Operations Team Leader Job Description Example, Duties, Tasks, and Responsibilities

By | December 27, 2014
Operations Team Manager job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities

Operations Team Managers manage their companys’ human and mechanical resources. Image source: Shreesaienterprises.co

Operations Team Leader Job Description Example

An operations team manager is a person who is responsible for managing a company’s human and mechanical resources.

His/her job description entails creating a budget for the team’s operation, and supervising data entry, payroll and grant report entry.

He/she strives to improve organizational effectiveness by showing exemplary leadership and maintaining the organization’s financial activities.

Being a part of the management team, the operations team leader makes tangible contributions to the advancement of organizational goals and practices by developing work schedule and ensuring that members of staff adhere to it for successful implementation.

His/her role also include the delivering of excellent customer service by supervising customer related activities of staff, and ensuring that customers are treated in a professional manner.

As a manager of operations, he/she helps the company in recruiting good and qualified staff with huge knowledge about the company’s business in order to build a competent and strong workforce for the organization as this can affect productivity.

He/she is also responsible for staff welfare by providing all their needs, and ensuring a conducive work environment for enhanced production and delivery.

The individual holding this post is expected to develop strategies that will meet the organization’s goal, and to supervise daily activities of workers for the growth of the organization, making necessary observations on the job and suggesting solutions to emerging problems.

Operations team leaders have a good understanding of the needs of each staff working under them and communicate these needs to management to ensure that all required items are provided for to ensure successful operations.

The leader plays the role of a supervisor and evaluates every aspect of work done by the operations team and certifies productions before they are taken for use by clients to avoid complaints.

He/she also handles issues relating to logistics in the department, keeps records of production equipment, and gives detailed account to management.

Example of the Operations Team Leader Job Description

Operations team leaders work in diverse places and perform various duties.

Below is an example of the job description, including important duties, tasks, and responsibilities, which individuals who work in this position are commonly charged with.

  • Oversee receivable and payable accounts on a daily basis
  • Coordinate monthly assessment of the company’s financial performance and production activities
  • Supervise periodic budgeting for the company’s annual financial plan, as well as oversee long term financial goals
  • Facilitate interactions between the internal team and the hosted platforms for the overall success of the organization
  • Carry out troubleshooting of company equipment to determine faulting areas and liaise with industry planners; carry out routine repairs in the operating systems of the organization
  • Ensure that members of staff adhere to clients’ specifications in the course of production to guarantee client satisfaction
  • Create the procedures and the specifications to follow for the execution of projects in the organization, and specify product requirements for operational success
  • Assign tasks to team members in such a way that the more pressing tasks are completed first
  • Mentor team members, identify lapses, and conduct training on the job to equip staff with knowledge of developing trends in order to build a highly skilled department
  • Ensure that members of the operations team adhere to company rules and work ethics
  • Coordinate transactional operations and monitor ongoing business processes in the organization.

Writing a Resume for the Operations Team Leader Position

A resume has several sections. To write the professional experience section, you will need information about the functions of the operations team leader.

The above sample job description highlights some of the key duties, tasks, and responsibilities of the operations team leader that can be used in writing the professional experience section of the resume.

Required Attributes and Qualities for the Post of Operations Team Leader

Operations team leaders are mostly required by employers to possess the following attributes to perform effectively on the job:

  • Ability to understand the workings of new operating systems
  • Ability to engage in multiple assignments concurrently and complete them error free
  • Have strong managerial ability to lead a team to success
  • Have strong ability to make good decisions
  • Be safety cautious
  • Must be physically fit and active.

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