10 Important Facts about Wonderlic Personality Test

10 Important Facts about Wonderlic Personality Test
Employers/recruiters may need to measure a candidate’s personality characteristics to be sure they are well suitable for the position they are applying for.

10 Important Facts about Wonderlic Personality Test

This post provides detailed facts about the Wonderlic Personality Test, to help you learn about what it involves and how best you can get prepared for the success to make a top score.

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What is Wonderlic Personality Test?

The Wonderlic Personality Test was created to measure a candidate’s personality characteristics so as to predict whether the candidate is suitable for the position he/she is applying for.

The Wonderlic Personality Test helps employers with a look at popular personality factors that show in the candidate, so as to predict job performance in the job function.

The test also allows employers to compare candidates with the jobs they are most suited for, by determining whether a candidate’s individual makeup of personality traits fit appropriately with the specific job function they are applying for.

10 Important Facts about Wonderlic Personality Test

Here are important things you should know about Wonderlic Personality Test to help you succeed in the exam:

  1. Wonderlic Personality Test Has Two Versions

The two versions of the Wonderlic Personality Test include:

  • The Wonderlic Five-Factor Personality Profile
  • The Wonderlic Seven-Factor Personality Profile

The Wonderlic Five-Factor Personality Profile

This kind of assessment is used to measure up an applicant’s personality in relation to five primary dimensions, which are generally accepted as the job’s performance indicators of extraversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, emotional stability/neuroticism, and openness to experience.

The Wonderlic Seven-Factor Personality Profile

Employers use this test to measure up the applicant’s personality in relation to seven other personality dimensions (including emotional intensity, intuition, recognition motivation, sensitivity, assertiveness, trust, and good impression), which differ from the Wonderlic Five-Factor Personality Profile.

  1. Personality

Employers make use of this assessment to know how a candidate will likely behave on the job.

During the assessment, the candidate’s temperament and overall reliability will be revealed.

They want to know if you will really succeed on the job and not just being there to deliver.

Employee personality test further confirms that you’ve chosen the right fit based on their predicted on-the-job behavior combined with cognitive ability insights.

  1. The WonScore Personality Assessment

The WonScore’s personality assessment measures five characteristics directly tied to job performance in order to assist your team in deciding if your candidates will succeed on the job.

These include cooperation, dependability, stress tolerance, sociability, and open-mindedness.

  1. The Usefulness of Assessing Personality

According to research, when data from a work personality test is combined with cognitive ability data, the results include discovering qualified candidates.

Incremental validity is a statistically meaningful layer of insight added by personality data to determine whether a candidate will be a good fit for a particular job.

  1. How Personality is Being Assessed

A candidate is required to complete a test that consists of 150 questions within 30 minutes or less.

The WonScore gives data according to the results produced after assessing the five personality characteristics.

In a brief illustration, your candidate will be suitable for customer-confrontation roles when tested well for cooperation and sociability.

On the contrary, the candidate will perhaps thrive more in a remote, self-starting environment when proved to be less sociable or fluent.

  1. Companies Use Employee Personality Test for Recruitment

Employers benefit immensely from employee personality testing. They use the test to hire people with the qualities they need, and also evaluate the potential of current employees to thrive in other roles within their organization.

The employers of people that are placed in jobs that play to their personal and interpersonal strengths often see better overall employee engagement, increased productivity, and lower rates of turnover.

  1. Reasons for Studying Personality

If you don’t test the personality of your workers, they may get disengaged by coming to work later, not attending quickly to customers, or showing dissatisfaction to work duties.

Only 33% of full-time American employees are “highly involved in and enthusiastic about their work and workplace” according to the 2017 Gallup poll on employee engagement.

When analyzed on a global scale that number drops to only 15 percent, as the situation keeps getting worse.

  1. Wonderlic Personal Characteristics Inventory (PCI)

This Wonderlic personality test is made up of 150 questions with approximately 25 to 30 minutes given to complete them.

The test can be administered online or in a hand-written form and assesses personality according to the Five-Factor Personality Model.

The Five-Factor Personality Model is also known as the Big Five Model.

Paul Costa and Robert McCrae originally developed the assessment in their belief that analysis for personality through five essential qualities, including openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, and neurosis (O.C.E.A.N.) is possible and will prove a truly qualified candidate.

The PCI exam splits these five main categories into 12 subscales, including:

  • Sociability
  • Leadership Orientation
  • Need for Recognition
  • Cooperation
  • Consideration
  • Dependability
  • Efficiency
  • Even-Temperament
  • Achievement Striving
  • Self-Confidence
  • Abstract Thinking
  • Creativity

And four success scales:

  • Teamwork
  • Commitment to Work
  • Learning Orientation
  • Integrity

The PCI exam is designed for those applying to work in manufacturing, production, management, or logistics.

However, if you intend to perform clerical or administrative work, drive a commercial vehicle, or work in computers and IT, you may also be asked to take the WPCI.

Recruiters use the exam to determine whether employees will be happy or not in a specific role.

After wasting a lot of money and time searching for and interviewing new employees, HR departments do not want to see that the employee quits a few weeks later.

By evaluating an individual’s personality traits, you will know whether they can thrive in a certain working environment so that the wrong employee will not be hired.

  1. The Wonderlic Comprehensive Personality Profile (CPP)

This consists of 88 true or false questions that require about 20 minutes to complete. There is no time limit, so you can stay as long as you want.

The CPP, in contrary to the PCI, is created mainly for employees who interact with customers in fields such as sales, customer service, telemarketing, healthcare, and nursing.

The interpersonal skills of these employees need to be tested to prove they are very strong as they will be the ones to represent the company.

This exam will help your employers to determine whether your values match up with their requirements and to decide how you might be suitable to work on their team.

The CPP will evaluate your strengths and weaknesses and place you into one of the four categories including the driver, supporter, thinker, or motivator by assessing your personality traits.

  1. Preparing for the Wonderlic Personality Test

You can plan ahead for a personality test just like you prepare answers for an interview dressed up well for a special trip.

Let’s have a look at how you can get prepared for the Wonderlic Personality Test:

Be Yourself

Being yourself means you don’t assume qualities you don’t possess, as your employers want to see your true personality profile so it doesn’t reflect negatively in the future.

Employers know that different people have different strengths and weaknesses. Although there are major shortcomings you do not need to reveal, it is necessary you make your answers to be genuine.

  • Keep Character Traits in Mind

Each of these personality tests was designed with certain character traits in mind. Focus on the character trait in question as you answer questions.

You should try to highlight a few of your main qualities for you to make your report tell a consistent story.

Hit a balance by not saying how very perfect you are handling your position. It is obvious that someone may be open, agreeable, and creative, but not very decisive.

Of course, you know how to make it balance answering those questions.

  • Take the Wonderlic Prep Course

As you take the Wonderlic Prep Course, you will be able to avoid common mistakes and push your way through the competition.


That’s all about the 10 important things to know about the Wonderlic Personality Test. These are the things that will help you excel in the exam by knowing them.

It is also important to prepare for the Wonderlic Personality Test because the success of getting a job mainly depends on it.

You cannot just land that dream job without proving your personality traits.

All you need to excel participating in the Wonderlic Personality Test has been provided for you in this informative article.

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