Information Technology Manager Job Description Example, Duties, Tasks, and Responsibilities

By | December 26, 2014
Information Technology Manager job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities

Information Technology Managers organize and maintain various technology infrastructures for their companies. Image source:

Information Technology Manager Job Description Example

An information technology manager is an IT expert who is saddled with the responsibility of organizing and maintaining various technology infrastructures used in an organization.

He/she is well knowledgeable of computer operations and uses his/her skills in tackling issues that may arise in the IT department.

In our digital world of today, information is stored electronically on a central information processing system so that it can be accessed, transferred, and protected easily.

The information technology manager’s job description involves making sure that all his/her organization’s data stored in the operating system are protected from hacking.

He/she is expected to check the systems to determine their operational requirements, then carry out extensive research to identify the most reliable and cost effective system requirements to achieve set goals.

His/her role in an organization also entails coordinating activities that go on in the IT department, and supervising the work of the IT staff, while ensuring that company policies on IT are maintained to achieve better operations and results in the department.

He/she will collaborate with the management to ensure that IT environment is not only conducive for the operating systems, but also for the staff as will be able to perform optimally in a conducive and serene environment.

Managers supervising information technology departments also ensure that all equipments needed for work are provided by management.

Example of the Information Technology Manager Job Description

Below is an example of job description for the position of information technology manager.

It consists of key tasks, duties, and responsibilities holders of the position will be expected to carry out.

  • Make sure that business equipments are updated to work effectively and give maximum results
  • Troubleshoot computers and operating systems that are malfunctioning to identify faults and fix them by self or get an expert engineer to fix more difficult issues
  • Monitor the working of operating systems to spot any decline in their operations and quickly attend them to ensure that the systems are running at all times, as successful operations depend on their functionality.
  • Perform regular checks on equipments to identify the bad ones that need replacement and inform management about it
  • Make good bargains for equipment to get good discounts and save cost
  • Place order for new equipments and inspect them when delivered to check for problems and ensure that they are in good condition
  • Supervise maintenance on the organization’s equipments by ensuring that they are cleaned and lubricated to avoid dust and rust as these could damage the systems, which could lead to setback the operation of the department
  • Set goals for the department in line with the organization’s expectation and motivate team members to work judiciously to achieve set goals at the stipulated time
  • Perform brainstorming sessions with team members and other IT experts to proffer solutions to emerging IT problems in the department
  • Attend workshops to learn latest techniques; organize workshops for team members to intimate them with the latest trends in order for them to be more efficient and increase their productivity.
  • Keep management updated on activities and developments in the IT department.

Required Qualities for the Post of Information Technology Manager

Below are qualities most employers usually require applicants seeking the position of information technology manager to possess to be considered for hiring.

  • Ability to complete several tasks and responsibilities concurrently without making mistakes
  • Strong knowledge of IT concepts, techniques, and procedures
  • Ability to brainstorm and generate ideas and solutions to challenging IT problems
  • Possess managerial skills and analytical mind to make quick decisions in the IT department.

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