19 Facts about Microsoft Excel Assessment Tests with Practice Questions and Answers

Microsoft Excel Assessment Tests
The Microsoft Excel assessment test is applied by companies to confirm if an applicant is proficient in the use of the Excel application before hiring.

19 Facts about Microsoft Excel Assessment Tests with Practice Questions and Answers

This article provides useful information about the Microsoft Excel assessment test and important facts that are worth learning, as well as practice questions and answers to help you to prepare well for the test and pass it.

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What is Microsoft Excel Assessment Test?

The Microsoft company excel assessment test is a test that the Microsoft employers use when assessing the proficiency of candidates in using the Microsoft Excel program.

The spreadsheets help the users to input values and perform data analysis effectively; it is used in many kinds of official jobs and opportunities.

19 Important Facts about the Microsoft Excel Assessment Test

Here are important facts about the Microsoft Excel assessment test you need to know to be able to prepare effectively for the test and make top scores:

  1. Proficiency

The skills that the individual has in Microsoft Excel are very helpful to employers in finding out if they have found the right person for the job.

Discovering an applicant’s ability to manipulate functions, present information, and use formulas to make automatic calculations is useful in the test.

  1. What is Excel?

Excel is an application that allows individuals to record, track, and evaluate data which would further help to carry out a very complex and large amount of calculations and transactions.

Having the ability to navigate to various parts of the application is a basic skill that is needed by employers.

  1. The interview test

This is a kind of screening test that employers utilize to examine a candidate on their knowledge and effectiveness in making use of the Microsoft Excel application.

Every employer has their unique variation of the Excel test. It is usually broken down into various options and an interactive interface.

Most of the tests have very limited time. However, some of them aren’t timed.

  1. How is the assessment test performed?

The excel assessment test is usually done via multiple-choice questions, multiple answer questions, and true/false questions.

  1. Simulators

The excel test simulators are used from a large pool, and examining software randomly that chooses several questions and displays them to the candidate.

  1. The hands-on Excel assessment

This is usually performed when candidates are provided with sample data based on the provided instructions.

The test assesses an individual’s efficiency in using the excel platform quickly and navigating the right properties, and carrying out simple tasks in the software.

It examines the fundamental knowledge of Microsoft Excel; assessing the perfect way to open a just closed workbook and applying the formula in making simple calculations.

  1. Microsoft Excel basics test

The fundamental test will assess your ability to conduct basic Excel procedures. Printing, formatting cells, inserting tables, and so on are all examples of this.

  1. Intermediate Microsoft Excel test

This test is more difficult than the advanced level test, but it is not really that difficult.

Candidates take the intermediate Microsoft Excel skills test, which consists of a series of timed questions meant to evaluate their understanding of Microsoft Excel.

To pass this test, you’ll need to prepare ahead of time by studying and practicing with a variety of tools and resources.

  1. Advanced Microsoft Excel test

This test is targeted at jobs that require more advanced Excel skills. The test assesses candidates’ knowledge of pivot tables, macros, filtering, and advanced Excel functions such as IF, IFS, VLOOKUP, SUMIFS, and VBA, and other advanced concepts.

Complex Excel users will need to know how to employ advanced formulas to be skilled and confident.

  1. What are employers looking for?

When used to its full potential, Microsoft Excel is a complete tool that allows organizations to capture, track, and analyze data that is critical for measuring company performance, maximizing return on investment, and defining goals.

A new employee who is comfortable with Excel is ready to contribute to his/her company right away by creating useful, data-driven spreadsheets, reports, and graphs to help the company succeed.

  1. Advantages of the Microsoft Excel test

The Microsoft Excel test helps to foretell a candidates ability to:

  • Enter sales statistics and appropriately apply formulas to obtain sales totals by date, representative, product, or region.
  • Apply conditional formatting to present particular dates, values, or ranges in cells.
  • Use massive datasets to create bar graphs and pie charts to illustrate important company statistics and performance metrics.
  1. Why do employers do background checks on job applicants?

Examining a job candidate’s ability to use Microsoft Excel is a crucial step in choosing the appropriate hire.

The intermediate Microsoft Excel skills exam can be used to see if a job candidate knows how to use Excel’s many functions, tools, and formulas to show large amounts of data, detect critical trends and calculate financial and numerical statistics.

  1. Excel skills tested as part of test

As part of the exam, you will be tested on your Excel skills.

During the Excel interview, the employer evaluates the candidate’s ability to utilize Microsoft Excel’s user interface swiftly and efficiently to access the appropriate functions and complete simple tasks.

It verifies fundamental information, such as how to access a recently closed Workbook and how to execute automatic calculations with the right formula.

Candidates must respond to true/false, multiple-choice, and multiple-answer questions based on Excel spreadsheets, charts, and tables that provide example data.

  1. What are candidates tested for?

The following is a list of topics on which candidates are tested:

  • How to apply formatting
  • How to use formulas
  • How to achieve certain tasks in a spreadsheet
  • How to apply styles
  • How to apply simple fill patterns
  • How to use keyboard shortcuts to get things done faster.
  1. Calculating values

To calculate values automatically, use the appropriate formula and cell references.

Simple activities like concealing rows, preventing cell overflow, and pasting data are all possible.

  1. Being time conscious

Because each question has a stringent time constraint (one minute or less), the test will also assess a candidate’s ability to format, isolate, and manipulate data rapidly and without assistance under duress.

  1. Excel test providers

Many companies that offer psychometric tests also offer Excel skills tests. You might already be familiar with it if you have taken job application assessment tests before.

The Kenexa Prove It! Excel tests and the SHL Microsoft Excel tests are the most widely applied.

  1. Adaptive test

This Excel skills test employs Computerized Adaptive Testing (CAT), which modifies the examination as it goes to the level of the examinee.

  1. Test of Interactive-Essentials

This is similar to the Interactive Test above, except it only covers the most important and frequently used Excel functions. There are a total of 20 questions or tasks with a 25-minute time limit.

Microsoft Excel Practice Test Questions and Answers

Here are valuable questions and answers to help you to effectively prepare for and pass the Microsoft Excel assessment:

  1. How can you lock cell references in a formula using a keyboard shortcut?

C. F2
D. F4


  1. What are the AutoSum shortcut keys?

A. ALT and S
B. CTRL and S
C. ALT and =
D. CTRL and =

ANS: ALT and =

  1. In an Excel spreadsheet, what are the shortcut keys for inserting a new row?

A. ALT + H + I + S
B. ALT + H + I + I
C. ALT + H + I + R
D. ALT + H + I + C

ANS: ALT + H + I + R


The Microsoft excel assessment test is usually focused at understanding your knowledge of very simple and advanced functions of the Excel Workbook.

To prepare very well for the test, you can take some available training courses. Sometimes, you can also download and read relevant test books and eBooks.

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