Medical Administrative Assistant Job Description Example, Duties, Tasks, and Responsibilities

By | January 12, 2015
Medical Administrative Assistant job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities

Medical Administrative Assistants play important roles in the delivery of efficient healthcare service. Image source:

Medical Administrative Assistant Job Description Example

Administrative professionals play an integral role in the efficient delivery of healthcare services.

The medical administrative assistant’s job description entails transcribing treatment notes, updating medical histories, and processing of insurance forms.

It also involves making arrangement for patient hospitalization, as well as overseeing inventory of medical supplies.

In some places, the medical administrative assistant is the first contact a patient will have with the medical team.

Professionals in this role, might at times, be responsible for greeting patients and visitors, scheduling appointments, answering telephones, managing email inquiries and answering questions posed by clients and patients.

The medical administrative assistant’s job mostly requires specialized skills and knowledge, which is why many individuals have decided to pursue formal training in this area of work.

As someone who enrolled in medical administrative assistant course, you can prepare for an entry-level position in this fast growing allied health field, which will avail you the opportunity of helping patients access the medical care they need.

Medical administrative assistants use different organizational skills and industry-relevant knowledge cum technology to effectively manage the front office of the healthcare service provider in which they work.

Depending on the employer; professionals in this field typically perform a wide variety of tasks to support the medical team with administrative supports and care of their patients.

Job Summary:

The chosen candidate will handle delegated clinical and administrative duties, and will also provide direct support to primary care providers, and in times of emergency provide direct care to patients.

He/she will work in partnership with other team members to achieve the overall organizational goals.

He/she will also be responsible for gathering patient data and performing in-house lab testing.

The peak of the Medical Administrative Assistant’s responsibility is to provide clerical support to the medical team.

This involves acting as a lab concierge who will communicate with guests regarding needed lab work and ensuring that the lab work is correctly entered into the medical record prior to the visit to the office.

You should note however, that there is a high level of detail required in this position, so you will have to demonstrate excellent communication skills.

An Example of a Medical Administrative Assistant Job Description

The job description given below represents a good example of what medical assistants who work at the administrative unit of a medical facility do.

  • Work with a team to establish efficient medical procedures and follow those procedures accordingly
  • Meet with the Medical Director weekly to be mentored and given personal responsibilities
  • Ensure all lab work is completed and placed in the medical record prior to visit
  • Responsible for entering lab scans and values into the medical record
  • Work together with the Front Office to ensure effective process for receiving lab work is maintained
  • Prepare new guest binders and medical charts
  • Prepare and restock exam rooms
  • Assist the medical personnel with preparation and revision of documents, scanning of medical records, and general clerical duties.

Medical Administrative Assistant Resume

The duties, tasks, and responsibilities contained in the sample job description presented above can serve as a good material for writing a resume for the position of medical administrative assistant.

See a complete medical administrative assistant resume here, which you can use as a template in writing your resume.

Requirements – Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities – for the Medical Administrative Assistant’s Position

  • Must be willing to multi-task
  • Must be extremely good at keeping details
  • Must have basic computing and typing skills
  • Must be very competent with MS-word application
  • Must have experience working in an hospital or any medical setting
  • Bilingual will an added advantage
  • Must be able to ensure accountability at all times
  • See 15 top medical administrative assistant skills to be best on the job.

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