory for those seeking managerial positions at Amazon.

The test takes about 45 minutes to complete and applicants should bear in mind the Amazon’s 14 leadership principles.

  1. Amazon Financial Analyst Excel Test

The Excel test is designed for those applying for a financial analyst position at Amazon. Those taking this test will answer behavioral situation-based questions on the interview.

This test is a one-hour computer-based exam that covers different Excel questions covering topics such as computing, document properties, macro creation, and formulas.

Passing this test will give you an opportunity to attend an interview, and during the interview you will be required to complete case study questions.

In this case, you will be asked to work through work-related conflicts and explain your thought process.

  1. Amazon Customer Service Associate Online Assessment

This position involves solving the customers’ problems. Amazon wants to ensure that you possess the right personality profile to manage this customer facing job.

You will be required to take the Amazon Work Style Assessment and the Virtual Job Tryout as part of the recruitment process.

  1. Amazon Assessment Test for Warehouse

This test is designed to measure whether an applicant can select the correct product for packaging.

You will be required to read and understand what is on the packaging, and also take the Situational Judgment Test so as to make decisions about potential situations that might occur in the warehouse.

  1. Amazon Brand Specialist Assessment

The Brand Specialist is a two-part assessment that comprises Amazon Data Interpretation Assessment and the Amazon Work Style Assessment.

The test is popular amongst new graduates.

  1. Amazon Retail Assessment

The Amazon Retail Assessment Test is designed for applicants of retail undergraduate program.

The test covers both Math and Amazon Work Style Assessment.

If you excel through the test, you will be invited for an interview which includes group project called the Amazon Excel Assessment and two interviews.

  1. Amazon Presentation Test

While taking this test, it’s either you are given a topic before your first meeting at Amazon to prepare for, or you will be given an extensive amount of reading while at the assessment center.

Whichever way you take the test, one thing clear is that you will deliver the presentation at the assessment center. It is wise to practice and get ready for the test in advance.

  1. Amazon Group Exercise Assessment

The group exercise assessment is not necessary in every job, but it is wise to prepare for it as Amazon usually uses it to measure a candidate’s ability to work in a team environment and resolve issues within that atmosphere.

There is a time limit for the test and it can take many formats.

The team may be required to address a problem that is work-related or have a usual understanding of another imaginary situation.

  1. Amazon Case Study Test

The purpose of this test is to ensure you possess solid reasoning skills, creative thinking, a flair for finding best solutions, and a capacity to come up with a suggestion.

You should take your time to find the information that is most appropriate and should be able to react positively and rapidly.

  1. Amazon Written Exercise

The written exercise assessment is used to evaluate if a candidate possesses good communication skills and that they can exchange information successfully and plainly.

Two different questions will be featured, and the candidate will be required to choose only one to answer.

The answers are to be submitted online, mainly via email, before the interview. This test should be focused on clarity of expression and suggestion.

  1. Amazon Role Play Exercise

This exercise is offered to applicants with the aim of assessing them according to their behavior, knowledge, and the manner by which they handle specific scenarios.

This scenario is connected with the series of situations the candidate may need to take care of in their job role. The test is designed to evaluate a candidate’s understanding of the responsibilities that accompany the position and the candidate’s ability to think on their feet.

  1. Amazon Assessment Day

Each Amazon business team has its own specific recruitment process, and some may invite you to attend an in-person assessment day.

The activities you’ll take on depend on the job function, although role play exercises and group activities are common.

You may be asked to take a written assessment or a job-specific test, too. Amazon will inform you of the nature of your assessment day.

  1. The Best Way to go with the Amazon Online Assessment Test

Practicing previous year’s Amazon placement papers, assessing them, and further working on areas that improvement is necessary are some of the ways you can crack the Amazon online assessment test.

Also consider time management as a very important factor while taking the test.

Keep focus on this skill set and answer questions with caution. Check your answer choices twice to minimize chances of error.

Avoid solving questions sequentially, and try attempting the easy questions first before moving on to the difficult ones.

Be sure of the questions you attempt to avoid negative marking.

It is also necessary to visit Amazon interview questions to learn more about the frequently asked questions in Amazon interview.

  1. Amazon Bar Raiser

The duty of the Bar Raiser is to scrutinize your answers and see how relevant they are to the Leadership Principles.

After going through your answers, the Bar Raiser will ask a lot of follow-up questions to shortlist the most suitable candidates that could fit Amazon’s unique culture.

Amazon Online Assessment Practice Questions and Answers

Here are sample questions and answers you can use in your practice if you are taking the Amazon online assessment test:

A. Mary bought 150 plates and sold all of them for $1,050 total. She made $6 profit for each plate. Calculate and state the total original price for all 150 plates?

  1. $150
  2. $100
  3. $50
  4. $105
  5. $155
    Answer: 1 = $150
    Take note of what is being asked (required)
    Total original price of all plates
    Multiply the total number of plates with the profit per unit to get the total profit.
    150 x 6 = 900
    Subtract the total profit from the total cost to get the total original price.
    1,050 – 900 = 150

B. Assumptions:

Monica arranges her medals by putting them on the same shelf where some of her trophies are located. Nevertheless, she doesn’t like keeping her certificates near her medals.
Her ‘Best in Public Oration’ award is on the wall.


Monica’s ‘Best in Public Oration’ award is a certificate.

  1. Correct
  2. Cannot be determined based on the information available
  3. Incorrect

Answer: 2


Study how the assumptions relate to each other:
Monica arranges her awards by keeping her medals in the same shelf with her trophies. Nevertheless, she hates putting her certificates next to her medals.

You can see her ‘Best in Public Oration’ award on the wall.

Group all common thoughts together:

Monica puts her medals on a shelf (where some of her trophies are located) but doesn’t like putting her certificates near her medals.

On the wall is her ‘Best in Public Oration’ award.

Compare the conclusion with the (grouped) assumptions:

Monica puts her medals on a shelf (where some of her trophies are located) but doesn’t like putting her certificates near her medals. Her ‘Best in Oration’ award is hung on the wall.

It is specified that Monica separates her certificates so that they are not positioned near her medals.

The assumptions say nothing concerning her preference towards the certificates being near her trophies, and that only some of her trophies are on the shelf, making it unclear if her ‘Best in Public Oration’ award is a certificate or a trophy.

C. What is the number when the difference between [3/5] of [2/3] a number and [2/5] of 1/4] of the same number is 288?
A. 960
B. 850
C. 895
D. 955
Answer: Option A

Take the number to be [3/5] x [{2/3}x]-[2/5] x [1/4]x, then = 288

Solving it, we will get 960.

D. What is the product of B and D when A, B, C and D are four consecutive odd numbers with their average as 42.

A. 1860
B. 1890
C. 1845
D. 1677
E. None of these

Answer: Option C

As difference is the same, so average should lie between B and C so B is 41 & C is 43 so D must be 45 as we have to look for the product of B and D to make 1845

E. In how many diverse ways can the letters of the word “PRAISE” be put together?

A. 720
B. 610
C. 360
D. 210
E. None of these

Answer: Option A

The total number of alphabets in PRAISE is 6, so also the total number of ways is 6! =720.

So, option A is the answer


As part of the company’s hiring process, the candidates who come to Amazon in search of job positions are asked to complete a series of online assessment tests.

That’s the truth behind seeking a job at Amazon. They want to know how able you are in handling that role if you are finally employed.

Amazon will reject your application if you fail their assessment test, and you will start all over again. The key to passing the test is constant practice and self-dedication.

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