14 Qualities to be Best Photographer Around

Qualities of a good photographer

Developing certain qualities can make you the best photographer around.

14 Qualities to be Best Photographer Around

Wouldn’t you like to be the best photographer around that everyone wants to hire? Of course you would, who wouldn’t?

As an exceptionally good photographer, you can charge a premium for your service and your customers will be pleased to pay it because they are sure they will get the best of photos from you.

Now, how do you become a great photographer that is respected by both colleagues and customers? The answer is that you need to develop some qualities, and this post will reveal them shortly.

Here are top fourteen qualities you need to have to improve your work as a photographer and become one of the best in the industry:

1. Passion

Passion should be the driving force in photography if you hope to succeed. Passion is what opens your eyes to want to get not just any shot, but that perfect shot that makes all the difference.

2. Dedication

While this does not mean you must be an expert, it means you have to make some efforts towards producing the best pictures in your industry.

Dedication helps you concentrate full attention to your craft and focus on what needs to be achieved in any setting.

3. You should tell a story

Story telling comes from the heart. What message does the picture you produce pass across? What memories does it evoke? And what reactions does it bring?

4. Care about your subject

Good photographers learn all they can about their subjects before they pick up the camera; whether it is a human, car, waterfall, or birds, attention needs to be paid to the subject as if the picture is the only remembrance of your subject.

5. You need lots of patience

To be a good photographer, you should practice and study as often as the need arises.

You may be required to wait for long periods to achieve a purpose; therefore, you need to be able to invest long hours waiting to get what you want.

You need to look at things without your mind being in a hurry. It is not about feeling happy to take a picture and running to the next scene to capture more shots.

6. You need a good imagination

Curiosity can help bring great pictures to live, which means you need to have a renewed interest in the things you see every day.

What makes the difference between a shot and THAT shot is the aesthetics put into consideration.

You need to show curiosity about anything you photograph, and this may need you to want to play with that curiosity to see what comes of it.

7. You need to be a model

The attitude you bring into photography can inspire others to learn the art, or even patronize your trade.

You need to be a photographer that inspires others.

8. You need more efforts

To be the best photographer on the field, you need to try a little bit harder than others.

A great photographer will take all the time he/she needs to get that perfect shot.

He/she will invest time and money in attending workshops and buying books on photography.

Step out of your routine and explore everywhere and anywhere.

Exceptionally good photographers go the extra mile and are not afraid to do it again.

9. You can make mistakes

It is no harm to mess up a picture in the course of trying to make it great, as long as you have a backup.

Trying out new styles, angles, exposures, and subjects is a way to take great photos; another way is to take a lot of photos.

You can learn from the mistakes of others, but don’t be afraid to make your own. This helps improve techniques and quality of pictures.

10. Observe

Be on the lookout for anything that makes up a good photograph. It can require that you constantly change the settings of your camera, but shooting becomes more fun when you can control the settings.

It makes you more creative when you can control anything for a good photograph.

It makes you create your own style, and if what you shoot impresses you, it means you can impress others.

11. Be ready for a review

Photography isn’t about doing a different thing; it is all about doing things differently.

This way, you get to learn from even mistakes, and from others.

Interact with people, swap ideas, and give tips, and you will end up becoming a better photographer.

12. Put disconnected ideas together

If you join random ideas together, you can be pivoted to a new realm of imagination and find solutions to a number of problems. Plus, you will not run short of ideas.

13. Be playful

Fooling around with a camera can bring about one of the best pictures. Play with new angles, shooting distances, and perspectives.

14. Learn camera handling

Having a great camera handling skill is of essence. You need to have a steady hand to be able to capture all live scenes accurately.

Steady hands do not distort images, but makes sure that the imagination of the photographer is captured.

If you are waiting for a bird to land on a water bed, a steady hand helps you capture the exact moment of impact.


Quality photography is learned from constant practice; therefore, to grow to become the best photographer around demands that much more dedication and resilience be put to the art.

Take the above qualities to heart and let them form your character as a photographer, and you can be sure of achieving immense success.

Which of the qualities have made a significant impact on your photographer career? Do share your experience with us in the comment box below.