20 Best Aetna Work from Home Jobs You Can Access

20 Best Aetna Work from Home Jobs You Can Access.
Aetna provides various profitable work from home job opportunities you can access.

20 Best Aetna Work from Home Jobs You Can Access

This post provides complete information on the best Aetna work from home jobs that you can apply for if you are interested in working remotely from the comfort of your home.

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What is Aetna?

Aetna, founded in 1850, is a successful healthcare benefits company and has consistently been named among other high-flying companies in Fortune magazine.

The company offers quality Healthcare and keeps consumers protected from risks that are health-related, provides health insurance products and services like behavioral health, pharmacy, dental, and disability plans.

It serves consumers in all the states in the US and has over 50 million members.

Aetna employs close to fifty thousand professionals and offers a flexible work schedule; there are remote job opportunities, full-time and part-time opportunities too.

20 Best Aetna Work from Home Jobs You Can Access

Here are some of the best work-from-home jobs you can find with Aetna:

  1. Health Concierge
  2. Senior Accountant
  3. Nurse Consultant
  4. DocuSign Developer
  5. Engagement Specialist
  6. Medical Case Manager
  7. Product Configuration Consultant
  8. Senior Android Engineer
  9. Licensed Social Worker
  10. Cloud Architect
  11. Care Management Associate
  12. Concurrent Review Nurse
  13. Medical Economics Manager
  14. Information Security Engineer
  15. Medical Director
  16. Senior Informatics Analyst
  17. Quality Improvement Nurse
  18. Member Advocate
  19. Analyst
  20. Equipment Clinical Consultant.
  1. Health Concierge

The job of a health concierge is to provide personalized and targeted service based on benefits, engagement, holistic view, and health information of the member.

It also involves handling customer inquiries via written correspondence, telephone, web-chat, or internet.

It also entails educating members, consulting, and engaging them based on each member’s unique preferences.

The health concierge’s pay at Aetna is between $50k and $109k yearly.

  1. Senior Accountant

The senior accountant’s job is to provide financial analysis, reporting, resolving reconciliation issues, coordinating audit responses, and executing process improvements.

You may have to do some telecommuting.

This position requires a Bachelor’s degree and a few years of experience.

The pay is between $52k and $86k yearly.

  1. Nurse Consultant

This position involves utilizing previous clinical experience in assessing and planning options in order to determine service promotion opportunities and facilitate proper healthcare services.

You should have a few years of clinical experience.

The nurse consultant’s salary at Aetna is between $53k and $100k yearly.

  1. DocuSign Developer

This job involves developing effective business plans, implementing these plans in order to achieve the business goals, and recommending project enhancements.

It also involves consulting with constituents and identifying gaps with the project plans and implementation.

A few years of systems analysis experience is required.

The pay for this job is between $84k and $146k.

  1. Engagement Specialist

The engagement specialist must stick to processes, adhere to deadlines, initiate telephone management, reach metrics, and document calls.

A High School diploma and a few years of customer service-related experience are required.

The pay is between $37k and $68k yearly.

  1. Medical Case Manager

This job handles implementation, meetings with members and clients, and analysis of clients.

It involves preparing necessary documentation, providing education, and coordinating case management activities.

An AA degree along with a few years of experience in a related field is required to be hired for the medical case manager job with Aetna.

The pay is between $49k and $86k yearly.

  1. Product Configuration Consultant

This position involves managing projects, and offering recommendations.

To be a product consultant at Aetna, you will need a Bachelor’s degree, a few years of experience or equivalent work history.

The pay is between $64k and $134k yearly.

  1. Senior Android Engineer

The senior Android engineer monitors production applications, supports these applications, writes tests and codes that fit the criteria that the product team established.

You must have a few years of android development experience.

The pay is between $80k and $153k yearly.

  1. Licensed Social Worker

The licensed social worker’s job is to assess the need of members using clinical judgment; research resources, provide the best services for members, and create member schedules, and document care plans and case notes.

You will need a few years of experience in clinical practice to be hired at Aetna for the licensed social worker position.

The pay is between $41k and $86k yearly.

  1. Cloud Architect

This position involves designing target cloud platforms and then implementing for migrations.

You should have an understanding of IAM and security, along with a few years of experience.

The pay is between $116k and $178k yearly.

  1. Care Management Associate

The care management associate handles things like coordinating medical services, promoting effective use of healthcare services, and screening implementation of the support care plan.

You should be ready for occasional travels.

The pay is between $31k and $54k yearly.

  1. Concurrent Review Nurse

This position involves evaluating member benefits with expertise and may require alternative hours sometimes.

You should have an RN license and a few years of experience.

The pay is between $57k and $94k yearly.

  1. Medical Economics Manager

This position involves building best practices for medical costs and developing and presenting actionable recommendations.

It also entails developing and maintaining actionable recommendations and ideating and implementing savings initiatives for medical costs.

A Bachelor’s degree and a few years of experience are required for this position.

The pay is between $52k and $85k yearly.

  1. Information Security Engineer

This position involves providing security and IT advice and support, providing response requests, managing consolidated assessment, providing response requests, and supporting security projects and programs.

A few years of experience is required for this job.

The pay is between $52k and $126k yearly.

  1. Medical Director

This position involves implementing predetermination reviews, providing clinical expertise for supporting medical management programs, and managing front-line appeals and reviews.

In order to fit into this position, you should have a medical license.

The pay is between $200k and $305k yearly.

  1. Senior Informatics Analyst

The senior informatics analyst performs coding, designs and creates new reports, and extracts data from credible sources.

You should have a Bachelor’s degree and a few years of experience in programming to be hired by Aetna for the senior informatics analyst position.

The pay is between $54k and $99k yearly.

  1. Quality Improvement Nurse

The quality improvement nurse forms and leads functional teams.

He/she makes business decisions, translates knowledge and understanding of business needs, and develops infrastructure.

The pay is between $33k and $67k yearly.

  1. Member Advocate

The member advocate’s job is to employ information, offer education and industry expertise; respond to inquiries and identify member needs.

This position requires an Associate’s degree and experience in a related field.

Candidates should be willing to travel often in carrying out the responsibilities of this job.

The pay is between $50k and $123k.

  1. Analyst

This position involves maintaining product quality and accurate documentation; building client programs, responding to support tickets, and importing data into databases.

To function as an analyst at Aetna, you will need computer proficiency, a Bachelor’s degree, Healthcare knowledge, and a few years of experience in data analysis.

The pay is between $48k and $68k yearly.

  1. Equipment Clinical Consultant

This position involves educating colleagues, collaborating with a team, and conducting reviews.

It also involves handling implementations and evaluating procedures.

A Bachelor’s degree is required along with a few years of experience.

The pay is between $57k and $100k yearly.


Aetna has a great employee orientation and even offers employee benefits packages for eligible staff, such as access to fitness centers, paid time off, and financial wellness programs, and professional development opportunities.

To learn more about careers at Aetna and the work-from-home job positions that the company offers, you can visit the company’s website here.

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