Walmart IMS Associate Job Description Example

By | April 27, 2016
Walmart IMS Associate job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities

Walmart IMS Associates take responsibility for managing the company’s inventory system. Image source:

Walmart IMS Associate Job Description Example

What Does a Walmart IMS Associate Do?

IMS stands for Inventory Management System. A Walmart IMS associate is therefore an individual responsible for managing the inventory system of the company.

His/her job description entails making proper account for items being brought into the company, as well as taking account for their sales or disposal.

The Walmart IMS associate must be a team leader and must be able to carry every member of his/her team along. He/she can best do this by showing good measure of respect to the sensitivity of all individuals in his/her team.

He/she is expected to also fully support the commitment of Walmart to diversity among its customers and members of staff.

The IMS associate should be committed to sound customer service provision, and also be able to communicate in an effective and courteous manner with members of the team, company’s suppliers, and customers.

The IMS associate’s role also involves welcoming customers as they come into the outlet, as this will contribute to the positive shopping experience of customers at Walmart.

He/she should be warm, courteous and enthusiastic while relating to customers.

He/she should also show some measure of personal interest in customers and help with their shopping when they need a helping hand.

The associate should have sound knowledge of all services and products offered by Walmart. This way, he/she will be able to provide help and needed information to customers on the spot.

Needless to say, the Walmart IMS associate should be an ethical, honest, and lawful individual, who works by laid down rules all the time.

He/she is equally expected to strive for excellence and act by top performance standard.

He/she should also be ready to take personal responsibility in his/her line of work to make sure assigned tasks are completed within deadline.

He/she should get the job done in an efficient and timely manner. He/she is expected to show some level of initiative too.

The Walmart IMS associate is seen as part of the company and he/she is free to make suggestions on how to move the company forward and to further improve on customer satisfaction.

Aside the above duties and responsibilities, the Walmart IMS associate’s work description may also require him/her to participate in the activities of other departments depending on what his/her superiors decide.

Walmart IMS Associate Job Description Example

IMS associates perform various duties, tasks, and responsibilities covering effective management of inventory systems.

Here is a job description example that captures likely functions of the position at Walmart:

  • Unload all items from delivery trucks
  • Place stocks in their right places either at the sales floor or at the backroom from where they may later be transferred to the sales floor
  • Categorize items in the bins department by maintaining very accurate and easily readable inventory controls
  • Label properly all overstock merchandize
  • Scan all items every day, upon resumption of work and before closing
  • Adjust levels of inventory using perpetual inventory system
  • Carry out programs of the company as outlined by relevant authorities
  • Identify items that are required at the sales floor using hand-held scanners
  • Retrieve sales items from inventory bins
  • Use power equipment, such as sky lift and power jack, or ladder once in a while to get job done
  • Monitor properly the backroom area for any sign of security breach or risk, and for shrink
  • Contact the In-Store Loss Prevention department or any member of management whenever problems are identified.

Walmart IMS Associate Resume Preparation

Working on a resume for the job of IMS associate at Walmart? If yes, then will find the sample job description above useful in preparing the job experience part of the resume, which assures employers that you have done the job before.

The work experience section is an important part of a resume, which can be created by using the duties and responsibilities contained in a job description for the role, so long they reflect your real experience.

Requirements – Skills, Knowledge, Abilities – for Walmart IMS Associate Role

The following are abilities, knowledge, and skills that have shown to aid the performance of IMS associates working at Walmart:

  • Education: Minimum of High School Diploma
  • Years of experience in similar fields is added advantage
  • Possess competence in the use of computer packages, like Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft Outlook
  • Ability to solve problems effectively
  • Ability to communicate effectively, both verbally and orally to customers and staff
  • Ability to interpret and follow laid down instructions perfectly
  • Possess knowledge of heavy machine operation and assembling of machine parts
  • Possess excellent telephone etiquette
  • Possess high level of creativity
  • Ability to adapt and adhere to high standards in customer service
  • Ability to use hand tools, like cutting equipment and saws
  • Possess reliable customer service orientation.

Walmart IMS Associate Skills for Resume

Another important part of any resume, including that for the post of IMS Associate, is the skills section. This is where you show employers the skills and other attributes you have got that will enable you to succeed on the job.

To help you with the right information to create this section, you can adopt content from the skills requirement for the position above.