10 Important Facts about Wonscore Test

The Wonscore test is quite useful to hiring managers to find the right candidates for job positions.

10 Important Facts about Wonscore Test

The Wonscore test is Wonderlic’s most recent innovation and psychometrics package used by businesses to make their hiring process more effective, reduce turnover, and significantly increase their productivity levels.

The Wonscore test involves separate scores averaged into one.

When asked to submit a Wonscore report, you are to take three separate Wonderlic tests, which, when merged, will give your prospective employers a better image of you as a potential candidate and colleague.

We have compiled a list of 10 important facts about the Wonscore test if you are planning to take one.

But before then, you need to understand Wonscore very well.

What is Wonscore?

Wonscore is a psychometric test package that merges the Wonderlic Personnel Test, Wonderlic Personal Characteristics Inventory, and the Wonderlic Motivation Potential Assessment.

The three scores gotten are merged together into one (“won”) number for recruiters to use to easily compare a large number of applicants.

10 Important Facts about Wonscore Test

Here are 10 important facts you need to know about the Wonscore test:

  1. Wonscore Scoring

Employers indicate a pre-programmed job profile from the Wonderlic database and open up a file for the new position.

The hiring managers open up each applicant’s file to see the details of the results of each test the software scored in the usual way.

The 3 scores will be averaged together by the software in a manner that is easy to read.

  1. Is Wonscore Really Worth Taking?

The Wonscore scheme truly works in your favor most of the time, though the test is rather time-consuming.

Because most resumes look similar and many people are turning to cliché and buzzwords, you have to take up empty space on your application.

It’s very difficult to make your resume stand out unless you’ve achieved something incredible.

It’s not easy for a hiring manager to actually tell all that much about you from a list of achievements, even if you have relevant experience and prestigious education.

Therefore, these psychometric tests are truly a golden opportunity.

You can actually impress prospective employers if you take the time to prepare for the test properly.

There’s no easier method to outshine your rivals than with a stellar Wonscore.

  1. How to Prepare for Wonscore

You should definitely use what time you have left to prepare for your upcoming exams if you’ve been asked to submit a Wonscore.

It’s essential to take enough time to study and prepare properly since you only have one chance to take each psychometric assessment despite its uniqueness.

The tips below will help you prepare for the Wonscore:

  • Take a Diagnostic Exam
  • Study Free Course Modules
  • Get in Some High-Quality Practice.
  1. There are 7 Key Drivers Assessed for on the Wonscore Motivation Potential Assessment

These include:

  • Being a doer
  • Believing in performance-based rewards
  • Being inspired by work
  • Sharing company values
  • Having strong interpersonal skills
  • Enjoying work
  • Being a loyal employee.
  1. How Does the Wonscore Test Work?

The hiring company will first choose the job title and description that best suits the open position.

After that, they will assess applicants based on benchmarks that are narrowed to the position which needs to be occupied.

The company is helped by Wonscore to decide which candidates are worthy of pursuing it before it reviews their resumes.

A candidate can take the Wonscore test after they apply or as an element of the job posting.

Companies take advantage of Wonscore to be able to select who to employ based on candidates’ final scores on the three tests.

They match up the candidate’s scores against those of other applicants.

Preparing for the Wonscore tests will assist you in achieving a higher score, which can finally lead to your employment.

  1. Why Should You Take Wonscore?

With Wonscore, your potential employer will know more about you.

Resumes offer a decent overview of your work history, being what it’s all about.

Pre-employment assessments assist employers in selecting where your resume left off.

You are helping your potential employer understand why you’re truly right for the role by honestly answering questions based on your personality, motivation, and cognitive ability.

  1. The Hiring Process of the Wonscore Test

Through Wonscore, the decision-making skills, motivation, and personality of potential employees are shown to employers during the pre-hiring process.

Employers don’t like wasting their precious time with the wrong applicant.

Wonscore helps employers see candidates differently as candidates look the same on paper.

It makes employers understand in detail the performance potentials of candidates.

  1. Getting Started with Wonscore

Wonscore needs quietness; so if your home is comfortable and quiet, you can use it to avoid public places which can be quite distracting.

With a reliable internet connection, you can take Wonscore on any device.

The test can be launched by simply clicking on the link provided by your potential employer.

  1. There are 3 types of Wonscore Test

There are three types of Wonscore exams, including:

i. Wonderlic Personnel Test

You can also call this the Wonderlic Cognitive Ability Test.

The assessment consists of 50 multiple-choice questions that evaluate your ability to learn, adapt, solve problems, and understand instructions.

You are required to complete these questions in 12 minutes.

ii. Wonderlic Motivation Potential Assessment

This test comprises 30 questions and measures what main drivers of motivation connect you to the place of work and job performance.

iii. Wonderlic Personal Characteristics Inventory

This test comprises 150 multiple-choice exams and takes around one and a half hours to complete.

The Wonderlic Personal Characteristics Inventory assessment measures your personality traits based on the Big Five Personality Model that is suitable for the demands of the job.

  1. Wonscore has been a Helpful Tool

Wonscore has been a huge point of reference for the users and gives you a thought of whom you are communicating with.

The Wonscore exam is easy to use and simple to apply in moving employees to various job profiles to see potential fits within the organization.

It is very easy to learn and it provides a good starting point for evaluations.

It also contains lots of profiles and provides good support when required.


Wonscore has a user-friendly interface which makes it easy for candidates to access and know where to go once in the system.

The facts about Wonscore provided on this page provides you good understanding of what it is and will be able to prepare effectively for the test if you are asked to provide the Wonscore report.

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