Medical Office Administrative Assistant Job Description Example

By | August 8, 2015
Medical Office Administrative Assistants job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities

Medical Office Administrative Assistants perform various administrative duties in support of the work of doctors.

Medical Office Administrative Assistant Job Description Example

What Does A Medical Office Administrative Assistant Do?

A medical office administrative assistant is an individual who accomplishes administrative duties in a medical establishment.

His/her job description involves providing background support in the doctor’s office, ensuring the successful operation of the clinic by performing non-medical tasks.

Administrative assistants in a medical office usually perform a wide range of duties which involve handling of files and collection of personal and health information for patients, to have a complete database of clients.

As front desk staff, administrative assistants serve as the first point of contact clients have with the clinic.

Their role in a medical office also includes handling of inquiries about the clinic and providing useful information to the public.

They will prepare the paperwork for patients’ appointments and fix the date for them to see the doctor.

They will also carry out follow up on scheduled appointments to ensure they are honored.

In order to facilitate patients’ treatment, medical administrative assistants will process patients’ documents for laboratory tests, and x-rays carried out in the clinic, and file results accordingly in patients’ files.

They are also responsible for arranging and sorting out patients’ files, which they will keep in an assigned location, as well as in a particular order for easy retrieval when next the patient visits the clinic.

Upon a patient’s visit to the clinic, the assistant will locate his/her file and presents it to the medical staff.

The file will be placed back in the right place after the patient’s visit.

Medical Office Administrative Assistant Job Description Example

The major duties, tasks, and responsibilities which administrative assistants perform in a medical office are shown in the job description example given below:

  • Make the necessary forms available to patients upon their visit to the clinic for consultation or treatment and guide them in filling the forms correctly. New files should be opened for new patients while files for returning patients should be sorted out. Each form should be categorized and the specific information patients need to provide to complete the form should be explained to them. Also, complicated terms should be explained to patients to avoid inaccurate information in their records
  • Review patients’ contact information periodically to get rid of outdated data and replace them with patients’ current status. Communicate with clients regularly to receive updates of changes in their demographics
  • Process patients billing for payment of services rendered in the clinic; verify their payment options, and issue receipts accordingly; inform clients of various payment options and packages for their convenience
  • Communicate with various departments of the clinic to make arrangements for patients’ schedules for tests, consultation, and other appointments
  • Confirm the readiness of lab test results for collection, providing evidence of patients’ payment for such services to ensure they are attended to
  • Fill insurance forms with accurate information of patients’ health history to facilitate insurance reimbursement. Provide codes for insurance procedures performed on patients in accordance with acceptable standards
  • Prepare names of clients to benefit from free in-house immunization program, which is part of clinic’s initiative to show appreciation to clients and maintain their patronage for a long term business relationship
  • Provide educational health materials such as Cds, audio books, and magazines to patients as part of measures to promote good health conditions amongst clients and win their loyalty
  • Check hospital stock, record supply orders, and inspect delivery of supplies; also ensure receipts for payments are documented to be used in balancing of accounts

Medical Office Administrative Assistant Resume Preparation

To write a good resume for the job of the administrative assistant working in a medical office, you will need to use the right information in making the different parts of the resume.

One of the very important parts of any resume is the job experience section. This section of the resume, for the medical office administrative assistant position, can be written using the sample job description shown above.

The job description highlights major functions and responsibilities of most administrative assistants employed in medical offices that can be adjusted to suit your actual professional experience and used in writing your resume.

Requirements – Skills, Knowledge, and Abilities – for the Medical Office Administrative Assistant Position

Here are important skills, knowledge, and abilities that most employers usually require from applicants for the post of medical office administrative assistant:

  • A minimum qualification of high school diploma and a Medical Assistant Certification from a recognized institution are required to be eligible for the job
  • Knowledge of medical coding procedures, transcriptions, and terminologies for filling medical documents and interpreting doctor’s prescriptions
  • Excellent knowledge of customer care to attend to clients in a professional manner
  • Exhibit competence in operating a computer system to fill in records, using programs like Microsoft Outlook, Word, and Excel
  • Ability to put things in order

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