11 Top Wonscore Practice Test Questions and Answers

Wonscore Practice Test
You are sure to improve your Wonscore performance by taking lots of practice tests

11 Top Wonscore Practice Test Questions and Answers

If you are taking the Wonscore test, this post provides you valuable practice test with questions and answers to help you prepare effectively for the exam and come up with a great score.

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What is Wonscore?

The Wonscore test consists of three exams, including the Wonderlic Personnel Test, Wonderlic Motivation Potential Assessment, and Wonderlic Personal Characteristics Inventory.

The Wonscore test is used by great companies during recruitment.

The Wonderlic Personnel Test is a cognitive ability assessment with 50 multiple-choice questions.

The Wonderlic Motivation Potential Assessment is a test with 30 questions designed with the aim of measuring key drivers of motivation.

And finally, the Wonderlic Personal Characteristics Inventory is a test that comprises 150 multiple-choice questions.

It was created with the purpose of giving employers an image of your personality traits.

Wonscore is a cloud-based HR recruitment software platform that is designed to help SMEs and large companies assess candidates.

Wonscore evaluates cognitive ability, motivation, and personality, allowing you to make more informed hiring decisions quicker.

Each test single-handedly offers valuable insight into your candidates.

In amalgamation, they give you a complete whole-person vision to identify the exact fit for your job.

Their tests are predictive and objective hiring tools that improve any selection process.

Wonscore is also mobile-friendly to enable you to start testing in minutes from any device.

11 Top Wonscore Practice Test Questions and Answers

Here are 10 Wonscore practice test questions and answers you can use for your exam preparation:

  1. A store owner bought some buckets for $1,200. The buckets were sold for $2,700 with a profit of $30.00. How many buckets did he sell?

Answer: 2,700-1,200=1500; 1500/30=(50)

  1. COMPLACENT and COMPLIANT -The meanings of these words are:

A. Similar
B. Contradictory
C. Neither similar nor contradictory

The correct answer is (A). Complacent and compliant both mean “pleasant.”

  1. In the THREE of the following words, which ones have similar meanings?

A. Information
B. School
C. Enlighten
D. Indoctrinate
E. Class

The correct answers are: (B) school, (C) enlighten, and (D) indoctrinate.

All three words are verbs with the same meaning, which is “to teach.”

“Information” is related to the group but is a noun; therefore, it does not belong.

“Class” is also related to the group, and when used as a verb, it means “to arrange in a particular group” and not “to teach.”

  1. Two proverbs with similar meaning

i. Rome wasn’t built in a day
ii. Fortune favors the bold
iii. Birds of a feather flock together
iv. Do as the Romans do when in Rome
v. Hitch you a wagon to a star.

Answers: 2 and 5

  1. In 28 days, an individual saved $42.00. What was the individual’s daily average savings?

Answer: 42/28= $1.50

  1. Bangle sells for 0.35 per hand how many hands of bangles can you buy with 2.10?

Answer: Divide 210/35=6

  1. A car travels 15 feet in 1/4 second. How many feet did it travel in 3 seconds?

Answer: At this same rate, the car travels 180 feet in 3 seconds. In 1 second, it travels 15×4=60 feet. Therefore, in 3 seconds, it will travel 60×3=180 feet.

  1. If the first two statements are right, is the last statement right?

Some policemen carry a gun.
Most policemen carry a club.
The chances of finding a policeman who carries both a gun and a club are high.

A. Yes
B. No
C. Cannot say

The correct answer is (C), cannot say. Although most policemen carry a club, we do not know how many of them carry a gun.

Therefore, we cannot reach any conclusions about the likelihood of finding a policeman carrying both a gun and a club.

  1. How many of the six pairs listed below are exact duplicates?

3356, 3356
87878, 87978
909152, 989152
7776145, 7776145
865656, 865656
71829, 71829

A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4
E. 5

The correct answer is (D).

The exact duplicates are: 3356; 7776145; 865656; 71829

  1. In the following words, which THREE have the same meanings?

A. Swiftly
B. Exceedingly
C. Hastily
D. Eventually
E. Rapidly

The right answers are: (A swiftly), (C) hastily, and (E) rapidly.

All three words are adverbs that mean “quickly.”
“Exceedingly” means “extremely, that’s why it doesn’t belong.”
“Eventually” is not related to speed but to chronological order; therefore, it does not belong.

  1. Peter and Paul have 56 marbles together. Paul has 6 times more marbles than Peter. How many marbles does Peter have?

A. 8
B. 12
C. 32
D. 46
E. 49
F. None of these

The correct answer is (A).

If Paul has 6 times more marbles than Peter, we can define Peter as X and Paul as 6X, and build the following equation: X+6X=56, therefore X=8.


The secret of getting a high score on the Wonscore test lies in finding Wonscore practice test with questions and answers and studying them very well.

That will give you the knowledge of what the main test will look like.

No one was born with Wonscore, but only private practice determines the success of the test.

The way to go about it is to study the sample tests on this page, after which you can go online for more practice tests.

You should take the Wonscore practice test as if you were taking a real exam.

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