10 Important Facts about Wonderlic Basic Skills Test

10 Important Facts about Wonderlic Basic Skills Test.
The Wonderlic Basic Skills Test is also required to be taken for many nursing programs.

10 Important Facts about Wonderlic Basic Skills Test

The Wonderlic Basic Skills Test, or WBST in abbreviation, is a standardized exam used to identify students’ basic math and English skills levels based upon occupational program.

It is a popular method used to measure students’ aptitudes against the requirements of certain jobs or educational programs.

The Wonderlic Basic Skills Test is a critical assessment for many potential employees and others looking for a new opportunity.

Strong performance on the WBST indicates that you have the ability to use verbal and math skills in real-world working environments.

This test is used to compare student results to the skills required for entry-level jobs.

The test is timed and the limit is reasonable.

There is adequate time to read all of the questions before the clock stops.

10 Important Facts about Wonderlic Basic Skills Test

Here are important facts you need to know about WBST:

  1. What is the Wonderlic Basic Skills Test all about?

The Wonderlic Basic Skills Test contains a complete 40 minutes and consists of 90 questions divided into two separate parts.

The first half is made up of 50 multiple-choice questions on reading and language, while the second half contains 40 questions on mathematics and numerical reasoning.

Each section of the Wonderlic Basic Skills Test lasts 20 minutes, and you will be offered four answer choices for each question.

In addition, the test can be taken online either at an assessment center or even in the comfort of your home.

  1. What materials are covered on the Wonderlic Basic Skills Test?

Businesses want to make sure that they can rely on all of their staff members to handle data with care and communicate distinctively and effectively.

The Verbal Section:

This consists of:

  • Grammar: This includes capitalization, verb tenses, pronoun-antecedent agreement, and identifying errors.
  • Sentence construction: This has to do with rearranging words to form a sentence.
  • Vocabulary: This involves defining given vocabulary words and completing sentences with the proper word.
  • Information retrieval: This is all about recording important facts.
  • Reading comprehension: This section involves answering basic questions about a short text.

The Quantitative Section:

This includes:

  • Numbers and operations: This has to do with performing basic operations using subtraction, addition, division, and multiplication.
  • Algebra: In this section, you will be required to write and solve simple one-variable equations.
  • Fractions: This involves comparing and manipulating fractions.
  • Data interpretation: This has to do with reading graphs and charts.
  • Geometry and measurement: In this part, you will be asked to find area, perimeter, angle measurements, and distance.
  • Applied word problems: This is all about time, rates, ratios, percentages, and decimals.
  • Applied business problems: This involves solving business and consumer problems.
  1. Who needs the Wonderlic Basic Skills Test?

The Wonderlic Basic Skills Test is taken by many students and professionals from all over the United States for different purposes.

The test is actually utilized in various ways by companies to fill entry-level positions.

There are many nursing and nurse’s assistant programs that require applicants to take the Wonderlic Basic Skills Test.

It helps anyone working with patients in a hospital to know how to perform calculations quickly and accurately without any additional help or the use of a device.

It is a known fact that the Wonderlic SLE and the Wonderlic Personnel Test are the two recognized tests that are required by most nursing programs.

However, other institutions prefer the basic skills assessment as a more straightforward test.

  1. What is the Wonderlic Basic Skills Test passing score?

Both the verbal and quantitative sections of the Wonderlic Basic Skills Test have separate scores that are being graded out of a total score of 500.

Both the GED level equivalent and the grade will be marked along the top of the document for the two subjects.

You’ll need at least a 210 on the quantitative section and a 200 on the verbal section if you’d like to receive ATB status.

The passing score of the school you’re applying for accepts will be listed by the school itself on its website. This occurs in most cases.

The acceptable score will not be the same for all schools because each school is unique, therefore it’s impossible to generalize their scores.

What may be the best score at one school will be rejected somewhere else.

So, you should ensure you check the website of your top schools.

You can take the Wonderlic Basic Skills Test, a total of three times before submitting your application even if you fall short on your first attempt.

  1. Can I possibly retake the Wonderlic Basic Skills Test?

You may need to retake the WBST if you think your testing session may be incorrect, or it was incomplete due to unexpected incidents such as a school fire drill or announcement.

You may be able to retake the test as early as the same day as your first test administration, or you may need to reschedule for another time.

You can speak with the test administrator at your testing scene if you have any doubt about your session.

  1. Can I use a calculator for the Wonderlic Basic Skills Test?

Too many people ask this question but it is quite unfortunate that calculators are not allowed to come into the testing venue.

In the Wonderlic Basic Skills Quantitative section, you are given only 20 minutes to solve 45 questions, which can be very difficult.

The key to this lies in your ability to try to think as fast as you can to provide the maximum number of correct answers possible.

Although you are given a very short amount of time (usually less than 20 seconds per question) to answer these questions, you are not permitted to use a calculator.

  1. What is Wonderlic Basic Skills Test’s ATB (Ability-to-Benefits)?

This test is used to evaluate the students whether or not they have the basic math and verbal skills required for a postsecondary school training program (post high school), even without a high school diploma.

Qualified ATB students are eligible for receiving the Title IV funding.

The Title IV funding is the reserved federal funds meant for educational financial aid.

Though ATB tests are administered through Wonderlic Inc., the tests have been approved by the Secretary of Education because of their connection to federal funds.

Those who are required to pass the WBST ATB test for postsecondary schools are students who have not received a high school diploma or an equivalent qualification.

  1. Where and how is the WBST administered?

The Wonderlic Basic Skills Test is offered as an online test, with digital scoring and reporting accessible on-site from any computer that has an internet connection.

The test can be taken individually or by a team. It is also administered as a standard, paper-and-pencil test on an individual or group basis.

Regardless of the environment in which the WBST is taken, it should be administered as a standardized test.

The instructions, time allocation and answer sheet scoring should be regular.

Test takers will need two No. 2 pencils, WBST test booklets, and an answer sheet that can be read by a machine for recording answers to both test sections.

The test will be timed by the administrator, beginning with a 10-minute long demographics section before the two 20-minute sections on math and verbal skills.

  1. How can I really pass the Wonderlic Basic Skills Test?

The key to performing well on the Wonderlic Basic Skills Test is to practice, just as with any verbal and math aptitude exam.

There is a comprehensive study guide that contains practice test to help measure your performance and what areas you should concentrate on improving.

There are also Wonderlic Basic Skills Test flash cards that are easy to use and an effective tool for mastering the categories of questions that will come out on the test.

Preparing for the Wonderlic Basic Skills Test can be your next step as the test is often the stepping stone into a better employment and opportunity for the takers.

  1. Can the Wonderlic Basic Skills Test be taken untimed?

Sometimes, a physical or mental condition may prevent you from completing the test within the time limit.

If you seek to take the test untimed, it should be made known before the testing day according to the Wonderlic’s Accommodations Policy.

If approval is granted for the untimed version of the WBST, the 20-minute timed session will be combined by the test administration accompanied by an untimed period.

You will receive two separate scores even if the same test is used for both of them.


If you can successfully pass the Wonderlic Basic Skills Test with an average score or above, you have proven to possess the level of knowledge and the ability required to benefit from your career training programs.

Apart from being used to decide whether the non-high school graduate will succeed in the classroom, the Wonderlic Basic Skills Test is also being used to identify job applicants that can perform the job tasks required in an entry-level position.

In addition to schools, the Wonderlic Basic Skills Test is used by private businesses and government agencies.

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