20 Best Amazon Delivery Driver Assessment Test Tips with Practice Questions and Answers

20 Best Amazon Delivery Driver Assessment Test Tips with Practice Questions and Answers.
To give a great performance in the Amazon delivery driver assessment test, you need to prepare hard.

20 Best Amazon Delivery Driver Assessment Test Tips with Practice Questions and Answers

This post provides exhaustive information and tips on the Amazon delivery driver assessment test, including practice questions and answers to help you perform better in the test.

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You can choose the role that works best for you for working as a delivery driver from two different options that Amazon offers.

Working as a driver with Amazon Delivery Service Partners, offers you full-time schedule, in which you have to work 40 hours a week.

You will receive full benefits and competitive pay, and will be provided with a delivery vehicle, so you won’t need to use your own.

You will also have an opportunity for overtime and promotion.

Your schedule includes working four days and ten hours, but you can schedule your duties according to your program.

20 Best Amazon Delivery Driver Assessment Test Tips

Here are important facts about Amazon delivery driver assessment test and tips to help you perform better in the test:

  1. Amazon Numerical Reasoning Assessment Test for Delivery Drivers

This test is developed to assess a candidate based on number operations, ranging from basic mental arithmetic to an advanced level of logical reasoning and critical thinking.

In this test, a large number of cognitive capabilities like arithmetic, number sequences and patterns, fractions and percentages, financial arithmetic, and data interpretation, are assessed.

Numerical reasoning assesses your basic numerical ability and do not allow the use of calculators.

You can also call this test number-savvy test.

  1. Amazon Verbal Reasoning Assessment Test for Delivery Drivers

This is a standardized assessment test that evaluates a candidate’s verbal aptitude and verbal intelligence.

A candidate’s ability to verbally understand and analyze constructs and concepts through word expression is assessed by this test.

  1. Amazon Diagrammatic Reasoning Assessment Test for Delivery Drivers

In this test, a candidate’s general ability to estimate concepts or rules from seemingly distinct and visual information is measured.

This test also assesses the critical thinking, analytical, decision-making, logical, and abstract reasoning abilities of the candidate.

Your task is to understand a set of rules and to apply them to new situations in the presence of a series of operators.

  1. Amazon Situational Judgment Assessment Test for Delivery Drivers

This test gives a clue about a candidate’s general ability to select the most suitable action in usual workplace situations.
This assessment test is designed to evaluate your ability to control situations and deal with problems that could possibly occur in driving work condition.

  1. Is the Use of a Calculator Allowed in Amazon Delivery Driver Assessment Test?

Some exams may allow you to use a calculator for solving numerical questions, but it’s not so in Amazon delivery driver assessment.

Learn to solve calculations in your head – as you practice so you can get used to the pattern.

  1. Can I Guess If I Don’t Know an Answer in the Amazon Delivery Driver Test?

This depends on the method in which the test is scored. Skipping a question depends on whether points are removed for incorrect answers.

Don’t guess if points are deducted for guessed answers, but rather skip the question. If points are not deducted you should make a guess and move on to the next question.

  1. Is it proper to Go Back and Answer a Question that I Missed?

It is necessary to read the instructions very well on your test day to be able to know whether you should go back and answer a question that you skipped.

If the instructions state that you don’t go back then you should address each question as they are presented.

If, for example, you are allowed to go back, you should choose to attempt questions you are familiar with first before you consider going back to the questions you don’t know their answers.

  1. Can I Have Adequate Time to answer all the Questions?

Most people are not able to complete the entire test in the amount of time given due to the truth that there are so many questions that should be answered in a short time frame.

Answering all the questions and answering them accurately is very uncommon among the candidates.

  1. Getting Well Prepared Before the Test

You likely don’t have enough time to prepare ahead of the test, but it is important to utilize the time you have in an effective and focused way.

With a PrepTest, you will benefit from learning detailed strategy, question preparation, time management, tips on approaching the test confidence, and how to successfully pass the test.

  1. How to Pass the Amazon Delivery Driver Assessment Test

If you want to pass the Amazon delivery driver assessment test, then you must know precisely what to expect on the test and acquire the skills needed for it.

Preparing for the Amazon delivery driver assessment test is crucial as the test is unique to its hiring process, and you can’t find its type elsewhere.

  1. Is Failing the Amazon Delivery Driver Assessment Test Possible?

It is possible to fail the Amazon delivery driver test. You may either take the test as the initial screening step, or right after a phone interview.

If you fail the test it means that your application is terminated, and you’ll be able to re-apply after an allotted time that differs across various positions.

  1. How to Prepare for the Amazon Delivery Driver Assessment Test

The best ways to prepare for the Amazon delivery driver assessment test is to solve the Amazon practice tests that look the same as the real test.

Develop the specific skills required to ace the Amazon delivery driver test to evaluate your abilities and qualities that are essential to working at Amazon as a delivery driver.

Gain knowledge of working efficiently under time pressure so as to beat the Amazon delivery driver test’s usual tight time limits.

By so doing, you will find that you are struggling to improve your performance under this type of pressure.

  1. Amazon Assessment Center for Delivery Driver Assessment Test

Every Amazon business team runs its own particular recruitment practice, and some may require you to attend an in-person assessment day.

Role play exercises and group activities are common here, but the activities you will take on differ greatly depending on the job function.

You may also be required to take a job-specific test or a written assessment like a coding exercise.

You’ll then be notified in advance of the nature of your assessment day.

  1. Amazon Work Style Assessment for Delivery Drivers

Amazon uses the work style assessment, which is a type of personality test, to assess a candidate’s professional preferences to decide culture suitability.

This assessment test offers sets of statements that represent various working styles. You will need to state your preferred working style for each set.

  1. Amazon Delivery Driver Work Sample Simulation

In this test, you’ll be provided with a virtual task to complete that relates to your future role, ranging from developing a solution to an imaginary problem, or handling a customer query to evaluate financial information.

This delivery driver work sample simulation is designed to measure your skills required in the given job function, such as prioritization, multi-tasking, effective problem-solving, and interpersonal aptitudes.

Keep the Leadership Principles in mind and use them to guide your actions no matter what your personal task is.

Your work sample simulation will take up to an hour to complete according to the category of task.

  1. Amazon Standard Operating Procedure

A standard operating procedure consists of open instructions on how to complete a task. What this means to Amazon is that it needs to be determined if a package goes to a business or private person, and whether something is wrong with the package or if it got damaged.

  1. Study Amazon’s Fourteen Leadership Principles

You need to get acquainted with Amazon’s fourteen leadership principles, as the company expects that from you. These include:

  • Customer Obsession
  • Ownership
  • Invent and Simplify
  • Are Right, A Lot
  • Learn and Be Curious
  • Hire and Develop the Best
  • Insist on the Highest Standards
  • Think Big
  • Bias for Action
  • Frugality
  • Earn Trust
  • Dive Deep
  • Have Backbone; Disagree and Commit
  • Deliver Results.
  1. Amazon Abstract Reasoning Test for Delivery Drivers

An Amazon abstract reasoning test is similar to diagrammatic reasoning and inductive reasoning tests.

This test measures your lateral thinking and fluid intelligence with the objective of looking for the accuracy and speed in which you can recognize and interpret the relationship between a collection of shapes and patterns.

  1. Amazon Logical Reasoning Test for Delivery Drivers

Logical reasoning test attempts to measure a candidate’s skills such as how to interpret patterns, the relationships between shapes, and number sequences.

This test assesses your ability to use structural thinking to figure out from a short passage.

It involves the ability to detach and spot the different components of any given argument.

  1. Practice in Advance

Practice is the surest way to pass the Amazon delivery driver assessment test just like in every other test. You will get confused at the sight of the test if you don’t to practice.

Taking practice tests before the real assessment will help you to gain an advantage over other candidates on your way to getting into Amazon as a delivery driver.

Amazon Delivery Driver Assessment Test Practice Questions and Answers

Question One:

What comes next in the sequence?


Correct Answer: B


First: The shape in the center contains 1 fewer straight line each time.

Second: The top left shape changes between being a triangle and a square, ignore where it is pointing as it is a way to confuse test-takers

Third: When both shapes have the same number of sides, there is an X mark, and a check mark when they have different numbers of sides.

Question Two:

If you were in the middle of a time-sensitive delivery and got trapped in heavy traffic, what would you do?

If your business has deliveries that are sensitive to time, it is vital to learn how the candidate would manage unexpected traffic.

You can see if they would have the capacity to handle customer service and properly alerting their supervisor to the delay.

Asking this question also renders assistance to you in figuring out if the driver would obey the rules of the road or give in to road rage or illegal conduct while driving.

What to look for in an answer:

  • The ability to be polite to clients
  • Safe driving under pressure
  • An eagerness to seek deviations and other solutions.


“I would contact the client or my manager to express regret for the inconvenience and give them an updated time for when I would reach my destination.”

Question Three:

Can you tell me the detail of your driving record?

In this question, you can judge whether the candidate can perform one of the main duties of the job.

Ask them about licenses and certifications. Ask about any past accidents or tickets to ensure they would not be a liability.

This useful question also evaluates their character because you can learn if the driver is able to admit and learn from mistakes instead of trying to lie to you about a problem in their background.

What to look for in an answer:

  • A clean evidence with good licenses and without major accidents
  • Honesty about any past driving problems
  • Information about how the driver steers clear of future occurrences.


“I once got rear-ended at a stop sign. Despite the fact that I wasn’t wrong, I now try to stop more carefully to avoid more accidents.”

Question Four:

What is the reason you want to work for our organization as a delivery driver?

This standard question says a lot to you about the driver’s priorities and focus.

They ought to have conducted enough research on your company to get some reasons for why they chose you over other companies.

How the driver decides to answer this question lets you know whether they can phrase things tactfully, so it can assist you in seeing how they would react in a difficult customer service situation where they need to be polite.

What to look for in an answer:

  • Knowledge about what distinguishes your company from others
  • An answer above just about money
  • Interest in the job.


“I’d like to express my desire and willingness to get employed by this company and for giving me the opportunity to have a flexible work schedule, and also prove my passion for driving.”

Question Five:

How would you take care of a delivery where the client is unavailable and you need a signature to deliver the package?

The response the candidate gives to this question indicates how much they care about obeying procedures.

You definitely do not want someone who would just deliver the package anyway, though the driver may not be aware of your accurate rules for this condition yet.

How the driver provides answers can also tell you if they are patient or if they plan to go away if no one answers the door at once.

What to look for in an answer:

  • A desire to follow company procedures
  • Flexibility in unusual situations
  • Patience when dealing with customers.


“I’d write a message stating how they can get their delivery item, right after I have ensured the client is not at the site.”

Question Six:

Can you tell me an instance of when you have wanted to apply time-management skills to complete a delivery?

An excellent time-management skill is important to any delivery driver, and this question should assist you in seeing how they truly strategize on the job.

Making them to explain a situation where they had to appropriately budget their time and get tasks executed within a certain time limit makes you to see if the driver could take care of the pressures that may come due to traffic, late deliveries, or other issues.

What to look for in an answer:

  • The ability to define priority tasks
  • Strategic thinking about delivery routes
  • Instances of how the driver meets scheduling anticipations.


“I had to carefully arrange a schedule for a possible means of handling many deliveries where I was working.”

Question Seven:

How do you ensure scheduled deliveries reach the destination on time?

Delivery drivers may have to handle deliveries as they arrive while also planning for deliveries that a customer scheduled ahead of time.

Good delivery drivers know how to plan their day and expect challenges to complete all deliveries according to the schedule agreed upon.

This question can help interviewers to judge how a delivery driver candidate prioritizes their duties, communicates with their team, and stays organized when handling a high volume of deliveries.

When assessing the candidate’s response, find these indicators of a strong answer:

  • Strategic thinking
  • Understanding of workflows
  • Consistent communication.

Here is one example of a successful response that considerately clarifies a plan for properly maintaining a delivery schedule:


“I often plan well for any anticipated delivery blueprints at any time of the day or week that a delivery is scheduled.

I like to provide a buffer window to account for any traffic in the case of pre-scheduled deliveries.

To prevent navigation issues and confirm the delivery time and the day of the delivery, I plot the course beforehand.

I would come together with other delivery drivers to ensure the package gets to its destination on time without disturbing the movement of other deliveries if it happens on a busy schedule.”


Become very familiar with Amazon’s leadership principles. Amazon uses these principles as the fundamental framework against which they assess every new hire.

Learning ahead of the Amazon delivery driver assessment test is the key to doing well in it. You will get really acquainted with the test questions and know how to tackle them.

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